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  1. Kingdom Hearts

    Ya know the more I think about it this game is like a bad weeaboo fanfiction. I still don't think Disney characters fit in with these anime-esque characters, it's really odd to me. I mean hell, if this game didn't exist and you folks saw a fan fiction on DA about disney characters following around a mary-sue OC and throwing in final fantasy character for the hell of it, I think half of you would rage. I've always thought it had a stupid story but now I can't help feel the story is very akin to something a 13 year old tarlet would write about.
  2. YouTube video spam
  3. Cinemassacre

    Yeah, but it was only about 10 minuets long and it doesn't really stack up to the Bible games review.
  4. Cinemassacre

    Pretty disappointing for a Christmas special, but whatever.
  5. Alternate animation thread

    I love this picture it's a breath of fresh air from the emofaggotry.
  6. YTP references in real life

  7. Your favorite memes

    Card crusher.
  8. Cinemassacre

    What game?
  9. Animal Crossing

    What kind of fellow goes around crossing animals? Perhaps he cross breeds them! Or even worse, crossbreeds WITH THEM! I don't condone anything this sick fuck does.
  10. Vocaloid

    Use torrents damn it.
  11. Vocaloid

    Lol fan pairings.
  12. Horribly funny cosplay image spam

    It is the worst Kenshiro I've ever seen.
  13. Post Avatars and Signatures You Used To Have

    Avys: I had put this one in my sig later. Sig: There was more but I deleted lotsa stuff off my photobucket.