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  1. please tennis me , in a epic tennis challenge

  2. Why is Discord the best ploppy

  3. Can my avatar be used in something?
  4. The Seth McFarlane Thread

    Remember in the end of Quagmire's Dad where Quagmire beats up Brian? Doesn't that count as animal cruelty where a neighbor of the Griffins barge into their home to beat up a dog who had sex with their now-a-female dad, even though the dad didn't mind having sex with Brian? Oh wait, this is a show where Peter went to jail for a week for blowing up a children's hospital and killing 19 kids in the process. Laws don't apply here.
  5. Alternate animation thread

    Now I can't go to bed.
  6. Tabletop Games

    I play it.
  7. ばかがいじんwwww

  8. Tabletop Games

    dear konami reprint light & darkness dragon and thunder king rai-oh love kon
  9. Minecraft: Asshole Skeleton

    Doesn't work.
  10. Tabletop Games

    Is it me, or does the DS games aim for tourneyfags, where the PSP games aim for fans of the anime?