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  1. Heavy Rain and rapelay
  2. Heres a few moar
  3. Could someone move this to completed please?
  4. 114 in 29 days :3
  5. No I'd get my ass handed to me.
  6. Im getting a No More Heroes vibe.
  8. I cant help wonder if the whole dr rabbit part was intended to be annoying and dated. But the rest was wonderful. Moar chicken run poops.
  9. i liked the reversing.
  10. Considering its a pirated(?) wii game, the graphics arnt that bad.
  11. Considering itsa pirated wii game, the graphics arnt that bad.
  12. I pull out of this, too busy. sorry.
  13. Untill i gain some sort of retarded fan following.
  14. MFZ? Doesnt ring a bell.