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  1. I just remembered this anime about mountain bikes that aired really early in the morning on Cartoon Network, as soon as Adult Swim transitioned to CN. I was trying to remember the name for the longest time... Apparently it's called Idaten Jump?
  2. 8/10. I remember it well. (do arranges count or should I stick to in-game music?)
  3. I'd love to stream Garzey's Wing, but I can't find any of the dubbed episodes without huge-ass watermarks on them.
  4. 10/10 FUCK YEAH FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES! Sorry, I adore that song and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is one of my all time favorite OSTs.
  5. 8/10, a classic tune from a classic game.
  6. I mean within the past 4 years we've been starved of action cartoons, especially on Cartoon Network.
  7. 7/10. It's atmospheric and would probably work better in the context of the game.
  8. I'm just glad action cartoons are coming back to TV.
  9. The Gameboy Color could play Gameboy games, though.
  10. Chewstream is live. Check out the thread for what's playing http://original.livestream.com/youchew

  11. And we're ready to go! http://original.livestream.com/youchew edit: Okay, so there has been a bit of a delay in the schedule due to me not knowing how to turn on the banner before. Normal programming will start at 8, but there will be a rerun of King of the Hill later on in the stream to make up for it. edit: Super YoYo proved to be popular with the audience! I might play it again if a ton of people show up later.
  12. *Steve Blum voice* Tonight at 7 EST we got a whole night of chew streaming fun. To start the night, there's King of the Hill, Courage the Cowardly Dog followed by Bob's Burgers Super YoYo More Courage the Cowardly Dog Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Slayers Next More Super YoYo Rick and Morty Digimon and we'll finish it off with some Azumanga Daioh ...But maybe there will be more surprises, depending on how the stream goes. Only Chewnami
  13. If they're your own, the collectible figures thread is for BJDs, too.
  14. 9/10, I haven't played much WoW but I have a weakness for haunting choirs.