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  1. Worst communities you have been in

    Sorta related to this, there's a community of people who collect super old computers on youtube and it's pretty interesting to watch some of their videos but they can get real fuckin' long. Then if someone has a particular question relating to the super long video, the uploaders will be all like "if you watched the videos you'd know" and it's just like typing out the answer would've taken the same amount of time as typing that out and not everyone wants to watch a half hour long video about some Windows IBM thingy in its entirety.
  2. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    If you're talking about whatcd then look for the PPG Heroes & Villains vinyl single. It's interesting. Also, I uploaded it so hey.
  3. Worst communities you have been in

    I feel like imgur is one of those places that tries to be like 4 different sites at once. It's unnecessary.
  4. Worst communities you have been in

    Unusual that they found a 4-year-dormant thread to bump within 3 minutes of making their account but whateva. Also, "Any thread or forum that talks about ethnicity/race or religion I think is much, MUCH worse than any political community." is not really answering the question the topic of the thread is asking at all so technically, no, they aren't contributing. OT - GTAforums fuckin' sucks
  5. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    the last few pages were a god damn roller coaster ride.
  6. I've noticed all the categories I'm in and I must say: Thanks and I agree.
  7. fug

    we joined on the same day ayyyyy
  8. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    That's what it's been like for a few people I know as well. It's one of the better side-effects of the whole thing.