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  1. this would be round 1. id prefer to do tennis with someone i remember but its been like 4 years so i dont really care.
  2. Gravity Falls

    That's actually pretty cool that Neil Cicierga got to do that, although I still prefer the current theme. Those are still awesome.
  3. Gravity Falls

  4. MLP image spam/discussion

    Pony Kart ain't shit to Fighting is Magic. But seriously how was it? I don't know much about it.
  5. Team Fortress 2

    I uncrated 2 strange Scotsman skullcutters yesterday which sorta dissapointed me alot. But today I uncrated my first strange that I plan on ever using and it's a stickybomb launcher so that made up for it. Know anyone who wants a strange skullcutter?
  6. Pokémon Thread 2.1 - J. Madden the ESPNeon

    Only a fool would dislike Garbodor's design.
  7. Gravity Falls

    There was this, but it's not the same as the one in the credits. Edit: I've just found out that a youtube search of Gravity Falls 8 bit gives you better 8 bit versions of the theme, although that one is the most popular.
  8. Team Fortress 2

    "Even the pope thinks it's the greatest game on the planet." How did he know?
  9. MLP image spam/discussion

    I found this picture. "Bronies are made for kids under 6 years!!!"
  10. MLP image spam/discussion

  11. MLP image spam/discussion

    Ponies with fingers scare me.
  12. Team Fortress 2

    Not mine.
  13. MLP image spam/discussion

    apples poney gotta go fast poney party poney animals poney dress poney magic poney
  14. MLP image spam/discussion

  15. Team Fortress 2

    I feel like playing mvm. Anyone wanna go on soon?