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  1. Retardskull vs. Almightyseancore

    ill never rule the universe with you!!!!!!!!! but ill tennis u
  2. ill join this. just give me a bit, my entry will be in soon.
  3. Her Spleen

    of course no one comments.
  4. Favorite poops you created

    this was probably the best one ive ever made and i dont even know how i did it.
  5. The Really Short Collab 2 all done

    ell sure ill give it a go. http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=919b ... f6e8ebb871
  6. Her Spleen

    this ones death.
  7. Billy Mays and his Metal band

    rock on billy mays. dis one is nice.
  8. Father Ted destoys christianity

    it es nice but wat about ur supervisor.
  9. Jack Black Exposes Himself to Minors

    i like it. sexy.