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  1. Pokemon Image Spam v2

    Pokephilia confirmed for canon.
  2. Undertale

    Also, from what I know about Toby's EarthBound hack, the story actually goes like this. (I may be wrong, this is just what I've read about it) Another big hole in the theory that I noticed, if the photos in Sans' photo album are from EarthBound, how does Frisk recognize Sans in any of the photos if he's still Ness in those photos? Makes no goddamn sense. 
  3. Playstation Thread

    I played Crash of the Titans once and I didn't think it was that bad. Then again, I'm not much of a Crash fan to begin with.
  4. Undertale

    I actually watched the video, and I'll admit, some parts of the theory were okay and made a little sense, but there were still way too many holes in it. I fucking hate how the Game Theory guy is always like "WOAH LOOK AT THIS, THE PIECES ARE COMIN' TOGETHER, IT ALL MAKES PERFECT, COMPLETE SENSE BUT ITS JUST A THEORY DUR" when every single one of his "theories" have just as many holes as the average shitty fan theory. 
  5. The Sonic Thread V2

    That live-action/CGI Sonic movie from Sony is scheduled to be released in 2018. Meanwhile, the official Sonic Twitter has been hinting at a very big announcement, through an ARG of sorts.
  6. Undertale

    Indie dev, Broken Rules offers to help Toby with a Wii U port. Toby hasn't publically responded to them yet, but it's good to see that someone's willing to help him.
  7. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Ross brought it up in his Wolfenstein review. I thought it was something that died down a few years ago, but nope. It's still here. And it's still really, really stupid. Coincidentally, he also goes on about the generic looking cover and compares it to the original Wolfenstein 3D cover.
  8. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    So Doomguy is the new Booker DeWitt?
  9. Fire Emblem

    So it's basically just a short cutscene now? No creepy face touching?
  10. Undertale

    I used a controller when I played the game, and I had a pretty easy time controlling during the bullet hell segments.
  11. Undertale

    Toby apparently was in talks with Nintendo to get Undertale ported to Wii U. So it looks like Undertale coming to other systems is still just a "maybe" but Toby has considered it. Like I said before, I think the game would be right at home on a Nintendo system. The dual screens could add some cool stuff as well.
  12. The Sonic Thread V2

    That's probably just a reference to the movie Groundhog Day.
  13. Pokemon Thread: HOENN CONFIRMED