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  1. Something I drew to celebrate Pokemon's 20th anniversary!
  2. Finally finished the Paper Jam YTP Quickie that I started last month!
  3. Moreo & Gayl Luey's Gaper Jam

    HAPPY #POKEMON20 WEEKEND, EVERYBODY!! Last month, I took a look at some commercials and gameplay footage for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and watching them filled my head with so many ideas that I just had to boot up my lappy and make something. So, here's what I got to show. Hope you guys like it!
  4. Currently working on a YouTube Poop Quickie of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, making really stellar progress on it so far.
  6. Looking through some of my recent work, I would have to say some of my big influences would have to Geibuchan, Trudermark, EmperorLemon, Stu, and Imaperson. I could make a list of who my other influences are, but these are the only ones I can name at the top of my head right now.
  7. I actually found Rainbow Rocks to be an improvement over the original Equestria Girls film.
  9. I'm having a huge blast with this demo so far! The Villager is so much fun to play as, he's probably going to be my main for now. Also, thanks a ton for the demo code again, MarioMKII!