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  1. YouChew's Best of the Year - 2012

    I couldn't get past the controls in Uprising. Tried and tried and tried to get used to it, but I just couldn't.
  2. Anime General Discussion

    It was mediocre, though there were some interesting visuals. It was a ton of fun to riff, though.
  3. the fact it barely even has 1000 views is a tragedy
  4. List underrated source

    Bob's Burgers is actually really easy to poop, and Fox isn't as draconian with the copyright involving it as Seth Macfartlindwrym. Mine hasn't been taken down. Digimon is also an excellent source that I think is underutilized for being such a popular show. The corny one liners injected into the dub every two seconds in particular are really easy to exploit. Also Ghaleon from the Lunar game series is a VERY exploitable character that I find easy to work with (Visually no. Audio.... YES.). His line delivery is gold. I mean, poop and hammy villains are the perfect match.
  5. Youkai Watch (Yo-Kai Watch!)

    Some of the Yo-Kai are cute (especially Komasan aaaa) but let's be real... Most of us aren't fans because we find the mons visually appealing.
  6. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    The prices for Infinite Space are pretty crazy. I'd just have to get a flashcart to play it, since the touch controls are hard with an emulator.
  7. Indian CD-i Masterpiece Theater 2014

    Yes, this does warrant a bump.
  8. Anime General Discussion

    Young Jump is seinen.
  9. Anime General Discussion

    The publication it was serialized in alone is what determine's a manga's demographic.
  10. The D'aww Thread

  11. Nothing can get me to appreciate Seth Macfarlane's "animation", I'm afraid. Aside from a few key moments it all looks like it was done in Goanimate.