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  1. Welcome, one and all, back to another YouChew Secret Santa Art Exchange! Unfortunately, I was unable to find the previous thread to link to for examples this year, or to copy-paste the rules, so things might have changed a bit since last year. As always, please read the rules of this exchange thoroughly! The purpose of this thread is to give holiday cheer to your fellow YouChewers in the form of art you yourselves made! How it works is explained below.   Participants will have until midnight 12/17/15 to sign up, and gifts will be distributed 12/25/15 (Christmas Day). To sign up, simply post here with the following information:    
  2. Youkai Watch (Yo-Kai Watch!)

    Wow. Someone posted a bunch of passwords into that thread, so use your discretion if you don't want to be OP with some of the extremely strong items you would get from inputting them.
  3. Undertale Image Spam

    I dunno about that. I've never heard anyone pronounce it like the A in "mander", but they definitely pronounce the "char" like char in Charmander.
  4. Manga/Anime Image Spam III

    Sonic Speed Sonic really does have a girl ass.
  5. Youkai Watch (Yo-Kai Watch!)

    Yes, the one that makes everyone eat crap is called Hungramps. And he for some reason does not want to be on my team. Oh well. Unrelated, I am having a hard time with some of these quests which really, should be simple. Problem is, I am HORRIBLE at navigating a map, and they don't let you make your own waypoints it seems. They only show you where to go for the mission for the chapter. So I've been running in circles for a while now. My current team by the way is Jibanyan, Tattlecast, Betterfly, Chummer, Frostail, and Damona. A bit too much Technique on my team, but meh.
  6. Youkai Watch (Yo-Kai Watch!)

    I have been getting super lucky with the Crank-a-Kai machine and gotten 2 S-Ranked Yokai in three days, Frostail and Damona. Unfortunately, they're both Loafers, so they like to do nothing in combat a lot...
  7. Youkai Watch (Yo-Kai Watch!)

    Not sure, but there is a cicada. And you can catch crickets in the game that aren't Yokai. Why in the world there is a side game where you can catch bugs and fish is beyond me.
  8. Youkai Watch (Yo-Kai Watch!)

    Yes. Another monster collection game, now hitting the shores of English-speaking places. Battle, collect, grind, etc etc. Despite having the same basic idea as Pokemon, however, and just being a straight ripoff, it does have a lot of unique mechanics that set it apart from said game. Youkai (Yo-Kai as the game's translation calls them...) battle for themselves with only some assistance from you (heavily reliant on the stylus), have attitudes that determine how often they slack off in combat and what kinds of attacks they tend to use, and while battles are 3v3 (or sometimes 3v1 for bosses) your monsters can instantly be rotated mid combat. Pretty much everything is in real time. Oh, and you can get monsters from a gachapon machine. But anyways, despite the show being (in my opinion) pretty meh, I have found myself oddly addicted to the game. I was thinking maybe others on the forum may be as well, and perhaps we could share our experiences and perhaps QR codes/passwords we have found out? Eh? Eh?   Some Helpful Links Maps List of QR codes and passwords shared over the net
  9. Anime General Discussion

    On an earlier subject, Hulu has a lot of anime. Including Onepunch Man. I watch anime there when I can because it at least supports the releases, even if I'm getting it free. I can pretend to watch ads for them.
  10. Bizarre Food/Drink Combinations Thread

    I just tried this myself because I'm fat, but I put a little bit of honey on cheddar and sour cream chips, and it was actually pretty good.
  11. Video Game Art spam.

    Considering some people's reaction to the over saturation of the series... Maybe it would be a good idea to make a thread specifically for it?
  12. Undertale

    Yeah, you just have to wait 10 minutes.
  13. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    I would find that funny if it weren't for the fact that it was so obviously NOT a real test after the first few questions.
  14. Anime General Discussion

    Forgot that One Punch Man was getting an anime. There weren't really any scenes of him going to the store in the manga, usually just him saying he needed to go to the store, or him coming back from the store talking about how he saved so much money. But yeah, I love the manga. Unfortunately, translations of the original are pretty much stagnant, and I've already read up to the most recent part I could find. I really like it, and while the premise sounds dumb, I think the story handles it pretty well. Saitama has real character, and not everything in the world is easy just because -he- is so powerful.
  15. Uncanny Resemblances thread

    There are like billions of blonde anime girls with red ribbons in their hair.