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  1. Sonic was a big inspiration during the original Crash's development. In fact, Crash was codenamed "Sonic's Ass" during development because they said they were basically trying to make a game similar to Sonic, but with the camera behind the character instead of to the side.
  2. Something tells me they won't bother trying to tie up all the loose ends lol I've missed a lot of the current season, so maybe I should try and catch up. I think it's good that the show is finally ending. The show has run it's course it's been clear for a while now that the writers are running out of ideas to keep the show even remotely interesting.
  3. J. J. Abrams: Portal and Half-Life movies are still in development. Portal movie announcement coming soon. Still don't know how well these movies will work out. Portal has more potential for a movie, I think. Half-Life might be a harder sell.
  4. I'll admit, the guy backs up his theory pretty well, but I feel like Nintendo/Game Freak isn't going to take a risk as huge as rebooting the whole franchise.
  5. Got Chrono Trigger on the DS a couple days ago. So far it's pretty cool, I can see why the game gets such high praise.
  6. sanic stuff
  7. I had Bubsy on the Genesis as a kid. It was one of the only games I would ever rent from a nearby video/game rental place. I really liked it as a kid, despite never being able to get past the first level. Nowadays, it's plainly obvious the game has a shit ton of faults, and I'm glad I never played any of the other games in the series.
  8. "Little white newscaster TOTALLY FREAKS OUT after seeing big black cock"
  9. Happy to see the writing in Color Splash still has plenty of wit and humor. SS's writing was okay, but nothing really stood out aside from a small handful of memorable moments. I'm still looking forward to CS though, and I'm happy it's coming out so close to my birthday.
  10. Aya from the Green Lantern Animated Series. Totally underrated, adorable AI character (from an equally underrated show too!)
  11. Lately I keep seeing people give so much praise to Chowder, like it was some sort of amazing show. I really don't think it was. The overall presentation of the show is great, and it was really good for most of the first season, but then everything about it became so obnoxious and annoying. The characters all became one-note, non-sequitur spouting idiots, and the plots also became really stupid.
  12. I wouldn't mind giving Federation Force a shot in the future, but at the moment there are a lot more interesting games I want to get instead.
  13. Maybe it's gooder they goes to school so theys can learned more and become more smarter.