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  • Birthday 04/11/1990

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  • Interests if i have this doorbell, then i will know when my peoples are at the door

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  1. A parody of the old YTP Intro based on my previous video DEATHTUBE POOP:

  2. How Many Subscribers Do You Have?

    (still) 833 too bad 0 of them actually watch my videos
  3. today's video was an adventure in sony vegas, too bad i don't know how to use it

  4. the latest video i made is longest video i've ever put effort into in 7 years

    1. valkiriforce

      four score and seven poops ago.

    2. VentXekart

      Or was it six?

  5. I've had more fun making 4 YTPs in WMM 2.6 in the past 2 days than I've had playing video games for months on end. Is that because there are no good video games anymore?

    1. Nesbro

      it's because WMM 2.6 is the manliest video editor ever

    2. Grease Witherspoon

      It's because interactive art and entertainment are no substitute for the experience of creating something yourself. Youtube poop is a reflection of the pooper. This site is full of artists who happen to love discussing sonic and zelda.

    3. Rillion

      it's because video games suck.

  6. i made my first youtube dump in nearly 5 years

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TyrannosaurusReich

      yeah we didn't miss you while you were gone either ha ha owned :-)

    3. Idiotska

      i made another one it's worse

    4. Rillion

      thanks for the ride

  7. What are you reading right now?

    "In the old time it was not a crime!" -- He shouted, "Since you were judge you'll die alone in madhouse...." then turned into a rabbit and suddenly was gone... Then this whole fucking thing broke out with gypsy riffs and crazy dubbing... Soon judges were all drunk, the women were complete, and children were chasing the naked one... So since then I believe him... For it was true: Along with my mind a one jamaican siren it was missing from the courthouse.
  8. What are you listening to?: Nummer Zwei

    Raymond Scott - The Penguin http://puu.sh/1sXxE
  9. YouTube video spam

  10. alright spookies do your thang honey

    1. TyrannosaurusReich

      spoky scaree skeltorns

  11. alright cissys do your thang honey

    1. foxspyfox

      I know that you like my privilege

  12. you're younger than that baka

  13. General Music Chat

    :< I've always had a soft spot for bands like this