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  1. Undertale Image Spam

  2. More Attractive Woman Spam/Discussion

    Here's a buncha cuties.   Spoiler      
  3. Bad/Hilarious DVD Box Art

    Found this at the dollar store where I work.
  4. Alternate animation thread

  5. Undertale Image Spam

  6. Images that are candidates to be humorous

    This is still one of my favorites moments from the show and also proof that harm coming to Squidward for no reason can be funny.
  7. Undertale

    Spoiler Going off of what Baz said, and what's been found out about the character in the game's files, along with other things from the demo's files, I believe Gaster is basically the game's "personification" (I use quotations because I'm not really sure if that's the correct word to use, given that little is known about Gaster and he can't be seen through legitimate means in the game) of cut characters in video games.  "...A world where everything is exactly the same... except you don't exist? Everything functions perfectly without you..." This line is referring to the fact that Gaster was cut from the game, but his role wasn't significant enough to stop the game from being released and being fully playable. His existence in the game wasn't necessary, he was cut, and the game and it's world were able to continue on without a hitch. His data still exists in the game however, which is why he is "scattered across time and space" and is always listening. It's like finding any kind of cut content in a game, it's buried deep, usually can't be found through legitimate means, and has little to no bearing on the rest of the game, other than solving the possible mystery as to why it was cut and/or where it belonged in the game. One example of this that I can think of is this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75R1g9zZfU0 A finished and textured dam in Shadow of the Colossus, found while fans of the game were trying to find SotC's "last big secret". It's there, you can find it if you try hard enough, but it has no impact on the rest of the finished game and was probably just forgotten by the developers. The difference between this dam and Gaster is that Toby has brilliantly thought of turning the idea of a cut character, into an actual character and a mystery for fans to solve.  
  8. The Sonic Thread V2

    S'alright man, just keep it in mind in the future.
  9. The Sonic Thread V2

    Obviously not, no need to sound condescending about me not knowing. Nobody here has really been discussing the show. Good news to know though. Hopefully the writing stays strong.
  10. Wii U Thread

    What kind of battery is it? Is it affordable?
  11. The Sonic Thread V2

    The Sonic Boom cartoon has come to an end. I highly doubt it will get a second season, but at least it'll go out on a high note. The finale episode, with Shadow in it, was very good and actually did do the character some justice (still hate his new voice though). I would've liked characters like him and Metal Sonic to show up a little more often, but it's no big deal I guess. Overall, Sonic Boom was a great show (one of, if not the best Sonic show, without a doubt) and the best thing to come out of the whole Boom debacle. I'm hoping it gets a complete home release of some kind.
  12. Is there something wrong with adding spoilers? I'm trying to fix my signature, by adding spoilers [spoiler][/spoiler] but it's not working. EDIT: Got it to work now, but opening the spoiler in my sig doesn't show the whole thing, like it did before.
  13. So I just got done watching A New Hope. I thought it was good. Nothing too spectacular, but I can see why so many people love this franchise now. There's a lot of charm to it, and while it was pretty goofy at times, the goofiness appeared to be intentional (most of the time). As I said before, I got the Blu-Ray versions of the original trilogy, and the mixing of practical special effects and CGI was very, very noticeable, even for someone like me who's never seen the original versions. It was really jarring most of the time, especially since the CGI doesn't even look that good. Some of the sound effects also sounded a bit weird, but I don't know that much to tell if they were edited or not. I'll continue on through the Blu-Rays and once I get the VHS back from my step-sister, I'll go back and watch them again for comparison.
  14. VG Music Spam

    I fucking love this soundtrack. Brings back so many memories.