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  1. I lurk GAF a lot and see your name come up and I also remember you from here, commenting on our mutual interest in Girls Bravo. Welcome back.
  2. My wife and I the other day. Found the Spy shirt that RabbitSnore gave me years and years ago. Still fits (surprisingly)! Also have a bonus car selfie I found that I meant to post here but forgot: Yes I can't find the actual camera to look at, it's a problem.
  3. Tabletop Sim is currently 10 bucks on the Humble Store, you can redeem on Steam. Everyone get it so we can play Catan (and maybe play a DnD campaign online lol).
  4. Frustrated with my inability to port Faces of Evil to HTML5, I instead turned to a beloved past project I made at a tender age. Behold, Shithead the Fuckerhog, proudly presented years later as-is. The only thing broken was the animation, but oh my god I don't fucking care lmao. This is the Windows version, ported to GM:S, now runnable on all major Windows OS systems (and Mac and Linux but lmao nah) and HTML5 - but I decided against running up the bandwidth on the site hosting a shitty trip down memory lane (no pun intended).
  5. I pre-ordered the collector's edition of Mania as soon as it was available. Seeing gameplay of Studiopolis and hearing this fucking masterpiece had me pretty convinced: Spring 2017 can't come soon enough, but I'm sure they'll delay it to summer anyway.
  6. All of you people with Windows 10 should download Halo 5 Forge and we should play together. It's free, after all.
  7. I think he's fucking hilarious and has the humor thaf H3H3 lost. I enjoy his videos a lot. Unfortunately he's also a pretty terrible person like Waymu said(4chan man personified, perhaps?), so sometimes his videos can be hard to watch or tolerate.
  8. Now that my computer is up to snuff, I can realize my dream of Sunshine HD at 60fps in Dolphin. In fact, I can play it in 4K, completely sidestepping the HD stuff altogether! (tested it just now by changing the internal resolution to such, as seen in the screenshot above). Just gotta pick up a 4K TV during Black Friday to truly live the dream.
  9. So did anyone post Unknown from M.E. yet? Because he'll never be able to outdo that one, what with streaky doo-doo and Knuckles singing Snow Halation.
  10. Mega Collection's music can throw me into a nostalgic trance like few other things can. Something about it makes me think that I got transported back to happier times.
  11. I think a simple ID check would be okay. We'll cross that when we get to it though.
  12. Well since I'm a grown ass man (and the event is 18+ for many of the reasons you listed) I don't think my parents would give a fuck, if I even decide to tell them. The what we'll do will come after we decide the where. I and several others have lots of good ideas. Right now we're on the right track with a location, I think. Fuck Ohio but Cincinnati isn't a terrible city plus it's very central.
  13. I'm going to Florida in a few weeks, lol. But the idea is to have a central location where people from all over can travel to. Ohio is pretty smack dab in the middle of most of the users who want to do this, thus the choices. Chicago was thrown in because it's also central AND a major city.
  14. What do you guys think of Columbus, Ohio? Is that any better?
  15. Based on geographical location, the two cities in the poll are the most likely hosts to our event. If you have a better suggestion that meets the needs of everyone, please suggest so. Here are the results of the previous poll: North East Coast - 19 South East Coast - 9 North Central - 13 South Central - 11 North West Coast - 7 South West Coast - 7