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  1. I loved the part during the Corruptions Stream where he started reading a book version of Walrus Guy's Mama Luigi poop.
  2. Short reviews for Boy & the World and Only Yesterday, that I posted on my Tumblr.
  3. I see nothing cringe-worthy about her.
  4. I was able to contribute at the tail end, as usual, but fuck yeah mah girl Marie won! Now we know who is the superior waifu. People were talking about the maps before and yeah, the community could've picked some better ones. Moray Towers has got to be my least favorite map in the game. I never know what a good strategy for that place is. Walleye Warehouse was also in the rotation, but for whatever reason it was never picked, so I only got to play Moray Towers and Kelp Dome. I wonder what's gonna happen in the game now that Splatfests are done. I think it'd best for Nintendo to maybe just put Splatfests on a set schedule and put them on loop. Like now that this is the final Splatfest, we can go back to the first one, Cats vs. Dogs and see if Cats win out this time, and so on.
  5. The game's looking and sounding perfect so far. My only gripe is that they aren't releasing Sonic Mania on any Nintendo console, which is a huge bummer.
  6. Oh shit, I honestly thought Sonic Mania was all there was going to be. I was expecting a new 3D game, but since they didn't show it after Sonic Mania or the Crush 40 stuff, I thought there was nothing left. I guess the possibility of this basically being Generations 2 is good. Sorta have mixed feelings about Classic Sonic returning, but whatever. From the teaser, it looks like things might be a bit darker than the previous Saturday morning cartoon plots of the previous few games. Hopefully the new writers can pull something nice off without being too minimal like in Generations and Lost World.
  7. It looks pretty fucking awesome, no lie. This looks like what Sonic 4 should've been. I mean yeah, it's totally feeding off of nostalgia like Sonic 4 did, but it's doing it in a good way like Generations did and in an even better way too. I also was not expecting a 2D game. I was completely expecting Sonic Adventure 3 and thank God they went this route instead.
  8. They actually intentionally designed Link to be more androgynous in Breath of the Wild. I can believe it, since so many people thought he actually might've been a female in the reveal trailer. It'd be cool if Link was always more gender neutral, so people wouldn't always be harping about there being no female option, but he's pretty much locked into always being male at this point.
  9. Justice League definitely has potential to be good from the look of that preview. New Ben 10 looks like crap though lol. I got more of a Gravity Falls knock-off vibe from the character designs.
  10. Favorite Gen IV Pokeymen, Munchlax, Drifloon, and Froslass! I also tried something different with my lines and coloring, basically going for a messier approach. I went about it this way because it seemed like every time I've previously tried to get perfectly smooth lines and everything perfectly colored in the lines, it didn't look right, or good to me. I like how this turned out, but I'd like to hear how others think it looks. EDIT: Noticed a couple shading errors. Fix'd 'em up real quick.
  11. Yyyep, I got work tomorrow. Of course. How long does the Splatfest go on 'til? Maybe I can at least contribute at the tail end of it.
  12. A lot of people on Tumblr make fun of MatPat and his shitty Undertale videos, I'd like to add. At least from what I've seen.