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  1. game is nice
  2. the only good thing about this new glitch
  3. get a better NOSE

    for that I can only give you a 76

  4. hitting someone with a frying pan makes a louder sound than hitting someone with a rocket launcher best weapon ever
  5. wednesday is always the day steam community shits itself for an hour+ for matinence
  6. i opened 3 boxes and got standard items i opened one for wofc and he got a polycount hat aaaugh
  7. barts simdons and lica make love
  8. why did they ruin the tricorne by coloring it worst update
  9. close your eyes and imagine that you are a magnet, and everything in the room is gravitating toward you, and you are the center of everything

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    2. Frisbee


      huhuhuhuhuh, magnets

    3. Zevifa


      I don't wan to die for being squashed by everything

    4. WALLMAN


      You might as well be a magnet, since you never move away from the fridge. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

  10. ilu all Lymbyc Systym - Love Your Abuser Remixed a remix of a cool album from cool people such as the album leaf and this will destroy you Holy Fuck - s/t holy fuck indeed
  11. Guys. Guys. I'm the best. Ever.
  12. Has something like this happened in game?: if so, rip graphics card