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  1. What was the last CD that you got.

    It took me a while to get around to buying it, but I'm glad I did.
  2. The Pokemon music YTPMV collab (FULL)

    no seriously, leave the forums plz.
  3. The Pokemon music YTPMV collab (FULL)

    clips synced to vg music is not a ytpmv go away
  4. YouTube video spam

    silly horror rap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CmM9HenrP0
  5. lol no The "AIDS" version is the only time it's been funny after the first time it was used.
  6. No. That was a fucking terrible movie. Pingas is incredibly hilarious to laugh at.
  7. You folks need a sense of humor. His banner is hilarious, and he's a better member than you Bya.
  8. Funny this is, my article hasn't been edited for about a year. I'm glad no one has any interest in updating it, as it's a fine artifact of it's time, and was about half written by Conrad Slater.
  9. List Underrated Poopers

  10. The Peskey Plumber tribute collab

    It died because Pesky came back.
  11. YouTube video spam

    I saw this about a year ago. It's still awesome though. <3 circuit bending <3
  12. The Gayest Dicks (JP vs tHF y'all)

    I gained quite a bit of respect for Jim after that last round.
  13. Sitcom Intro Collab (Canceled)

  14. KHAN COLLAB 3/10

    So, are we doing this, or is the collab scrapped due to a lack of people?