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      There has been some discussion about possibly reviving the Design Staff.  While I can't definitively say this will happen, but to see how many people are interested in becoming a part of a new Design Staff.  Please go to the following topic and send me a PM answering the questions I have outlined in the topic.    


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  1. Show off yo badass computer

    maybe you should crop out your ip address...
  2. for setting a starting time, just copy the video link with the specific time you want and when you paste that, it should start at the time you specified. i don't think there's an ending time code, though.
  3. Rate the Song Above You 2

    i never thought i'd have to listen to thomas the train sing alongs ever again. granted this doesn't have that annoying choir of children singing but it's still not a good tune. 2/10.  
  4. YouTube video spam

    never mind the fact that i made it
  5. Last.FM Exchange Thread

    Your compatibility with Meiod is Very Low. You both listen to The Prodigy. http://www.last.fm/user/waymuu
  6. Songs That You Can’t Get Out Of Your Head

  7. Rate the Song Above You 2

    ... anyway It's a pretty good song but WOW does it scream "80s GLAM ROCK". 6/10  
  8. Rate the Song Above You 2

    The tune was pretty nice but it reminds me of a wii channel's background music if you compressed the hell out of it so idk what to think really. 5/10  
  9. Post old good poops.