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  1. Game Grumps/Steam Train Thread

    I actually looked at the WoW armory for their guild before episode 3 went live, so I knew that Cox was going to make a guest appearance, and that they'd fail the challenge miserably (and they apparently haven't touched it since that show was filmed). I was expecting a train wreck, but not THAT much of a train wreck (I've ran the dungeon that they ran several times across multiple characters, and have never had anywhere near as many issues as they had, even when placed with random players). Although it did put things into perspective a bit for me (You kind of forget about learning curves once you've played for well over 10,000 hours), and made me remember that just dicking around with friends could be just fun as actually playing the game.
  2. The E3 2015 Ludwig's Castle Hotel

      I'm glad to see Snake Rattle and Roll getting a re-release in that collection. Unfortunately, it sort of shatters my dreams of buying the IP and making a sequel down the road, but alas.
  3. The E3 2015 Ludwig's Castle Hotel

      Honestly, I think that the main reason why the reaction to Nintendo's presentation was so negative is because of how high expectations for Nintendo are nowadays. The past few years, Nintendo has done an amazing job with their E3s, easily being the best in show (or close to it). This one had a strong start, but tapered afterwards. The things I can see as possible issues:   1. The Muppet skit theme was a shadow of the Robot Chicken skit theme of last year. Felt like it didn't reach its full potential (no pun intended). 2. Animal Crossing being a Mario Party clone, rather than a mainline AC title for the Wii U. 3. The Metroid debacle, as you mentioned. 4. Amiibo functionality out the wazoo (it doesn't help that the amount of paid DLC from the Smash direct left a bit of a sour taste in the mouths of some) 4. The "Let's Super Mario" ending (I wonder if they'll allow MADs/YTPMVs?)   The other things that immediately come to mind are more minor nitpicks. Overall, not as great as previous years, but Mario Maker still looks fun as hell, as does the M&L/PM crossover (although I've heard that both series have gone downhill a bit as of late). And getting a Mother localization gives me a sliver of hope that we'll get Mother 3 down the road please don't burn me alive, Reggie.

  5. VG Music Spam

  6. MLP FiM spam/discussion

    Noice. It honestly feels like the time between the end of last season and the beginning of this season is much longer than it actually is. Which is odd, since I've mostly ignored pony-related media this time around.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpsezVsd0No
  8. [Jackie] Chan Screencaps Thread

  9. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    You forgot one, Hoip.  
  10. Game Design 101: Mapping Your Way

    How various elements of a game are presented goes far beyond maps, I've noticed. Introducing elements of a game steadily to a player and mixing and matching them in increasingly complex patterns as the game progresses has always been a design choice I've favored, particularly with more linear games such as JRPGs/platformers.    To that end, I have one small question:   How does the Unknown dungeon fit into all of this?
  11. Least favorite Internet memes

    If you go by the KnowYourMeme definition of a meme (which includes notable Internet events), then yes, it does count as one.   Ultimately, the biggest downside of it for me is further amplifying my trust issues with people. But that's just me.
  12. [Jackie] Chan Screencaps Thread

    It goes a bit deeper than that. Sweden is generally on the butt-end of jokes by generally right-leaning (whether serious or ironic in said leaning) boards due to their handling of issues like immigration, so as a result, you get a lot of (actually) racist jokes involving them as a result.   Even if the joke itself is lowbrow, the platform in which it was posted gave me a guilty chuckle. The fact that the thread in question basically became posting reaction images (which became more of the joke than the picture itself) fairly early on in the thread was more amusing to me than the original post. Suppose it was one of those "you had to be there" moments.   And yes, it was, in fact, /v/.     Going back on topic, I don't think any single screencap could do this thread justice.   https://archive.today/Zkuzf
  13. [Jackie] Chan Screencaps Thread

    Spoiler'd for huge.