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  1. Photos of businessmen or other unidentified ugly people.
  2. I saw Adam Conover yesterday and he ruined EVERYTHING.
  3. Click the download link, click "download through your browser" and unzip the files.
  4. Well it's a legit program. My antivirus didn't detect anything in there. Yes, you can mask with it.
  5. I got Vegas 14 from the shifty Russians so far so similar
  6. I was like your biggest fan 9 years ago. They're gonna taste great.
  7. I think all of you are wasting your time by yelling at him TO GO TO THIS THREAD IN THIS PLACE when he clearly doesn't get it time after time. It makes sense if a mod/admin says "hey maybe you should do this" but who benefits from a million other people in every single thread this guy makes saying the same shit, but angrier? Answer whatever question he has or let the thread die into obscurity. What is so hard about that? edit: inevitably this will get upvotes from the same exact people who do the thing i mentioned in this post so, hello.
  8. well that was unfunny.
  9. i don't watch this guy anymore but i keep getting comments on this every few months and i'm like "oh yeah, i typed that"
  10. They all fucking suck, idk what you want from me. I don't know enough about these people to know more than the general fact that they're all wastes of human resources and would be better off in a home.
  11. when it comes to the whole content cops on leafy and keemstar, he's watchable. he's kind of a horrible person but ever so slightly less horrible than keem and leafy so, yipee!