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  1. Artist's Lounge

    So I kind of want that new Pikachu detective game
  2. Artist's Lounge

    Art I did for The Game Fucking Fuck Fuck Fucking Fuck Fucker's new channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_4PEUABwHNIWyXZJiV8LIw
  3. Artist's Lounge

    Hel and Crow's Lucia engage in some netflix and chill???????
  4. Artist's Lounge

    mario and sally watch some clips from the next legend of zelda!!!
  5. Artist's Lounge

    merry cave christmas
  6. Artist's Lounge

    Finally got a new page done! The comic now also has a dedicated tumblr: http://cthor-comic.tumblr.com/, to make it easier to read and follow.
  7. Artist's Lounge

    what color is my heeeeeearrrrrrtttttttt
  8. The Sonic Thread V2

    AWAY... BEFORE I MAKE MINCE MEAT OUT OF YOOOU. I always thought that line was memorable.
  9. Super Smash Bros

    Cloud? That's cool. I've never really gotten into any main Final Fantasy game myself but this is neat. I'd love Inklings or Shantae or Rayman or Wolf back, but we'll see what happens.
  10. What are you listening to?: Nummer Zwei

      I've not been able to find this cover anywhere else but in this video.

    Here's a Hotel Mario inspired stage, Hotel Mario Jr.! D8E5 0000 00DC F087
  12. The Sonic Thread V2

    This would be Arin's favourite game by far.
  13. Artist's Lounge

    Some stuffs: I've noticed I've gotten much more efficient at lining and coloring since starting my comic.  
  14. The Sonic Thread V2

    They've made statements like that so many times before. I don't even feel it's true except with Rise of Lyric, and that was a spin-off by not-Sonic Team. Lost World got pretty mixed reviews and I personally liked it a lot, I don't feel it was a low quality game.
  15. The Sonic Thread V2

    The general opinion is that it's bad, IMO, it's passable, and I think everyone liked the third act where all the other SEGA/Capcom characters came in. No worries if you decide to skip it, it ends up not impacting a whole lot, but it is canon.