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  1. Yeah I think Phoenix still makes games, don't they?
  2. Wow, no one put Mega man 7?
  3. ^worst Simson Game ever!
  4. ReBoot actully was not that bad, yes it had some bad points but it was okay
  5. Okay I here that. I love the Rayman games, but the frist one sucked big ballz.
  6. Oh I heard that!
  7. I Bet Bastion! Look here to know what I'm talking about,

  8. Yeah I just beat Bastion! If you don't know what it is, look here, Pretty good site. So now, Talk about it!
  9. When I put that thing in my ps1 or psx whatever, I was pretty sure the thing would break.
  10. 5 is the best!
  11. Now I'm a time traveling Ganon/Magolor says Chaofanatic.

    1. NegroTed


      I'd report him for that.

    2. flyingpieguy


      no it's fine, i'm pretty sure he meant it as a joke.

  12. Yes, your more than right.
  13. I saw it on the irate gamer thing on youtube. and pluse, I have a 2600.
  14. Oh man, the worst game I've ever touched is that fucking E.T for the 2600.