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  1. A few were cool but most of those weren't even close to looking like anything, people can see a face in anything I guess.
  2. Have you ever been charged with assault for hitting your mother with a taco?
  3. I'm talking about things that are never addressed by the end of the story itself, and I absolutely hate cliff hanger endings.
  4. Ya know what aggravates me folks? Well I'll tell ya. Cliff hangers, and crap the author decides to "leave up to the readers imagination" Now some people praise such things as being "deep" but I call it shitty writing. After all if I wanted to leave things to my imagination I'd write my own story. So what do you folks think?
  5. So has anyone played this yet?
  6. Ol' Seth sure does like to recycle jokes.
  7. So you do think that what you are doing is wrong, but it doesn't bother you? Or, if it does bother you, is there a compulsion that outweighs the guilt? Programs like Flash and Sony Vegas are incredibly complex, useful, and potentially lucrative for the buyer. They also take a lot of time, money, and hard work for the creators to program. I don't own Vegas, but Flash is worth every penny. Especially with the educational discount available to teachers and students. I'm not so sure I can consider it wrong I don't know how much piracy is really affecting most companies, but even if it's in huge margins It probably wouldn't bother me. As for those expensive programs, regardless of how much work went into a program and how useful it is, it shouldn't be near the price of a computer. I can't imagine that the cost of production is all that expensive and they'd probably still be making more than enough profits if they sold it much cheaper. The only reason they sell it so high is because they know they can make a killing selling it to schools and businesses. Now there's nothing wrong with that, but they shouldn't expect the average person to fork over so much for one program.
  8. I don't try to justify it, I just like free stuff. I will say however that expensive programs like flash and vegas should be nowhere near that much and that they're pretty much just asking for them to be download them illegally.
  9. Ya know the more I think about it this game is like a bad weeaboo fanfiction. I still don't think Disney characters fit in with these anime-esque characters, it's really odd to me. I mean hell, if this game didn't exist and you folks saw a fan fiction on DA about disney characters following around a mary-sue OC and throwing in final fantasy character for the hell of it, I think half of you would rage. I've always thought it had a stupid story but now I can't help feel the story is very akin to something a 13 year old tarlet would write about.
  10. I think it fits well to read this in the ultimate warrior's voice.