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  1. If my signature wasn't enough to tell, I could probably watch through Always Sunny at least ten times and it would never cease to make me laugh so hard it hurts. A shame it's kinda fallen in quality in the recent seasons, however. I think it probably peaked by season 6, tho the later seasons did have their moments.
  2. I am absolutely thrilled you're back. I missed you a ton, and I have been in rough patches like yourself. You deserve the happiness, you deserve this break. I'm so happy you're back. Personally, I quit 4chan more than a year ago and it's helped me tremendously. Staying here and on sites like reddit, NeoGAF has done mountains for my happiness, honestly. Way less negativity in my life. I think the site is going to kick into overdrive soon; I have a lot of things planned for the tenth anniversary, so it should be a good jolly time for all, and I'm glad you can be back for it.
  3. I will bring the discussion here: I want to play the original gen games, and I'm not sure how to do it. Should I go with emulated FireRed or just suck it up and play the originals in monochrome on my 3DS? Fun fact about me, I've only ever played and completed Pokemon Diamond. I tried my best to get into X but couldn't. I thought maybe by starting from the beginning, it would help. I'm about ready to embrace the Pokes once again.
  4. Oh yeah, for CAH we definitely want to do that. For other tabletop games tho, I'd like to use Tabletop Sim.
  5. FUCKIN WINDJAMMERS I didn't know anything about this, so we can include it for sure.
  6. That sounds fine. All of these sound fine. Whatever you guys agree on, really!
  7. Alright everyone, it's time for YouChew game night! See the OP for details, but basically it boils down to this: every Friday and Saturday, there is an allotted time for organizing and playing various games. Some of these will be staff sponsored, but most won't - it's up to you guys to step up and host and play. It doesn't have to be Friday and Saturday, of course - it can be anytime, but those times will be common for most of us. For more info and minutia of playing and joining, please join our Discord server and head to the game_night channels - voice and text. If you're not already part of our server, here's how to join. Happy gaming!
  8. Of course. I was going to set up a YouChew Game Night channel on Discord anyway.
  9. I have re-kindled my love of tabletop games, playing cards, Uno, board games and what have you. My favorite is Settlers of Catan...it's a ton of fun. If any of you YouChewers have Tabletop Simulator on Steam, I'd love to play sometime... there's a pretty good version on there.
  10. Even the boxart is misleading. Make no mistake, this is not a game in the yuri genre. I don't typically review games anymore. Sometimes though, I play (or in this case really, read) something that just shakes my foundation (since I have played many hundreds upon hundreds of games, this is harder and harder to do). The House in Fata Morgana is a visual novel that, even now, I have a hard time letting go of. Essentially, Fata Morgana is a love story first and foremost, that spans through several centuries, involving the fates of a certain number of characters. It is difficult to say more than that, because this VN has a ton of twists, turns, and story subverts that even jaded ole me didn't see. What starts as an innocent looking game, with a very unique art style (at least for Japan), quickly transforms into something else. The game delves into a myriad of very deep, dark subject matters. While knowing what's in store is not truly a spoiler, some may prefer to be surprised. Thus, I will list the subjects the game covers in spoilers, and discuss each of them briefly: It covers these very heavy, very important topics and more, with exceeding respect and tonally correct realism. Honestly, I was devastated, and empathized greatly, like no game had ever done to me before. For a company that usually localizes titty games, MangaGamer did an absolute outstanding job translating this game into English. This game puts all Visual Novels - with their tropes and cookie-cutter scenarios - to great shame. The characters are all very human and not a single one of them lacks a flaw. It is an adult, mature story - I would certainly not recommend it for a younger audience. Not to be too cliche, but Fata Morgana shows us what VN could be, if they weren't wrapped up in their own stereotypes and self-fulfilling market. Though I found myself enjoying the illustrations, I feel that the story would have been done more justice as a traditional novel - though it would be quite a lengthy one. It would be much easier to get my friends to read it, that's for sure. Despite the very heavy subject matter and depressing, gothic storyline, it has a very realistic, satisfying conclusion. Without a doubt the best visual novel I've ever read and one of the best stories I've ever partook in. Truthfully, it took me a while to choose between Steins;Gate and this one as my favorite, but this one wins out as the overall better tale. If I had to choose a few cons, it's that the pacing can drag on and on and on, similar to the latter books in the ASoIF series (where every detail must be exhausted), and that the art can vary between being pretty good and pretty bad. Additionally, and also as a bit of a warning, the first four chapters are written much...differently...then the rest of the game. Without giving too much away, you could consider those an extended prologue - the 'quality' of the writing quadruples in short order, despite it being...'lower'...on purpose. Other than all that, if you are a fan of intriguing stories draped in human realism, then I highly recommend you head over to Steam and pick it up for yourself. I doubt you will regret it.
  11. I just completed The House in Fata Morgana, a very lengthy visual novel comprised mainly of tragic tales. It is a very involved love story that covers a myriad of heavy topics. To make a long story short, it devastated me. Please read my blog entry for a more thorough review.
  12. I thought Donkey Kong already did that?
  13. Just download a big CBR collection. That's what I did. I read them on my tablet sometimes lol.
  14. As someone making a remake himself (lol), I would honestly say no. At least make it a separate fangame. Don't label it a 'remake'. They seem normally lax about fangames, and fan films even (except for when they're trying to garner money, lol).
  15. AM2R is fucking incredible but that should probably go without saying. Nintendo can lick chodes because I will hold on to this .exe forever. On an additional note, fuck Nintendo. When was the last time they put out a good game? I love their games but fuck if they aren't a terrible company. I remain optimistic for the NX but will it even be worth it at this point? I dunno man.