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  1. A fellow fur (and MST3K fan) named CaptainShivers just surprised me with this lovely fanart!
  2. Hehe, I actually help run that blog and posted your submission. You're welcome!
  3. Just commissioned an icon for my AGUArius sergal, turned out great:
  4. The Conjuring 2 Can't beat the first one, which was an excellent horror film, but this was a pretty solid sequel. I think the climax felt a bit overblown, but still there were plenty of good scares and it was surprisingly emotional at times.
  5. Well YouChew, ya finally did it. After years of repression and self-denial, You've officially made me a furfag. Gogdamnit.
  6. Pod People and Cave Dwellers are tied for my top favorite episode. Also my fave Mike ep is Danger! Death Ray.
  7. ^ Also one of the better season 1 episodes, back when they were still honing their craft. The opening theme song is pretty catchy too.
  8. S.O.B. One of the funniest satires of Hollywood filmmaking I've seen.
  9. Oh dang, just found out about this now. Went ahead and took the necessary precautions. Maybe we should also send out a mass email to every user requesting password changes to be safe.
  10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show I finally got around to seeing this. Was lots of fun and the music was excellent.
  11. It's the 90s, drink Crystal Pepsi and vote for Bill Clinton!
  12. The Jungle Book (2016)
  13. Don't Breathe More of a dark thriller than a horror film IMO, but it was pretty great nonetheless.
  14. Hey there, I think I've seen you around! And yes that's a mighty fine username you got there. I'm the resident MST3K fanatic, so I highly approve! (Crow is best bot tho)