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  1. I see those things all the time at the store, but I've never seen that ad...well done.
  2. Well EXCUSE me for trying to help with links to tutorials, which is what your FAQ is. Sheesh, don't be such an asshole to some trying to contribute.
  3. Sony Vegas Tutorials @ Pixel2Life Loads of helpful stuff there when you get past the basics and want to dive into effects. I started off you Acid for music editing back when Sonic Foundry released it, so when I moved on to digital video editing, it was a natural step for me to go to Vegas. Since it is specifically designed for XP, I find it to be a really stable app on my system. Also, it just plain gets the job done and the interface isn't overly complicated. It has a nice timeline layout, and the menus all seem to be right in the place I would expect them to be in any other standard XP app. I find that with Adobe and other stuff, the first thing you have to is learn all the menu placements. Vegas also has great setups for video and transition effects, with a nice preview that accurate depicts what the output file is going to resemble. An accurate WYSIWYG display is so important in video editing. Here are some other helpful sites: http://vegas.digitalmedianet.com/articles/splasharticle.jsp?type=techniques http://www.glennchan.info/articles/articles.html http://www.expertvillage.com/video-seri ... -video.htm http://www.jetdv.com/vegas/forum/viewfo ... bd62e4dfe6 http://onthelinemedia.com/tutorials/vegas.html http://www.tutorialfinder.com/articles/ ... =SonyVegas http://dillonp23.net/index.php?option=c ... &Itemid=43 http://www.lynda.com/home/DisplayCourse.aspx?lpk2=235 Here's a good morph plugin or standalone app: http://www.debugmode.com/winmorph/ Then, of course there are all the YouTube tutorials you can find via a search: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_q ... rch=Search
  4. Firefox + Download helper = all that flv vids you want from youtube and other sites. I use it all the time for source vids. Luckily the quality is getting better these days.
  5. Yeah, I also hate when people continiously put hate on bad poops. If you don't like it, why comment? Some people only know how to do the "Internet Tough Guy" routine. They just can't help that they're morons.
  6. Look at the site...Digg clone for YTP stuff. That simple.
  7. 'Tis neither a question nor is it a suggetsion
  8. I'll just leave this here: http://www.pooptacular.com/ Digg clone from pre-rolled Pligg CMS with vid embedded module and I'll tweak it as I learn the way the php is set up. Basic layout at the moment (RE: Default) but I might alter it a bit as my mood suits me, however nothing fancy. It should be a site that just gets the job done without anything overly complicated. Right now I have IP vote tracking turned off, so alts are more than welcome but don't overdo it. Anything other than a video will be deleted, but I'm hoping to find a way to only allow links from video sites to go through. I'm no PHP master but I know enough to get around. I'll probably have to add some Google AdSense but it won't be obnoxious. Paid for the URL and private options so people can't find my address or phone number, and then set up hosting initially month to month. Would have set it up as a subset on one of my other two hosting plans, but I couldn't seem to get Pligg to work on a forwarded url. It only seemed to work correctly via the root directory, so I was forced to pony up for another hosting account...luckily the hosts I use are reliable and fairly cheap. I'll probably end up paying year to year if this takes off. I'm not trying to make a lot of money or anything, I just want to help support the community. I haven't seen a successful Digg like TYP site and I think the community should have one. This forum is great and all, but there should but other ways to find new poops and other similar random vids along the same lines. Nothing at this moment is set in stone as far as categories go, and I'm more than open to suggestions. Eventually mods will probably be needed if we need more help. I'll let you know if and when that time comes. Questions or suggetions?
  9. Really just a quickie but still here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rCFaScWHcM
  10. The above post is why we can't have nice things. It's not the same game, it adds some new features, and people who never owned the game can get another chance. Use your head, mon. But seriously, I'm looking forward for this. Rehashing an old game for $30 isn't "nice things" This should be something on XBLA, PSN, or WiiWare for $10 and not a penny more. $30 is just fucking stupid.
  11. I have the PS2 game...great stuff, but this is just stupid. $30 for a remake of a PS1 game....fuck that. So glad I didn't buy a Wii. When stuff like this is what you have to look forward too, you know the system has a bad library of games.
  12. Terrible physics, graphics were screwed up, controls suck, and camera is a nightmare. Already deleted it.
  13. Uhm....Hogan's Heroes as well. A sitcom based on a Nazi prison camp.
  14. What are you waiting for? Post a link to your youtube channel.
  15. This is the correct attitude. Don't do it because you seek internet fame or a huge e-penis...do it because it is fun and you enjoy it.