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  1. Old old old request from LinkonDrugs sort of not really. My signature makes me look like a child.
  2. drew this babe for my art class. tons o fun
  3. Howdy, Youchew. It'sa us
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USHIpEHfm0I The tone of the video is pretty at odds with itself, but the description and some of the text and specific clips he used were enough to make me say, "Oh..." and think about it differently than I think about pretty much any other ytp.
  5. I come here on my own occasionally just to see what's going on. I guess as a little followup to my last post, you won't have to worry about me making pony videos anymore for a number of reasons I'm sure no one cares to read. Mostly just that I'm tired of using it and I really have barely used anything else. And, uh... You know...
  6. Don't be simplistic and don't just assume the worst out of people that you don't know. I've never even talked to you, so how would you know why I make the type of stuff that I do with the sources that I do it with? Your description of what you think our videos are makes it sound like you've never even watched my videos either. I can only speak for myself, but I've got a myriad of reasons for using My little Pony and I think there are a myriad of other reasons that I became popular that aren't just the fact that I use My Little Pony, and none of them required me to sacrifice what I really wanted to do or my sense of humor or whatever to appeal to as many people as possible. Admittedly, some of those reasons do require me to be popular or to have some sort of influence, but that isn't the ultimate goal, it isn't what I'm after. It has definitely helped me to get what I am after, but I'll explain a little bit of that later. So, the most obvious and important reasons are that I like making youtube poops, I like making myself and other people laugh and I like mlp. No shit, right? I could probably stop there, but some other people basically already said that, so I'll mention some other stuff that maybe you haven't thought of a lot. At first I just used it because I thought it'd be easy for me as a starting point in making my own ytp's. I knew I wanted to make a ytp, but I didn't want to go watch a bunch of obscure shit on youtube to see if it might be good for a ytp. I'd already seen some ytp's of mlp that I liked, I'd seen the entire show so I'd know where to look for things to edit and I had a bunch of the episodes downloaded already so whatever, I'll start with that. I kept using it because for whatever reason I never got too tired of it and I never ran out of ideas that I wanted to use, and when I have an idea I like, I don't wanna stop until it's out there. Maybe I just got caught in a loop. I get stuff like this every so often: (obviously this applies to more than just mlp) I don't know how often any of you guys watch a tv show or something and you can't help but laugh at a certain part because someone used it in a ytp that you liked, but that feeling is something I like a lot, and I feel it enhances my enjoyment of both the ytp and the source. That's something I want to do to other people and I can't exactly do that as well when I use some obscure ass vlog on a 15 year-old kid's youtube channel with no views. Of course it's possible, I could somehow make an obscure source popular so that a lot of people see it and can watch the source and then come back to the ytp and get that feeling, but that's not exactly a reliable way to do it. I just feel it works better for tv shows or movies that I've already seen and it makes feel like I've done something when people can't help but think of a video of mine when they watch the source. Kind of related to that is one of the reasons I watch ytp's of certain sources, and that is because I like to see if I can figure out how the ytp'er did all their little jokes or what they were thinking when they were making it, and that's a lot more fun when I know the source they're using at least somewhat thoroughly. It's like learning the secret to a magic trick or something, and that "aha!" moment that comes with it is what I like. I can get that satisfaction easier when the ytp uses a source that I actually know or care about because I'm usually more willing to go back and watch it to figure it out, or in some cases and I can just use memory, and I really hope other people do it, too. I dunno though. I also think some styles lend themselves better to offering that than others. Also, for whatever reason, some sources I just don't care enough about to make that connection with. Again, it's not necessary, it's just something I usually like more when it's there for me than when it's not. I'll only say a couple more things for the sake of not dragging this on too much more. To keep it short, I like to mix in a little bit of the crazy shit with my usual relatively slow paced style as a way to get some more people exposed to that stuff without it being too jarring and in a way where I still think it's funny and I'm not sacrificing my sense of humor or pandering for the sake of more views. The more people that see my videos, the more people get exposed to that stuff. Or I could take it a step back and just say I'm exposing more people to youtube poop in general, and I really don't think my videos are so bad that they're ruining the good name of youtube poop for you guys or whatever the fuck. Probably above everything, though, are those rare comments or messages where someone tells me my stupid videos or something I did made someone's day better after their dog died or something. At that point I don't give two shits about any of this and I'm just glad I could do that for someone, as corny as that is. So there.
  7. 13
  8. It's sad, most people I know who like the show think that it naturally means that by definition, they are "bronies" Well, by definition, they're technically correct. At its very core, the definition of "brony" is an older male (and later older female) individual that watches and enjoys FiM. However, the Internet has slowly turned the implied definition of this to "Older person that is fanatical about the show, to the point where they won't shut the fuck up about it". Uh, no. "Brony" is obviously a combination of "bro" and "pony" but (and I admit this is kind of debatable) the "bro" part didn't refer to the sex of the fan, it was a mocking of frat boys and douche bags that use "bro" in the same way someone would say "buddy" "pal" "dude" "nigga" or whatever. It had something to do with /v/'s overuse of the word "bro" at the time (kind of like their overuse of the word "autism" now) with shit like "brolicious" "broseidon, god of the brocean" and "bro-op," it's the exact same concept used for "brony," the main difference being that there's a lot more focus on your gender when watching the newest edition of my little pony subtitled "friendship is magic" so misinterpretation was more likely. What "brony" means now is totally up in the air, mostly regarding gender issues, the cons of labeling someone as a brony, the amount of obsession someone needs to have with the fanbase or the show to be a brony and fuck knows what else, I don't give a shit. The multitude of definitions people give it are part of the reason I personally never attached myself to the word. And obviously there's the stigma of being associated with people like the ones featured on the mylittlespaghetti youtube channel or everyone on Equestriadaily. Also, a lot of the people in the first threads were women. GO FIGURE. WOMEN WATCHING MLP. HAHAHAHA
  9. I thought this episode and the last one were pretty terrible. that said, I think this guy has a lot of interesting perspectives on each episode this season. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9B8wfVHHWg
  10. This scene.
  11. I drew the best scene.
  12. when they're together, for whatever reason, they essentially become the same character. unrelated: I don't know what possessed me to draw this
  13. We talkin' pony porn?