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  1. I have tried, and I can't player Reaper worth a shit. I get up close, even getting behind someone, and shoot them, but then they turn around and nuke me before I can kill them. I always push that invincible button too late (or the game doesn't register it in time), and the teleports are hard to figure out good spots for me. He really doesn't seem like an "Easy" level character as advertised for those sorts of reasons.
  2. Tried playing this game before, but it was just way too much of a grindfest for me, with arbitrary walls put up by the creators themselves. I get that in free to play, you have to get people to pay somehow, but making me wait for goddamn days to get a new weapon, after having spent so long getting the materials for it, is pretty darn doodoo in my opinion. Not to mention, if you don't look up all of this shit ahead of time you are going to be so lost, and stuck in low level hell.
  3. Shedinja also isn't immune to status moves.
  4. So, because I've been wanting to make some Fakemons and such, I made a list of what I could tell are currently unused Pokemon types. I plan to come up with two ideas for each typing at some point... I may have possibly forgotten one or two, or forgot to remove one or two. Obviously excludes primary/secondary typing swaps since those really don't make a difference.
  5. I may not like Lucario that much, myself, but the two best Gym Leaders all use it, so...
  6. HAVE SUM FUN WITH MIKU Unrelated, but on topic:
  7. So many people complaining about the designs of these Pokemon. Ugh. Yeah, there are a number of goofy looking Pokemon in this gen, but I don't see a problem with that. They're calling designs "bad", but calling the design bad is a lot different from saying it looks ugly. You're insulting the creator and saying they didn't think about it, moreso than saying it doesn't fit your personal preferences of style. A lot of the names are uninspired as well, but there are some good ones as well.
  8. It just sticks straight out, so it looks really weird. I get its design, but thinking about that being in real life would be weird as hell.
  9. Stufful has a tag for an asshole.
  10. It could be that in the Alola region, dragon-types are actually fairly common. Since we've already learned of three.
  11. They revealed yet another new Poke today, but at least it's only one this time.
  12. Thing is, I don't think they're "censoring" it as much as turning it into a joke. They don't have to necessarily think that it's the most horrible thing in the world. I can't speak for their actual intentions, though. Either way, there are a lot of assholes in video games. If you beat someone, you don't need to rub it in, they already lost. That's enough. Also, if it's "gg ez" then it's not GG, it's BG. So the term itself is stupid to begin with. I think it's moronic in general that people say "GG" when they don't mean it, or they somehow try and turn it into an insult. It's supposed to be sportsmanlike. Either saying "Wow, you put up a good fight" or "you did well, and deserved that win".
  13. Kind of in a funk. Old games I used to play are really bad, and can't find anything new to play. Not doing anything enjoyable, and work is kicking my ass in lots of ways.

  14. Just remembered something. Someone said earlier in the thread that nobody used the Pledges, but that's not true. There was a player in VGC in 2015 who used Fire Pledge on his Charizard Y, and Grass Pledge on his Chlorophyll Venusaur. He made it to the top 8, and seemed as though he was really bad at predicting opponents so he got stomped pretty hard.
  15. Been wanting to try out a gimmick on Pokemon Showdowns Doubles with a defensive Mega Lopunny with Teeter Dance, Fake Out, and Drain Punch. I have a Meowstic with Safeguard/Fake Out/Helping Hand/Light Screen and an Own Tempo Liligant sweeper as partners to it. Anyone with some Doubles experience willing to help me out?