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  1. Dopply added a post in a topic Cinemassacre   

    WHAT'S UP *really fucked up, out of breath yell* COOOOOOOCK
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  2. Dopply added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    I'd blame 8-4 for that. While I appreciate what they do, I've never been a huge fan of their work (Abyss onwards)...the best Tales localization is Symphonia and that's because Nintendo financed it and used an external group whose name escapes me at the moment.
    I'm also in the camp that enjoyed Working Designs' translations and localizations of the same ilk. If you're taking these melodramatic games that seriously, then perhaps you need to seek out a sense of humor and realize how ridiculous it all is.
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  3. Dopply added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    My S-Video cables have yet to come, but I replaced my component cables with shielded ones and holy fuck it makes a world of difference. Not only that, but I was able to isolate the interference problem with my other consoles as well (like when I did the livestream and the Wii had a ton of it, it was my powered converter box and its super strong signal fucking with all of the other cables). I can only hope that these shielded S-Video cables get rid of the rest of the interference I'm dealing with and the checkerboard stuff...this was my fault, I have a ton of splitters, amps, switches and cables everywhere, I should have had the foresight to predict there'd be a fuckload of interference.
    By the way, this is what my capture looks like:

    I'm running SCART -> SCART switch -> SCART TO YUV (component) adapter -> Component switch box -> Component distribution amplifier -> Split to CRT & Capture card
    Just for kicks, this is what it looks like on my TV.

    Fucking gorgeous, I can't wait to start playing and capturing and all that. It was a lot of work, time and money, but it was worth it.
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  4. Dopply added a post in a topic Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Thread   

  5. Dopply added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    Mine has 1 frame and I highly recommend it, but it's not cheap...the Micomsoft SC 512-N1. I got the Startech PEXHDCAP60L, which is a clone of the card with no hardware differences except missing passthrough (the Micomsoft will let you pass the video through, no splitters required), it's a PCI-Express card and you could literally play from the preview window, it's practically lagless. There is a USB 3.0 version but there will be slight lag (any USB interface will have it) and some frame drops, the PCI-E version is perfect. Highly worth the money, in my opinion. Myself, I just bought some expensive shielded S-Video and Component cables to reduce the noise signal on screen (surely you guys that watched the stream last night noticed some).
    I might stream/record Splatoon or something with you guys sometime. I'd say Smash 4 but I suck phallus at Smash.
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  6. Dopply added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    That was super fun! I appreciate you guys watching, it was a blast. If you noticed any more technical hiccups, please let me know. As I mentioned in the chat, I plan to get this channel I've been working on off the ground very soon (a variety show where I play three or four different games determined by a roulette wheel and determine which one I like the most) just to get some kind of video editing hobby going. Thanks again guys.
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  7. Dopply added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    I'm going to do the stream thing again, this time my wife and I will be playing some video games together, starting with Super Mario Kart.
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  8. Dopply added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    I'm gonna try another stream test, this time with a modern game (Mario Maker). I'm also testing CPU stress in terms of converting the raw 1080p60 signal uncompressed to a 720p60 signal to stream WHILE recording at 1080p60. I'll also switch to a classic game after a little while.
    EDIT: Well it certainly can't downscale to 1080p...
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  9. Dopply added a post in a topic General Computer Discussion Thread   

    Sorry to take so long to get back to you on this. EDIT: More research proves I was wrong. It takes a bit of a doing to get to the CPU fan (only one fan on the unit) but the replacement itself is pretty cheap, like in the $20 range, but it's not the very easiest of repairs. If you were comfortable with computer builds it wouldn't be too much of a challenge, but it requires an almost full disassembly and thermal paste removal/application. I would offer to fix it for you but shipping boxes for laptops are $40 by themselves and it would probably take a while.
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  10. Dopply added a post in a topic MARIO THREAD   

    Plus they use a bastardized version of my name, fuckers.
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  11. Dopply added a post in a topic MARIO THREAD   

    I absolutely agree with you, Whelt. The SMW Bowser sprite is just to me, for some reason, and I would have preferred if they tried to emulate his old look from that game. I even think the new elements in SMB1 (like Wigglers and the like) look way better and acceptable compared to that.
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  12. Dopply added a post in a topic Splatoon Thread   

    Played Splatoon for the first time since SplaJune and it's pretty funny to see me, this level 16 dude, get on this team with all level 50s (seriously what do these people do all day) and still kick the other team's ass with my basic bitch Splattershot Jr.
    Ranked mode still makes me shout nasty things to the television screen, however. All the new modes are pretty neat though. I'll have to play with you guys sometime, record some gameplay and stuff.
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  13. Dopply added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    Hello friends. I am testing my streaming setup with my brand new capture card. I also have a dual monitor setup now that makes it easier to do things. Come check it out!
    That was really awesome, the quality turned out pretty phenomenal. I'm getting minor interference from some shit quality component cables, but still, 240p looks pretty sharp when you broadcast it from the original consoles, surprisingly enough.
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  14. Dopply added a post in a topic MARIO THREAD   

    I guess they did give us as much content as they could, considering that bugtesting this game was probably a fucking nightmare.
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  15. Dopply added a post in a topic MARIO THREAD   

    I think I played it right as you uploaded it, I saw it in the feed lol. Fucking hysterical, I wish DOLPHINS were in the game.
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