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  1. Yeah I couldn't even finish Bottom's Butte. Apple and Onion was nice, but would benefit from having better looking animation.
  2. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    I mean 4chan apparently hates the show too, it's not just Tumblr. It's just not a good show, period.
  3. Undertale

    I thought Toby said he didn't want fans making any kind of money based on Undertale? Or something to that effect.
  4. The RebelTaxi/Pan Pizza Thread

    I'm very certain heknows it's a group. He's pretty knowledgeable when it comes to that sort of stuff and if anything, he's just referring to the character Zone (who has been in his videos a couple times I believe), or just joking.
  5. Artist's Lounge

    Gumball and Uncle Grandpa definitely stand out from the crowd. Gumball has many different styles of animation going on at once with incredibly varied character designs, and Uncle Grandpa reminds me more of 90s cartoons than probably anything else on the channel at the moment. UG has a bit of a MAD style going for it as well. While Clarence looks similar to PPG in certain aspects, Clarence purposefully has mismatched and strange character designs, and is fairly rooted in reality, while PPG just looks like a sad ripoff of that style, and doesn't resemble the original show's art in any way. It's just doing what's popular for the sake of trying to appeal to everyone, and it's failing at it.And there's no denying that this style became popular after the huge success of Adventure Time.
  6. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    App, the fact that you can't get the main character of AT's name right kinda of shows you have no clue what you're talking about.
  7. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    That's pretty much it when it comes to AT. Implications only, though I believe the creators have finally said that they really were in a romantic relationship before. And it was the first show of CN to even think about implying those sort of things in a serious manner.SU continued on to go deeper than that and also explore gender identities and similar issues in a serious and tasteful manner.
  8. General Film Discussion

    I thought the writers from the games themselves were on board with the movie?
  9. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    Not to mention, there are shows that take the criticism aimed at them to heart, and try to improve based on it. If people don't voice their complaints, the people behind the show will never know what's wrong, and the show will never have the chance to improve. And I don't believe this show is aimed only a children.This isn't Spongebob,Uncle Grandpa, TTG, those aregoofy, nonsense shows that very clearly have children as their target demographic. New PPGwas obviously meant to try and cash in on old fan's nostalgia for the original show, and attract new fans, otherwisewhy make a sequel series in the first place? This show is also tackling adult issues and trying to explain them to children, and it is failing at it.
  10. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    Random strobing lights in an episode.This kind of shit is inexcusable in a cartoon made in 2016. There is no other cartoon currently airing that is fucking up this badly with its animation, how can they keep letting this happen? As for the episode tackling transgender issues, this post explains pretty well everything that's wrong with it.
  11. Star Fox General (Pepper) Discussion

    Speaking of Star Fox, this fan project finally got done (at least the first episode). It's really fucking good, I gotta say.
  12. The Legend Of Zelda Thread

    Been making progress through OoT 3D. I've gotten a lot farther than I ever did before when I played the game. Currently, I just became Adult Link and got the hookshot, and I have to figure out how to get inside a temple to find Saria. So yeah, I'm enjoying the game finally, haha. Some parts are a little frustrating, like certain answers to puzzles not being too obvious to me, or when I do know the answer but I'm not doing it the way the game wants me to. Still, like I said, I'm havin' enough fun with it. I still plan on picking up Twilight Princess HD in the future too, and possibly Hyrule Warriors.
  13. Video Game Art spam.

  14. Pokemon Image Spam v2


    Finally beat Paper Jam earlier this week. Overall, it was good, about on par with Dream Team. What's funny though is that Dream Team ended up being the longest Mario RPG I've ever played, but honestly, if there was any entry in the M&L series that needed to be a 40 hour long epic, it would've been Paper Jam. It seems like there was a lot more that they wanted to do, but simply didn't have time to do it. The game feels a bit rushed and unnecessarily padded out at many parts. Not to mention the fact that all the environments are the generic grasslands, forest, snow world, desert, lava castle that we've come to expect from Mario titles;nothing that screams creativity. Dream Team had those environments as well, but it also had the surreal Dream Worlds to back them up, and that goes for previous entries in the M&L series too (each of them having something unique to compliment the regular Mario environments). Paper Jam just played it too safe. I understand why they chose to go that route, but with a premise as amazing as "Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario!", they really should've gone all out. The character interactions were the main focus of the game's story, and they were pretty great, but there just could've been more. There's too much untapped potential here. Honestly, if Intelligent Systems wasn't probably busy with Fire Emblem or Color Splash while AlphaDream was making Paper Jam, both companies should've collaborated together to make a true crossover game. It is a Mario & Luigi game first and foremost, and nothing outside of the paper characters really has anything to do with Paper Mario, gameplay-wise.But all that aside, like I said, it's objectively a solid, fun game.