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  1. I'm re-watching every episode of bill nye the science guy, and that shit is what makes me like ytps so much. Seriously, go back and watch it, it's all I love about ytp - the awkward timing, some slight yet varied repetition, and an overwhelming sense of detachment from reality. Why do you love ytps? I want to know if anyone else has stumbled upon such a direct link to their enjoyment of poops, and if so perhaps a little bit about what it is and why! TL:DR Why do you love ytps?
  2. Like I'll be here for only one day, I haven't lurked, I was just around a long time ago, back then the layout was more, idk, white.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome gents! thanks for a working link to the rules, and thanks for trying to help me. I think it was removed a few weeks after it was put up, so it disheartens me to know that I'll probably never find it again... Oh well...
  4. Hi ycp or ytp community, I'm here, I just wanted to say that I have been "Lurking" ytps since 2007-8 and really never talked about them/commented on them/contributed my own, and I intend to start doing some of those. I also couldn't read the rules, because in the welcome sticky the links to them were broken, (inb4 lurk moar) and trust me I tried. Aside from saying hello, I had a desperate plea that I sincerely hoped could be answered by anyone here in some way - I need help finding an old poop. It is based on that, I'm not sure who made it, but it was glorious. I believe it was called "3 million impressions in 20 seconds" but I'm not entirely sure. I've looked for quite some time, and hope that someone can help me. It made use of repetition, sound distortion,video distortion, and sentence mixing, it didn't use many(if any) visual filter effects that I can recall. I know that the ytp community can be very welcoming at times, and seems to share a great interest in the lulz, which I guarantee you, will be had if this ytp is found. If this post is in violation of the rules in any way, please don't hesitate to point it out to me - as I know some communities are harsh on people that have requests. tl:dr Hello! I'm glad to finally be a contributing member of the ytp society! Please watch included vid and help me find the ytp associated with it. Ty