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  1. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    The PS4 part was already sort of teal.
  2. Pokemon Thread: HOENN CONFIRMED

    It's a level 100 Mew that only knows Pound? Interesting.
  3. Anime General Discussion

    The series (Magi) starts off really good, but very quickly turns to shit and is really repetitive, with reverse character development.   Also, One Punch Man sounds bad on paper, but it's one of those things you have to read/watch to actually understand why it's good.
  4. Undertale

    Yeah, it even says in the game files if you go digging not to spoil the game for other people. It also said to wait a year before releasing sprite sheets etc, but seems nobody listened to that either...
  5. Vinesauce

    I'm still waiting on his dub of JoJo.
  6. Anime General Discussion

    Was bored out of my head and thought I'd watch some shitty anime, so I decided to watch No Game No Life. While there is definitely a lot of stupid stuff about it that I don't like, I have to admit that I was surprised by it to the point where I don't want to puke when watching it. Glad I gave it a fair chance.
  7. Undertale

    99% sure that this is just meant to get a rise out of people.
  8. Youkai Watch (Yo-Kai Watch!)

    I believe the -nyans are really hard to obtain, except the one that you get that's part of the story. I personally lost interest in the game after a while, mostly after I learned that I could just look up the codes for things online and get overpowered items very easily. While on the other hand, never get any codes because I have no friends and only a casual interest in playing. =|
  9. Undertale

    Temmie, shitty dog, Sans, Muffet, no armed monster kid, that fire in the sailor uniform, Froggit, and Loox? are probably the best fit for plushes.
  10. Anime General Discussion

    Tried to watch it. Wasn't that great. Every episode feels very detached, while still trying to take itself seriously.
  11. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    No. The Beastie Boys taught us that WE have to fight for the right to party.
  12. Images that are out of context

    Man, sure is hard to... guess... the context of this one?
  13. FORMAT: Secret Santa [Who they made a gift for]   Spoiler   Zwart_Adder had [Combuskenisawesome] BeanosOnToast had [evilsnes64] Cantfly had [TheOneManBoxOffice] Life had [Yitsul] Doom had [dew] HotFriedSkadoosh had [Tsar Sparky] Benedetto had [Probo] Powder had [Fiddlesticks411] (INCOMPLETE) 2xdinosaurs had [Doom] theadventuretimefan had [Crazy Luigi] dew had [Life] Joosh had [ravinrabbid123] Probo had [Zwart_Adder] TheOneManBoxOffice had [Benedetto] Eggy had [Joosh] Combuskenisawesome had [theadventuretimefan] Benedetto had [Probo] AGSMA had [BeanosOnToast] ravinrabbid123 had [HotFriedSkadoosh] evilsnes64 had [AGSMA] Tsar Sparky had [Eggy] Yitsul had [2xdinosaurs] MidnightMidna had [Cantfly] Crazy Luigi had [MidnightMidna] Fiddlesticks411 had [Powder]   If your name does not appear here, please let me know so I can rectify any mistakes. Also PM me if you still not have received a gift so I may rectify any mistakes. By my count, only Powder has not submitted theirs.   I will be posting all of the gifts, which should be in order of who had the first person in the list in the first post (with who the gift is for beside the image), to who had the last person in the list in the first post. Excuse the format, but there would be a lot of copy-paste otherwise.   Spoiler   5. BeanosOnToast (Page 1) http://webmshare.com/play/QzYAZ     24. Combuskenisawesome (Page 3) - Too Many To Post     12. Eggy (Page 1) http://i112.photobucket.com/albums/n163/model-X/sketch120_zpspotp4qfj.jpg     18. HotFriedSkadoosh (Page 2) http://s30.postimg.org/o7y4on3m8/secret_santa_2015.jpg     7. evilsnes64 (Page 1) http://i.imgur.com/G02VgiX.png     19. Benedetto (Page 2) http://i.imgur.com/8D9Lg7J.jpg     1. AGSMA (Page 1) http://i.imgur.com/6Aahr5g.png     6. TheOneManBoxOffice (Page 1) http://i.imgur.com/whkKo74.png     2. Zwart_Adder (Page 1) http://i.imgur.com/JHQmtPg.png     20. Yitsul (Page 2) http://i.imgur.com/RfGxwB9.jpg     4. ravinrabbid123 (Page 1) http://i.imgur.com/GHiisez.jpg     11. Joosh (Page 1) http://i.imgur.com/9dbXKTm.jpg     17. Fiddlesticks411 (Page 2)     21. dew (Page 2) http://i.imgur.com/5WrgktV.jpg     23. MidnightMidna (Page 3) http://i.imgur.com/KN2fhwm.png     15. Crazy Luigi (Page 1) http://i.imgur.com/CIfYmcz.png     13. Powder (Page 1) http://i.imgur.com/jHbuqN2.png     3. Tsar Sparky (Page 1) http://i.imgur.com/la5FoTa.png     9. Probo (Page 1) http://i68.tinypic.com/23scisj.png   22. 2xdinosaurs (Page 2) http://i.imgur.com/LqKKr8m.png     8. Cantfly (Page 1) http://i.imgur.com/vyfqpo5.png     10. Life (Page 1) http://i.imgur.com/MR7sOma.png     14. Doom (Page 1) http://i.imgur.com/mxG2iY4.png     16. theadventuretimefan (Page 2) http://i.imgur.com/NiDoEqb.png  
  14. Uhhh... Well, apparently my list in my txt document has somehow been mixed up, as the names do not properly align. I will be posting who had who as a Secret Santa in a moment.