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  • Birthday 12/09/1913

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  • Skype that-hobo-turtle
  • Website URL http://www.youtube.com/user/Mrguy891

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  • Country Somalia
  • Location Rastafaria
  • Gender Male
  • Interests No, I hate fun!

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  1. Warioware Shove it up your own ass game

    1. Akaru The Yoshi

      WarioWare: Do It Yourself

    2. Nelson340


  2. I love Cory in the House

    1. thatcomputerperson


    2. XxRobotChaoxX

      i love to see cory being sexy

  3. Sources you'd like to see used more often

    Well shit, same here
  4. Favorite Poopers

    Currently my favourite poopers are Revfirst, EmperorLemon, Imaperson, Jakesteel0121, chemestryguy, Stu, Danfango700, Jabbercash, uwilmod, and 1superchops.
  5. The Wait is Over (Collab)

    I don't think I can finish mine on time. Not saying that I'm out, just that I need more time.
  6. Famous/Great YouTube Poopers who subbed or unsub'd to you...

    EmperorLemon, RevSecond, DinnerWarrior, ThemOldaboys, and others with a lot, but under 1000 subs (sorry too lazy to name). Cool, but I also love it when lesser known poopers subscribe too.
  7. Poops You Can't Stop Watching

    One of my favourites.
  8. Sources you'd like to see used more often

    More Cory in the House. We need more!
  9. List Underrated Poopers

    OblivionDash and drdreadfuk make some neat stuff.
  10. sup bitches, its chay wowden hee' aight

  11. Least favorite Internet memes

    I hate most memes now, but the one that really ticks me off is Y U NO.
  12. cory in the howsayroooo

    1. Mrguy891

      a comment, i popular!