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  1. My trailer for my upcomming poop
    1. SirMexican


      Why does a YTP need a trailer?

  2. Heres my new Ford guys, its been long since i been here lol
  3. hate to see you go so sudden, but it was all a good run while it was still out there, but have a great life, I'm sure you will be successfull of whatever career you set your mind to, good luck out there, we will all miss ya.
  4. TEH_Doorman - Teh_Doorman http://steamcommunity.com/id/Teh_Doorman/
  5. Made a brand new poop with a source peopledont use so often, so here it is http://youtu.be/84dtEUZ9ZW8 hope yu guys like it!

  6. again i just wanna mention that my youtube account name is therockmannumber1 in case your putting it up on youtube, thank you.
  7. nevermind...
  8. oh yea and my Youtube Username is: therockmannumber1
  9. ok then thank you.