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  1. The Chucklevision Colab

    Hey guys, really REALLY sorry I haven't said anything recently. If anyone still wants to do the colab, go ahead. I've decided to move the due date to August.
  2. I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

    I'm sorry guys, I've really been out of the loop lately, but I'm ready to return to pooping! And I'll bump the Chucklevision colab till August.
  3. The Musician's Lounge My shitty Posies cover, with me on a Power Jamz guitar.
  4. [General Poop Discussion] Creepy Bowsah's Laugh *shudder*

    Have you guys ever had one of thos times where you just get bored of making poops after cranking them out for a while now. That's how I'm feeling.
  5. The Oogieloves in the Big Baloon Adventure

    Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!
  6. The Oogieloves in the Big Baloon Adventure

    Lol Doc Brown And Dr. Gordon in a shitty kids movie.
  7. The Chucklevision Colab

    Bump? If no one else joins, then I guess this is who we're going with?

  9. Famous/Great YouTube Poopers who subbed or unsub'd to you...

    Joethebluedragon was one of my first subscribers, and his poops seem to be pretty famous.
  10. General Cartoon Network/Adult Swim/Toonami Thread

    Hey, it could be worse. They could re-air...Out of Jimmy's Head. *shudders*
  11. Username origin collaboration

    I would, if I could find the episode of Torchwood the character was in. EDIT: Nevermind. I found a torrent of it. Sign me up as a maybe.
  12. A Cock in King Arthur's Couch

    1. Grease Witherspoon

      Grease Witherspoon

      Thats no way to talk about your great aunt gladis

  13. What Do You Think Of The Above Poop?

    Really great. I loved the Sonic masterbation reference as well. (One of my favorite poops.)
  14. Next Nostagia Chick episode is Freddy Got Fingered. Also WTF?

    I did like Sage a bit in the Care Bears review. But my favorite crossover is definatly the Ferngully episode with Nostalgia Chick.