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  1. A parody of the old YTP Intro based on my previous video DEATHTUBE POOP:

  2. Probably the best video I've made this week.

  4. Looks (band) LIVE AT THE CONEY ISLAND DISCO PALACE is now a series with this third installment. Maybe it's time for a LIVE AT THE CONEY DISCO PALACE Collab, perhaps?
  5. THIAF contains the following: Lots of loading screens Dialogue that would fit perfectly in a Linkin Park fan video "Stealth" Hands directly in front of your face. Even more loading screens Lots of cinematic scenes that stop the gameplay Loading "Streamlined gameplay" Loading Cockrings Token female thief with a Canadian accent Costly DLC Preorder DLC Loading EH THIAF does not contain the following: A jump button Aesthetics that resemble the previous games Aesthetics that didn't come out of Dishonored Stealth A proper FOV An ending that actually solves something Remember DmC: Devil May Cry? That actually had decent gameplay (aside from those pointless cutscenes that just zoom in on Dante's face and basically only serve to slow the gameplay down.) This? This has nothing. If you're a contrarian or just have post-purchase rationalization, tell us about it here. MORE STUFF: THIAF: The Fangame
  6. (still) 833 too bad 0 of them actually watch my videos
  7. today in my 7 year poop career i've made my first ever sony vegas video without any knowledge of the program whatsoever!
  8. today's video was an adventure in sony vegas, too bad i don't know how to use it

  9. the latest video i made is longest video i've ever put effort into in 7 years

    1. valkiriforce


      four score and seven poops ago.

    2. VentXekart


      Or was it six?