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    The Altress of Fortuna
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    anime, manga, video games, Vocaloid, UTAU, singing, voice acting, YouTube Poop (duh), animals, weird things.

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  1. I'm having way too much fun with Style Savvy Fashion Forward and it's so embarrassing, lmao. The American version is exactly the same as the European version, though. I don't understand why it took so long to get here if they didn't even change the British slang and stuff.
  2. me and my harem
  3. The shows I mentioned were only mentioned to avoid being recommended something I've already seen, I'm open to just about any genre (other than mecha, I can't get into those) as long as it's good. And yeah I forgot to mention Jojo is also on my bucket list. As is Yona of the Dawn and Blood Blockade Battlefront. And I've seen Parasyte and hated it.
  4. 5/10 it's a little dull, imo
  5. Going to Otakon made me realize how pathetically out of touch I am with anime. The only anime released between 2012 and recently I've seen are Attack on Titan, Watamote, Space Dandy, Osomatsu-san, School Live, One Punch Man, and Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun. Could anyone recommend some recent "Must sees"? Erased, Yona of the Dawn, Death Parade, and Death Billiards are on my bucket list.
  6. huuuuuge Otakon 2016 dump (some are blurry, I apologize)
  7. 7.5/10 I'd probably need better context to appreciate it more.
  8. If Alex Hirsch is writing it, all of my doubts have been put to rest. This could be a good movie.
  9. 7/10, I like it.
  10. Got back from Otakon today...


    I caught a cold.

    1. DiscoGlacier


      Aww, sorry your experience had to end on that note.

  11. While watching me play Kingdom Hearts 2, in Halloweentown my brother's girlfriend went "Oh! It's The Night After Before!"
  12. For Ernie, the most important part of fucking is all about having a kid.