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  1. Undertale

    Likely the reason for the change is because people are going to do it anyways, and he probably doesn't want to, nor have the money to, take any sort of legal action.
  2. Manga/Anime Image Spam III

    In the show (at least the one episode I saw), they call Suzuki a horrible brand, and say their motorcycles suck. But yeah... another "cute girls do specific thing" anime...

    That's just not true. Normal-types aren't afraid of ghosts, because ghosts can't touch them. They're afraid of being bullied by fighting-types though.
  4. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    You shouldn't hotlink images directly from her site because it takes away her bandwidth. Better to upload them to imgur, and then provide the source.
  5. Splatoon image spam

    Regtboe and Pafsk.
  6. Artist's Lounge

    From what I can remember and see, a lot of your stuff is all really cutesy, has colorful shading, and rounded faces. I remember some of your images having sort of rainbow shading before? Sorry I can't come up with anything more than that.
  7. SiIvaGunner Spam

    The title of the thread needs to be changed to SilvaGunner now.
  8. Artist's Lounge

    Two waifus in one. It's a dangerous thing.
  9. SiIvaGunner Spam

    Still the grest.
  10. Jojo's Bizarre Thread

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it was strange how he just stands there in that pose. It's so awkward compared to the rest. I know they probably put that there for when he eventually gets Echoes, but still.
  11. Fire Emblem

    Getting a girl wet is one thing, but knowing how to take care of it is another. You have much to learn.
  12. Jojo's Bizarre Thread

    Because I've heard the song so much, and it's such a generic song over here in the US, the EP really jars me. Not that it's bad, but it has me scratching my head. It's a lot less energetic than the other EPs thus far, too.
  13. The Second Image Spam Thread

    "deserve" is a tad strong there, buddy pal...
  14. Make Your Own Pokémon Sun/Moon Leak!

    Cmooooon, guys. It's fun, when you actually put some effort into it.