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  1. Artist's Lounge

    lampoil, rope, BOMBS??
  2. Nintendo NX Thread

    Looks like there's a B button there... But is it physical or touch?
  3. The Sonic Thread V2

  4. Back at it Again

    I remember you, whuelcome back!
  5. EVERYTHING IN THIS. It's a shame it was never picked up. If they can reference both Tintin and Digimon in the same first episode, then the possibilities would have been endless.
  6. Cinemassacre

    Oh hey, I actually played that, though it's a homebrew, not a hack of Bionic Commando.
  7. The Sonic Thread V2

    To be honest, I can't help but cringe a bit at the generic "hurr durr werehog BAD", only mentioning Rush for one second, completely ignoring Advanced, and including Rise of Lyric... It gets kind of hard to listen to non-Sonic fans talk about Sonic sometimes. Now, if they really do go through with Big the Cat Adventure 3, this is what it should be like:
  8. Artist's Lounge

  9. Because, oh my god, it makes it totally relatable to today's high-school problems, you guuuys! ...I actually don't mind that, just seems like a weird jump from kindergarten all the way to high-school.
  10. Artist's Lounge

  11. Cinemassacre

    James and Mike experience LOL RANDOM for the first time.avi
  12. Artist's Lounge

    *Yami summons himself in Attack Mode.
  13. Game Development

    I've been working on and off a clone of Undertale's battle system over the past few months, mainly as an exercise in coding something RPG-like. The main battle options don't work and the proper font hasn't been implemented yet, but enemy attacking (and dodging) and type-writer-like dialog works! It's made in Construct 2 and is browser-based, so just click here to try it: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64897887/blundertale/index.html
  14. Undertale

    That's the absolute worst thing I've seen in a while. I kind of like it.