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  1. I want to say that I'm sorry your brother had to leave so soon, and I'm also sorry if you felt pressured in anyway to say something here.

  2. Scrambled Doubles Tennis Match

    Sorry, I didn't know. So, am I supposed to wait for Metroid998 to make his round? Or do we make a round together at the same time?
  3. Scrambled Doubles Tennis Match

    Round 1: Decided I'd use one of my older YTP's cause I'm lazy as fuck. Enjoy!
  4. Scrambled Doubles Tennis Match

    Is it okay If I use one of my older round 1's?
  5. Scrambled Doubles Tennis Match

    Kewl! I'm in! Slot 5 please!
  6. 10 Second 10-Way Tennis

    I'm in. I'll take spot 7 please.
  7. dewmann vs. Debaser Fletchie

    If you are doing separate matches, could I join?
  8. This is just a standard tennis match but with aidless aids. Here are the rules of the match: 1). It has to keep on this running gag of sort of Spadinner titles. Like the title of round 1 is: TouPube Yoop: Mama Luigi Makes Dinner for Spaghetti. 2). I will be providing the first round. 3). 98% of the video MUST be ear rape and/or visual and audio fuck-fest stuff. 4).There will be 6 rounds. 5). Have Fun! Yeah that's it. Here's round 1:
  9. My Death Ray is set for Pulverise! I mean stun, stun.
  10. 4-Way Tennis Match

    Round 6:
  11. The PBS Kids Collab

    Put me down as mabye.

    Listen, guys I didn't mean to offend anybody. I realised my mistake and I deleted it. I'm sorry and I just wanted to create a collab where you make a poop using windows movie maker, not to make fun of bad poopers! I know I wrote it earlier, but I was writing from the top of my head, and didn't realise what an awful thing I wrote. So, please forgive me.

    Here's the basic jist: The participant has to make a poop using windows movie maker. You can use any source you want. You can use the fx archive if you want. No Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere allowed in this collab. The length can be from 30 seconds, to 3 minutes. No deadline has been set yet. I guess the deadline is at the end of August. Participants: *Me *CorruptionSound [DONE] *spacman191 *simplyslap *ProfessorCheeseBall [MAYBE] *cyclejuckie [MAYBE] *MonsterSumoable *HollowTheGuy [DONE] *Lorne Purcell *Mister Cornflakes *NITROCONCRETE1 *guitarocker100 *MrJotox129 *XxRobotChaoxX *MegaTacoBox *Labrat2115 [DONE]
  14. Thank you. Also either post it as a video responce or post it in the comments area here.
  15. I am going to do an experimental divider tennis. It's sort of like a multiple time tennis except for every round, you divide the last time by 2. Example: 2:00 minutes becomes 1:00 minute. Then 1:00 minute becomes 0:30 seconds. Then 0:30 seconds becomes 0:15 seconds and so forth. There will be 6 rounds. Round 1 is a repoop of an old video I did. There is no limit for how many people can join this match. Just tell me you're joining and I'll accept. ROUND 1: SPLOOGVILLES MAGICAL ADVENTURE THROUGH TIME AND SPACE [media=]