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  2. we need more hillbilly let's players
  3. sounds like a great deal
  4. confused and frightened
  5. So when are the people on tumblr going to lose their shit over this?
  6. It finally happened
  7. Aw, Yale was my favourite character
  8. Oh, no doubt. Nothing third party stays exclusive for long. I hope the same for the ps4. That and I hope it has the sandbox mode from OTR (or something along those lines I should say).
  9. Wait, is that bad?
  10. I nearly died of laughter
  11. well, so much for pre-ordering
  12. I AM THE LAW

    1. Cloaytonem2


      I'm just a bill.

    2. The annoying bird

      The annoying bird

      Big Moma's not the law. I am the law.