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  1. Misery you ate my hat

  2. I made this in like 10 minutes and it's my first banner so excuse the shit job, also I bet this has been done before (if it hasn't I'll be amazed)
  3. selling quality meme-orabilia

  4. That's not a king, that's a fucking bitch!
  6. Just watched The Truman Show for the first time recently. And holy shit it's one of the most fantastic movies I've ever seen. It's one of the movies that I think comes the closest to being pure art.
  7. You're gonna sell me some gas right now

    1. Mike O. Bronco

      Mike O. Bronco

      The hell I am. Get yo' own damn gas, nigga. *snaps her fingers and walks away like a tramp*

    2. Mashu


      This is all global warming's fault.

    3. Ben


      (Insert Director Filibuster about solar power here)

  8. I was playing the opening guitar riff at college and my friend asked me if it was a Green Day song, because she said it sounded like one. She didn't know the name, though, so we looked around and found the song: The chord progression is exactly the same even though the pattern is different.
  10. YouChew: where there's smoke, there's FYYAH

  11. I just had a sandwich

    1. Hoipendaddy
    2. thapoint09


      no ordinary sandwich

    3. Ben


      A sandwich made with jellyfish JEELLLLYYYYYYYY