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  1. When did you first get into YTP?

    I've been into ridiculously edited videos as long as I've been online but the first video I saw called a youtube poop was in early 2007.
  2. "Hello? I'm looking for customer support." 1. The "Stumbled walking up the stairs, hope no one noticed!" face 2. The "Just formed a band called 'Crumply Brothers' and we aren't getting chicks! What the hell?" face(s) 3. The "Young One" face 4. The "God! Jerry Seinfeld looks like he's made outta latex!" face 5. The "Broke my chair 7 times too many and now I physically am melting into the floor??? But oh well, what can ya do?" face 6. The "I asked him to pass the meat and he threw a hock of DARK ham at my fuckin' head!" face 7. The "Celebrating 'POWDERED GRAVY SNIFFING AWARDS 1997' and all the Lithuanians that entered and won" face 8. The "We warned you once, now we're gonna STRETCH OUR FUCKIN' LIPS at you" face(s) 9. The "Had a tapeworm but kept it because of my history of crippling loneliness, their name is Haloofy Jeff and they're LOVELY" face 10. The "I pushed my grandma down the stairs because she wouldn't let me play with my GG Allin the Jet Plane playset past midnight without finishing my homework for 6th grade History" face 11. The "My name is Treothore Buthgoat Young I'm banned from every grocery store thanks to my chilling leaks!" face 12. The "I'm racist. SHIT." face 13. The "All I've been doing is reviewing shitty games that suck ass for the past 10 years and I WANT TO DIE. PLEASE KILL ME AND MY LACKEY, TUNTY POOCHINS" face 14. The "Someone once asked me if I was Don Vito and I threw 'em out the window and called them a Peanut Brittle BITCH" face 15. The "AAAAAWWEEEEEEEEOOOOOOO LEt's listen to Atom and His Package!!!???" face 16. The "I ditched a college education for opting to read extensively every single Wikipedia article about Pencils. There are so many different kinds!" face 17. The "People always ask me if I deliver mail and I'M SO TIRED OF IT. I'M SO DONE." face 18. The "My face periodically swells shut on account of me sucking the lamps at my great uncle in law, twice removed's abode. So don't ask me to look you square in the eye, I CAN'T DO IT" face 19. The "Next person who tells me to stop talking about porn on the Nick.com message board is gonna end up with a THROATFUL OF PENS AND TAR!" face 20. The "I'm tired of the neighborhood kids taunting me and flipping my car over so I legally changed my name to 'Dodgeball Berniesanders' hope it goes well???!?" face We've all been in that situation. HOW AWKWARD! Surely most of you reading this can relate so please +1 this post, and do it again.
  3. H

    Hello, there's your cool sunglass smiley.
  4. Last.FM Exchange Thread

    Very low compatibility, no artists listed. Maybe wait til you have more than 26 plays? http://www.last.fm/user/waymuu
  5. I shit tape. Peep peep!!?!??!

  6. https://www.discogs.com/Fracture-Double-Distlefink-No2-Double-Luck/release/3100053