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  • Birthday 06/08/1987

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  • Country Hyrule
  • Location NSW
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  • Interests Being a shithead.

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  1. I've learned that if you drink Absolut straight it burns, enough to give my chest hairs a perm.

  2. G-funkin' it up baby!

  3. Rest in peace Rik Mayall, you truly were the people's poet.

  4. 100 pennies is not good enough.

    1. iamoutofideas1 youchew

      Now 200 pennies, that's a fuckton of cash right there

  5. Give me money, loser.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 3tp

      get your own money you poor hobo

    3. MrSpiderVagina

      how's 100 pennies sound?

  6. Somebody give me an idea, or a bunch for that matter.

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    2. VentXekart

      Why don't you make a new Ed Edd 'n' Eddy Poop?

    3. ufuckfacesonofabitch

      Another EE&E poop is actually a good idea.

    4. VentXekart

      My job is done!

  7. This is a tad overwhelming.

  8. I love boozing baby!

    1. iamoutofideas1 youchew

      zoobing is good too

    2. Fiddlesticks411

      but the baby is underage

  9. I hate you guys!!

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    2. mowub

      Makin' soft serve ice cream... For my friends... 'Specially Kenny...

    3. Autumnal771

      nobody told you life was gonna be this way you're broke your job's a joke and your love life's DOAAAAAAA

    4. ufuckfacesonofabitch

      (Clap clap clap clap)

  10. Look out, kill joy was here!!

    1. MrSpiderVagina

      here lies kill joy's hopes and dreams

  11. I'm blind.

    1. MrSpiderVagina

      open ur eyyez

    2. ufuckfacesonofabitch

      I'll open your eyes in a second.

  12. I wish I could go back to 1995

  13. Anybody got any drugs?

    1. Tofucakecan

      smoke weed evruhday!

    2. MrSpiderVagina

      I got a lot of zebra cakes

  14. Call me a noob and out of touch etc. but how exactly does one make a chewiki page?

    1. SonicOutlaw

      Just search your name and it should come up with something like "would you like to make a page called XXX?" It should go something like that, just click the name, which should appear as a green link.

    2. ufuckfacesonofabitch

      Thanks a bunch.