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  1. I do not watch his videos because he is black
  2. I would have preferred too if there were like drastically different endings you can get the first playthrough, instead of it just being vaguely different.
  3. I dunno. it is a little difficult to tell that sparing her does anything near the end, but it becomes obvious that you're making progress the more you do it. So as long as you stick to it, you'll see changes, and tell that you're heading toward -something-. The fight with Asgore is a lot more difficult for people to wrap their heads around.
  4. Like I said, though, because of the ability to fake it all the time, it's just not funny to see out of context.
  5. It's very easy for anyone to make up whatever shit they want and pretend it's an actual translation, so those things don't really surprise me anymore. Sorry to be a buzzkill.
  6. It's the only thing you get for leveling, and the only way they make microtransaction money, so yeah of course they wouldn't let you trade. Really, if you have to buy the game there shouldn't also be microtransactions... But whatever. Microtransactions seem to be in everything nowadays =/
  7. At least I know what it is based on now, but doesn't change thst it's still a goddamn diaper berry.
  8. Yeah, earning takes a long long time, and they give you shit all for cash when you get doubles. Also wish you could sell your stuff back, even if it was at the shitty low price. But I guess that would be too convenient.
  9. I have a feeling that the crates know which characters you don't play, and tend to give you stuff for them. Because I have a ton more stuff for all of the characters I don't use, than the ones I do.
  10. Grats, VGFM. Just saw about it on GPM's channel,
  11. Fucking diaper berry. Also, maybe I just haven't paid much attention before, but it feels like they're revealing a bit too much before the games come out. We're gonna know half of the new Pokemon before we even get our hands on the games.
  12. Yeah, if you want to be a lazy POS you can cheat it a lot of ways, but not by just driving in a car.
  13. You incubate your eggs just by walking around. I haven't gotten to the point to use it, myself, but I know that they should all tell you how far you have to walk to get them to hatch. Thing is though, you have to actually walk or bike or something, you can't drive a car around because it'll know you're not actually walking.
  14. All I'm gonna say saying is, I started reading at Part 3 back when I first got into JoJo, and I ended up liking it all the same.
  15. Haven't experienced much either with Ana, but her shots unscoped even seem to do a lot of damage. I think I got two-shot by an Ana walking around without scoping, as some of the lower HP characters.