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  1. Hey conrad! how's life been treating you? have you had any new film projects or anything?
  2. Wow, lots more familiar faces than I expected to see. Good to see youchew is still going strong. I am not exactly back, as I don't intend to post on here daily like I used to, but I figure that there's no point in staying away completely anymore. Who all else has come back recently? @jazzdance: I am always interested in doing collabs. your stuff is sounding quite good now. send me an email at and we can exchange some loops & whatnot also, that soundcloud is pretty much just for that demo, but I also have for jams and stuff I do just for fun. markie, zach, baz, ya'll were good friends to me back in the day, and it's really nice to hear from you again. miss, you can call me whatever you please, but I don't want there to be more Dopply mixups if people start calling me seth. thanks ing, chuck, rillion, and everyone else for your kind words. whelt, give my regards to your john belushi pants
  3. yo I was thinking about this place today, and I figured that I might as well pop in and say hi. who all is still here from the old days? what is everybody doing nowadays? things have been good for me since I left. I'm finally really starting to get where I want to be with my life, my music, and with all my other little creative endeavours. I am including a demo of my music that I have been sending out to a few people & labels in case anyone would like to hear it it ain't perfect yet, but it's leagues better than what I used to make back when I posted here. also if anyone wants to catch up or chat one on one or whatever, you can message me on here or on steam
  5. also not sure if this is the best sub-forum for this.
  6. example bump GO F A BURD THE LAKE 1 & 2 VGM MIX
  7. GO F A BURD is a unique, 3 part release, which includes a mashup album, a video game, and a dj mix of video game music. Every part of the GO F A BURD bundle is it's own handmade physical release, all of which you can get for free with the price of shipping. GO F A BURD (15 copies, various formats) Made from around 2009-2011, we pieced this this together using HLDJ on our respective computers, trolling in goldsrc & source games such as TFC and Synergy. Every copy is totally unique and recycled, some packaged in video game cartridges, others in little handmade pieces of art. The audio is mastered in beautiful 11025 hz for authenticity. First 5 sent off will include a special numbered packet. Formats include: CD SD USB Cassette Floppy "i loved the packaging" -7u?, aka DJ Rainbow Ejaculation THE LAKE 1 & 2 (50 copies, CD) The Lake is a game about a dog. It was made in a few days, includes 7 action packed levels, and lots of midis. The Lake 2 is a game about the same dog, out for revenge. It was made over about a year, includes cutscenes, drama, action, and romance. There are 12 huge levels, filled to the brim with challenges, secrets, and enemies to fight. There are even 3 different endings depending on how you play the game. "i think a day at the lake 2 is not olny the best gaem i played all night but the only indy game beter than bubba goes number 2" -ROCKCOCK64, The Best Gamers VGM MIX (50 copies, CD) I made this mix using entirely music and sounds from video games, using about 100 themes and a few sound effects, crammed into a little over 20 minutes. The games used span a wide range, with new and old, and console and PC games. The discs are hand painted and packaged in sleeves individually made from pages of NES era Nintendo Power. "extremely well done" -Fluorescent Grey, Record Label Records TO ORDER "GO F A BURD": email me at, and include which parts of the bundle you want, your address, and the email address for your paypal account. If you are ordering GO F A BURD and you cannot use one of the formats listed, please say so in the email. I will put together your package, weigh it, calculate the cost to ship it, and send you a paypal invoice for that. (no additional charges, etc, I promise.) As soon as you pay, I will ship your package. The launching of this bundle is also the launching of my label, GANUS & GUNCHY RECORDS (a name which may or may not change in the near future) I am hoping to use this label to publish my own music, me and gunchy's future projects, and even other people's projects and music who wish to be on the label, all of which I will make either handmade releases for, or release for free online. The site is located here for now. Merry Christmas YCP!
  8. it sucks I figured I would post one of my several shitty music accounts here for the hell of it, since I'm around for a little while to see Conrad. Every song is in a different style, and every song is a joke in one way or another. My proudest achievement on this account is this: ... nster-mash rate 5 stars fav sub 4 sub plz
  9. Okay, I saw the video on youtube, and I had to come back at least temporarily to see this. Hot damn. Hi Conrad. By the way, is that really you as "Alastair J. Grant" on facebook?
  10. Is it just me or is Daft Punk the single most overrated group of all time?
  11. the slow download servers infuriate me yes, it is so annoying that erarg doesnt want to pay another 8 dollars for a dedicated download server. especially since you can just download them from fpsbanana or links posted in the thread its horrible.
  12. Wow, I'm really depressed to see MrSimon so close to the bottom of the list
  13. Actually, these two have been extremely influential on me as well. Badass.
  14. Well, I am a little disgruntled towards him, as he tried to get me kicked from a L4D game so he could join, and then tried to guilt people into doing it by going on about how he made them admin on his server.
  15. okay quick question who the fuck is zvlo and why does everyone love him