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      There has been some discussion about possibly reviving the Design Staff.  While I can't definitively say this will happen, but to see how many people are interested in becoming a part of a new Design Staff.  Please go to the following topic and send me a PM answering the questions I have outlined in the topic.    


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  1. get a better NOSE

    for that I can only give you a 76

  2. close your eyes and imagine that you are a magnet, and everything in the room is gravitating toward you, and you are the center of everything

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Frisbee

      huhuhuhuhuh, magnets

    3. Zevifa

      I don't wan to die for being squashed by everything

    4. WALLMAN

      You might as well be a magnet, since you never move away from the fridge. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

  3. touch my bass rebecca

    1. Worstnightmare

      Your bass smells gross, cook it.

    2. WhenCornAttacks

      back off asshole shes eating my bass now

  4. big nosed, big hosed

    (note: hose means dick)

  5. Medal Help Thread

    McMangos won the slap chop in the donation raffle, I believe.
  6. Is it allowed if I put the recording through a bunch of trial converters that add watermarks?
  7. Medal Help Thread

    Some people use scripts to refresh the page every couple of minutes (because you become 'offline' after 10 minutes of not refreshing a page) which explains the people with insane amount of online time
  8. Medal Help Thread

    I am a shy little girl to ask for rewards for being obsessive :7
  9. Medal Help Thread

    Hey that reminds me I'm in the above situation too! Please and rhanks
  10. game over music thrad

    I can do this plz
  11. Medal Help Thread

    They're all pictures of Meen around the size of the medal. You'll know it if you see it.
  12. Medal Help Thread

    Meen Master is actually a lot easier than you think. Case and point: I have it.