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  1. Damn, I'm sorry. I just found out I won't have internet connection for large portions of Christmas break... unfortunately I won't be able to do this. Terribly sorry Commandersky, hope one of the uncommitteds will be willing to join u
  2. since I've never been in a tennis match before, I just want to clarify: so when this monday comes, one person will make a ytp then pass it to an opponent, who'll then pass it to the first person's partner, who'll pass it back to the opponent's partner, then judging? Then the next round the partners will collaborate on a video then pass it to the other team to collaborate? can someone help me out a bit with details
  3. K I'm signing up, but I don't have a partner yet user: 3pacjason www.youtube.com/user/3pacjason
  4. the rules sound fine Now I need to find a partner
  5. This is the much needed remake of "Digimon Are Taking Over the Island of Koridai" that i made 7 months ago. Yes, I know it uses CD-I. It was my first ytp
  6. my 5th ytp: Batty Coda is a Whigger
  7. I've never done a tennis match before. I may be willing to give it a shot youtube.com/user/3pacjason
  8. my 4th ytp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RqQ1CMLq3Q
  9. actually it's Gabumon, Agumon is the tyranosaurus one Not to sound like a diginerd (even tho I did love the show as a kid)
  10. Mortal Kombat on genesis was awesome (and still is) but all the 3D sequels kind of sucked in my opinion
  11. its an automatic fail cause I hate poops that are real quiet then get real loud
  12. I can imagine how difficult it would be to try to make one of these, so good job. But yes, the Rockso one was better