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  1. I want to say that I'm sorry your brother had to leave so soon, and I'm also sorry if you felt pressured in anyway to say something here.

  2. Thank you, it's been really hard copping with this loss. It also kinda sucks how my Grandma and Grandpa die recently (it was on easter for my grandma, on christmas for my grandpa, and april fools for my brother). How do you know my name?
  3. I am here to clear up all the smoke that is pinching everyone back! -First off: Yes, I am simplyslap's brother. -Secondly: Yes, Edd did die. -Thirdly: Throughout the past month I have been on youchew for Edd, and posting stuff for him. -Fourthly: The reason why I left was because I can't download videos because of something wrong with my computer. -Fifely?: Yes, there are some unfinished and unreleased poops, and I'll be uploading them to PenguinWithATopHat. I hope that has cleared everything up.
  4. Didn't I make something like this?
  5. Sorry, I didn't know. So, am I supposed to wait for Metroid998 to make his round? Or do we make a round together at the same time?
  6. Round 1: Decided I'd use one of my older YTP's cause I'm lazy as fuck. Enjoy!
  7. Is it okay If I use one of my older round 1's?
  8. Kewl! I'm in! Slot 5 please!
  9. I'm in. I'll take spot 7 please.
  10. If you are doing separate matches, could I join?
  11. This is just a standard tennis match but with aidless aids. Here are the rules of the match: 1). It has to keep on this running gag of sort of Spadinner titles. Like the title of round 1 is: TouPube Yoop: Mama Luigi Makes Dinner for Spaghetti. 2). I will be providing the first round. 3). 98% of the video MUST be ear rape and/or visual and audio fuck-fest stuff. 4).There will be 6 rounds. 5). Have Fun! Yeah that's it. Here's round 1:
  13. My Death Ray is set for Pulverise! I mean stun, stun.