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  1. Thank you.
  2. This album i really afraid.korn is one of my very best band for a lot reason…is one band who like to confuse….and i think that want once again this band.to confuse the people..i dont think this album created for to sell…i dont think this is a fire sale.i m really happy for this band finally because continue to work to create stuffs move on and every year try to go the music 1 step frond and not behind.and this is something amazing…a lot of bands every year give us the same formula…korn is something better for one simple band.and that this band is one of my favorite except give me a lot of greats album.all bands have the bad days…and after 2003 korn i think is dead…i mean the music is bad…they sad me in the albums untitled and remember who we are…i think this album is very bad….and for this reason i afraid this album…i believe this band is over….I did not expect of them to give me one follow the leader album or take a look in the mirror…this is impossible and i know it.but this band always have some darkness inside.something very male in music…and with all this experiments lost all this..maybe blame who live head of this band.i dont know but lost very important thinks…i like experiment and one band to move on and not stay behind but i really disappointed after take a look in the mirror and left head this band.finally i find this disc good and interest..is something new u know.and korn need to show something new again like korn album in the year 1994…we dont forget that.korn create one way….and others big bands follow and we have good music (for me and a lot people not stuck people) on this days.and now this band need to confuse once again and not fire sell.and i really find interest all of this…the album the sound the experiment and the fresh music.i m with them now…this album have some good songs and some modest tracks.is true this…is not one of the best album of korn.but is one fresh for this band.one feet front…i want to give me some just good album and one step frond producer give me one very good album and one step behind.is fresh is cool extreme but is not amazing album…i afraid it one year this album after the modest remember who we are but now i see what korn want to do.and im with them…i like to work to confuse to move on and its ok the result..all the money on this album is skrillex….i give some more time on this album and i watch the steps of korn again like before…but korn never i think close the old stuff…..the old stuff is unreachable….finally im ok and happy because i waiting some very bad album again…its cool and very interest..that’s all for now
  3. i did it

    1. Number TWOAH

      Number TWOAH


    2. SirMexican


      You put the screw in the tuna?

    3. SteelyGilgamesh


      You took the boots?

  4. i'm so keyed

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    2. Hoitch



    3. Yardovich


      wow, they look so bad ass

    4. Wasted


      huh... so this is what it feels like to be part of the outside joke

  5. 1-800-GOT-DEM-EYEZ

  6. I Love Filthy Bass Drops (-;
  7. ugh, i'm too punk for this *flips hair; extensions fall out*

  8. This one's mine Diddy Kong

    1. Rillion
    2. Hoitch


      mine brothers smooth wee wee dong

    3. Ride


      It was HARD.

  9. im cry