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    I am fulfilling my dream to see the Himalayas next June when I go (back) to India, which needless to say I am extremely excited about. I have also wanted to visit some place in Africa, and my friend is Sudanese and has offered to take me so that may be my ticket. I am not as interested in Europe as I have been there several times in the past few years and need a break. China, particularly Shanghai, is another place on my list, as is Brazil and Antarctica. As far as places I want to go back to, southern Thailand is undoubtedly one, as are Tamil Nadu and Chandigarh (state and city in India, respectively). I will almost certainly be in Chandigarh for part of my trip in June, so I am very happy about that. Good topic!
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    he was bored.
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    Zero! :D
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    Thanks for the advice! Well, I know this video would piss Rick Santorum off.
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    An Awkward, Rambling Greeting.
    Hello Earthlings!

    I am new to this whole making Youtube Poops thing, but I thought I would put my foot in the door and hope it is not attacked by a Velociraptor lurking on the other side. I made and posted my first YTP last night, and I am actually somewhat happy with the 24-second-long outcome. In my desperate bid to attain modest viewership, I am embedding it here. It took me one hour to do everything (e.g. download a Youtube video downloader, download the videos, and edit them while using AVID for the very first time), and my next little creation is coming along quite quickly and is better in my opinion.

    For each video I am using at least one underutilized source, because I love it when people bring new ideas into the community. So, yeah. That's it. [/awkward turtle]

    Nice to meet you all!

    - LuvBuket1
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