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  1. Overwatch

    You really think there wouldn't be? You are much too innocent.
  2. Overwatch

    Numerical ratings are shite. Nobody should really ever use them nowadays, unless they can't formulate properly in words how they feel/it takes too long to explain how they got to their conclusion. They're used to give people a quick impression of thoughts on it, but everyone has their own criteria on how to rate things. Also, I don't know why I keep coming to this thread considering I don't play the game, don't plan to, and if I did play it, I would suck at it.
  3. Adam Sandler Buttfuckery General

    It's the fact that he's doing really childish stuff still in his movies, from what I hear they have bad production and are way overbudgeted (I haven't watching anything Adam Sandler related since like... Water Boy though), and in general people feel like they're specifically made to trick people into watching them. I can't actually say much since I haven't watched any of these films, myself. Though the guy definitely gives a bad impression nowadays. I did find him funny when I was younger.
  4. Yooka-Laylee (spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie)

    Also, assuming that that rim at the bottom is the actual rim of the bowl, all of the water should be spilling out.
  5. Anime General Discussion

    I'm not trying to start some kind of debate, but it seems like everyone is kind of just confirming what we're saying, not disproving it, and yet still acting like we're in the wrong? We're just saying, there's so much shit that it's kind of disheartening. You see there's all this new stuff, but nothing about it is really all that special or new. That's true for most media nowadays, I suppose. People go with what's already worked, even if they don't do a good job at it.
  6. Video Game Art spam.

    Maybe the hype will die down, but I feel as though an Overwatch Image Spam may be in order soon.
  7. Anime General Discussion

    From what I remember, JoJo was really more akin to something for older audiences from the start, and was just shonen because it started off like that and stayed with the same serialization? But anyways, I came here to be a stick in the mud and talk about how myself, and it seems Jing too, have become kind of worn out by all of the repetitive garbage anime we've been seeing time and time again. Only seem to be little nuggets that don't just use the same exact formulas as other shows and you can actually tell are their own thing. I guess bike anime is different from other "cute girl" shows only in that it apparently doesn't give a single shit about being subtle, and has characters washing their bikes using their breasts and coochie like some sort of explicit sex scene. Maybe that's normal for those shows though. I don't watch them. I'm not saying something like "all moe anime are the same", because this has been a trend we've been seeing across the board. You can't expect all media to be original, of course, but what we've been subjecting ourselves to lately is sad. I look at the anime for next season, and I see like... two things that actually seem decent, and that's because they're part of already established series I know are decent.
  8. Manga/Anime Image Spam III

    Yes, that is indeed duwang subs.
  9. post images of things t-reich likes

  10. Youkai Watch (Yo-Kai Watch!)

    Middle-aged?! How dare you!

    It's even written in text in the background of the intro, I believe. Why do people insist of the stupid-ass dubtitles? In relation to Pokemon, though... I don't know if I'll be getting the new games, considering I didn't even buy the recent remake. My interest in Pokemon has kind of faded, especially since nobody ever wants to battle me, it's still relatively difficult to train/breed, and I don't do too well in battles (partially because I don't like using overused Pokemon).
  12. Youkai Watch (Yo-Kai Watch!)

    Well, it's not a ACTUALLY Pokemon ripoff. It most definitely is a monster collection game, but the mechanics and designs are much different. Not only that, but they're both owned by Nintendo, so...
  13. Furry Image Spam: Viewer Discretion is Advised

    What the fuck is up with that cat boob window outfit? Is it the next boob window sweater?
  14. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    The sad thing is, I could see those as new yokai for Yokai Watch.
  15. Undertale Image Spam

    I've been having to say this a lot. If something someone posted is more than 2 pages ago, it's fine to post it again. Obviously, you shouldn't TRY to repost, but you can't expect people to look through the entire thread just to decide if it's alright to post a picture or not.