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  1. If anyone should be offended, it's Mister Cornflakes. He was eaten.
  2. That was the most convincing roleplay post, like ever. Someone's gonna have to take it up a notch. *pulls out super soaker*
  3. i have no idea who this "billy" is, but if someone wants to start a gunfight, I shall accept. Prepare to be owned, Ms. Calamari.
  4. *grabs a spoon* i can't wait to taste your defeat, dork.
  5. Looks like Ultra Dweebmann ruined the fun, kids these days... What should we do now?
  6. Oh look, Ultra Dweebmann has returned to the fight. LET'S PLAY SOAK THE DWEEBMANN.
  7. Now where were we? Come and get some, you dorks.
  8. What the hell is this, stop using images of me and saying it's you. Only adults can take part in the super soaker fights, go back to your kiddie pool you ultra dweeb.
  9. Logged in to say... Now you can spend less time here and more time fighting me irl. That's right, I'm offering you another chance, so come fight me irl you nerd. Bring out your finest Dougémon, and we shall settle this to the end once and for all!
  10. Mikufag? Excuse me...I AM MIKU Oh, and also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCJqYKfXE6I Satisfies the metalhead within me.
  11. You are most certainly welcome, Gen-chan~