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  1. 'Sup YouChew, A fairly amateur pooper here. Since I've started pooping I've been acquiring my source material via a YouTube downloader extension on my web browser, but it feels too restrictive. Sometimes I just feel the need to poop a certain source, only to not be able to find any usable clips on YouTube. Just recently I've felt the desire to poop Breaking Bad, inspiration I got from a pooper i'm subscribed to, but I can't find full episodes on YouTube. So to get to the topic at hand, is torrenting Mp4's a viable source for material? Thanks in advance for any advice/input.
  2. Hey if you're still accepting people I'll gladly join. Simplicity is my A-game.
  3. Quite a bit of the time I post a Poop Help topic I feel very amateur, so I apologize in advance, i'm quite a noobie at Youtube Pooping, but there's a couple certain effects i've been wanting to learn how to do. I'm going to use one video as an example for what I want to learn about, i'll link the video, plus the time the effect is shown following a question. I'm not quite sure how to explain this effect properly, so forgive me if my description is vague, but it's when two things in the same shot are doing two different things that occurred at different time periods. Example: (Time: 8:09-8:10) You can see Joe Biden in the background fixing his coat repeatedly, i'm not sure how to do that in Sony Vegas, I think CS188 uses Adobe Premier, so if that's possible in Sony Vegas Movie Studio (NOT Pro) then I would really like to know. Masking is another thing i'd like to learn how to do, I know there's a masking option in Vegas Pro, but I only have Vegas Movie Studio. The kind of thing I want to do is similar to this: (Time: 2:23) Is there any way to mask stuff in this way with Movie Studio? I've heard of using Photoshop to do it, but I know this sounds rather douchey, but i'm quite tough on money and if someone can give me a link to a reliable torrent for Photoshop, OR Vegas Pro, then this problem will be solved. Otherwise, I can tough it out until I can afford to buy either. Thanks SO much in advance.
  4. I know there is always a chance of that happening but I tried to upload a Drake and Josh Poop to YouTube and it got taken down in 5 minutes, I think because I had "Drake and Josh" in the title it was easier to spot. But I've seen plenty of other Viacom owned crap like Icarly that is not getting taken down. Sorry for all the Newbie questions guys, and thanks for being EXTREMELY helpful on my earlier posts.
  5. I saw that I could sign up as a YouTube Partner on my YouTube account, but is it safe? With risk of my account being shutdown i'd still do it for the lulz, but I read through the Terms and Conditions and couldn't follow it. So I was worried that if I DID become a YouTube Partner, could I get legal action taken against me?
  6. Hey guys! I'm very new to this YouTube Poop stuff, and got most of the effects down and gotten my feet wet with Stutter Looping and Sentence Mixing, yadda yadda. But there's an effect I was hoping to learn how to do, i've seen Krobo, CS188 and DurhamRockerZ use this effect before. I can only describe it as a "warped face", where you enlarge or shrink a characters face, mouth or any part of the body. I looked for it on Google and YouTube, and I found a tutorial that shoes how to do what I want, but it requires a "Masking Option" which can apparently only be found in Vegas Pro. So are there any Vegas Movie Studio users who can solve my problem? I can't seem to find a solution no matter where I go.
  7. Pawp Stars

  8. Hey YouChew! I just decided to make an account on here, as I wish to become a Youtube Pooper (Mostly as a hobby to kill time). But I just had a question, I have my editing software and YouTube account setup, the last thing I need is material to edit, as in, where would I get video to edit. I know you're probably thinking "Who is this idiot? This is the Internet, certainly he could figure it out on his own!". Well, yes, I have looked up where I could get video to edit up and down, basically everyone is telling me to download a video converter and download material from YouTube, which I tried, and the video quality was bad, and the sound was out of sync with the video. So I just wanted to ask, what would be the most effective and cheap way to get video to edit, say an episode of a television show? Would you use a video recording device that can record directly from your TV? Download a a Torrent of the episode? Sorry, I know this question is most likely stupid, but YouTube Pooping is something I've been wanting to try out for awhile now.