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      There has been some discussion about possibly reviving the Design Staff.  While I can't definitively say this will happen, but to see how many people are interested in becoming a part of a new Design Staff.  Please go to the following topic and send me a PM answering the questions I have outlined in the topic.    


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  1. My trailer for my upcomming poop
    1. SirMexican

      Why does a YTP need a trailer?

  2. Heres my new Ford guys, its been long since i been here lol
  3. Steam IDs

    TEH_Doorman - Teh_Doorman http://steamcommunity.com/id/Teh_Doorman/
  4. Made a brand new poop with a source peopledont use so often, so here it is http://youtu.be/84dtEUZ9ZW8 hope yu guys like it!

  5. The Anything Pony Collab

  6. I am now doen with my entry to that collab im entering and i think it came out great!

    1. MasterOfZoroark

      And it did. You done a great job on it!

  7. ok will do im now done with 50% of the entry but i need ideas for audio effects any ideas?

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    2. Jacques

      What purpose is this serving?

      If you want a cool sounding effect, go with flanger or automated filter. Although I don't know what software you are dealing wiht.

    3. Cloaytonem2


    4. TEH_Doorman

      i use sony vegas so yea..

  8. made the first 14 secs. to my entry to MasterOfZoroarks collab cant wait till im done.

    1. MasterOfZoroark

      Looking forward to your entry. Just be sure to send me it through Mediafire or unlist it and send me a link to get it.

    2. TEH_Doorman

      ok will do im now done with 50% of the entry but i need ideas for audio effects any ideas?

  9. My Youtube Account is therockmannumber1 check out meh vids