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  1. Probably coulda just posted this in the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim thread that we already have, but whatever, this is still cool.
  2. Glad you're back and feeling happy again SuperYoshkins. You definitely deserve it after all the awful shit you went through.
  3. I mean it can't be any worse than BioShock's morality system right? Where you either get the "You're a Nice Guy :)" happy ending or "You are Literally Satan" bad ending.
  4. Infinite also has the shittiest upgrade system out of all the Bioshock games. Upgrading weapons costs a lot of money, and at a certain point becomes a huge waste because the game decides to stop giving you guns that you found earlier in the game and ammo for them. What's even shittier is that you lose money the more you die, so if you're having trouble at a certain part in the game, you get repeatedly punished and can barely recover it. Anyway, BioShock 2 will always be my favorite of the series, with BS1 at a close second and Infinite in last.
  5. Ross goes pretty in-depth into Deus Ex's significance as a video game and it's prophetic story.
  6. Saw Sausage Party last night. Pretty much what I expected it was going to be. I wouldn't say it was good per-se, but definitely above average.
  7. Deadly Premonition had a pretty solid first episode. Monkey chipmunks, Arin getting constant Xbox Live messages, and general weird/awkwardness from the game itself. I wonder why they didn't save this for Ghoul Grumps though.
  8. Metroid fans: "Ugh Federation Force looks like shit, I wish Nintendo would've made Prime 4 instead." Nintendo, eventually: "Here it is, Metroid Prime 4, the game you all said you wanted instead of Federation Force." Metroid fans:
  9. Goddamn admins forcing their furry agenda on us.

    1. TheOneManBoxOffice


      Join us......you know you want to...

    2. MarioMKII
    3. DiscoGlacier


      Entire Youchew is furries.

  10. Stufful looks better than Bewear at least. I already saw the ghost sandcastles before and they're okay. Don't care much for the boxing crab, but it's not a bad addition.
  11. They put MP2 on the original Wii VC. I actually got it for free from Club Nintendo. If you're waiting for a Wii U release, I'm sure it'll come out eventually.
  12. I like this one's name. "Hey, my name's Turt, but you can call me the Turtonator. That's what all my friends call me."
  13. All I want is Metal Gear Rising 2 from Platinum Games. Even if it did happen though, without Kojima supervising it, I dunno if it'd turn out as good as I hope it would.