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  1. Steam Sales/Specials and Discussion

    Symphonia is legit amazing; I played it recently and it still holds up. Use fan patches if you get the PC version. If you must have 60 FPS, play or emulate the GCN version. Really Pope, you've played literally the worst ones. Symphonia, Vesperia are the gold standard, please play them.
  2. Steam Sales/Specials and Discussion

    I want Tales of Zestiria, but that's still pretty high.
  3. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    I mean if you're going to play a TCG, just play Magic. Yu-Gi-Oh ripped it off wholesale anyway. I used to be pretty into that but haven't bothered lately. Does Tabletop Simulator have support for it? I doubt it since copyright and all, but still. I'd also like to play Settlers of Catan with people but I don't have anyone to play with anymore. Btw I love Tabletop Simulator, we oughta play.
  4. Devlog 4/29/16

    For the project, I need backgrounds for several areas - seemingly all of Crater Cove save for one - Spearfish Falls, etc. They're animated backgrounds which makes them more challenging to rip. I need them in their original quality and size. If you're willing to undergo this task, I will give you a list of levels to rip. I don't have a 100% save for an emulator yet so that might take some doing. For the eventual HD remastering, I need all assets redrawn. AGSMA was working on Link which I was a fan of. However, the above problem is far more pertinent at the moment. Any help is much appreciated.
  5. Devlog 4/29/16

    Not the most productive day! If you can't tell by my signature, I've been working on more areas than just Nortinka. Helps speeds up the monotony of it all, keep it fresh. What I've added tonight: Rope climbing and ladder code. Rope climbing is not finished, however the ladder code is. There is a caveat however, I'll explain that below. More areas and animated backgrounds. I didn't get a chance to work on flying enemies or the world map, those will come later. So yes, I mentioned that there was a caveat above;while ladder climbing is complete, it is not true to the game. I added a dynamic ladder, like in the Mario series, where you can move left or right and jump off at will; consequently, you can also catch on to the ladder in midair. Why did I choose this route, you may ask? Simple: Way easier to program Looks good Makes the game more enjoyable The climbing sections in the game are unforgiving. As the project morphs, it becomes more and more clear that this won't be a 100% faithful port, but rather an improved remaster that will give everyone a chance to experience the CD-i games in a way that the creators may have intended if they had better hardware and more development time. If you want me to be honest, having to play through and watch this game repeatedly has taken its mental toll on me. Purposefully creating shittiness after witnessing it for so many hours may actually be insane. On another note, I'm having a hard time finding the sprite artist responsible for most of the game's background rips. I'm going to need those very soon, so I must turn to the community; if you're up to the challenge of ripping some backgrounds, please let me know. The very last resort is myself taking a crack at it, but it may take several months just to complete one background - I am inexperienced and the backgrounds are very richly detailed. Again, if you'd like to participate in the HD remaster or have any more suggestions, now would be a good time to let me know. Until next time...
  6. Finished season 2 of Daredevil. The lack of Fisk made this season a lot less compelling, but it was still fucking excellent. I highly recommend it.
  7. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)

    She is Just amazing.
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles

    I haven't played Xenoblade yet - I will - but Xenoblade Chronicles X was one of the most boring, drawn out, poorly written games I've ever played, so it doesn't fill me with much confidence.
  9. Devlog 4/28/16

    Good evening everybody, another small update. Today, I added: More functioning inventory features - label text, items working when you select them, item selection itself and working inventory slots (this was a HUGE obstacle and I can't tell you how happy I am to implement this finally) Doors - Link can now travel room to room! Music starts and stops correctly. The only caveat is his spawn location - I'll work on that another time. NPCs with cutscenes system- works flawlessly, though it there is no 'load' - the cutscene loads automatically upon stabbing the NPC. I don't mind this, but some might like the 'wait' from the old games. Let me know what you think! Early enemy spawners - very simple logic here, but it proves the spawn system can work. Nortinka area 2 laid out - the one with the FROZEN FOUNTAIN lady. So again, not a lot, but the progress thus far has been insane. I never thought I'd have a fully functional inventory system - the only real thing left to do on that front is making your last selection stick and not displaying when you don't have any items. I have a couple bugs to squash (I need Link to stand up when the inventory is closed), but it's nothing big. Tomorrow (or, tonight rather) I want to work on the World Map and I guess get started on the last pieces of enemy AI and rope/climbing code. It's coming together, folks; the game is rapidly progressing in development, and I couldn't be more pleased. Laying out the levels is certainly time consuming and will take a long time, but I'm very pleased with the progress thus far. Until next time...
  10. Nintendo NX Thread

    I think it's just Nintendo finally showing their cards... while they make extremely good video games, so does everyone else. They have no footing. There was a time I'd be hyped for a new Zelda but there are so many amazing games of frankly equal quality, that I just don't fucking care. I don't have time for Nintendo's bullshit. Star Fox Zero is a fucking jokethat kind of proves my point. I just wish Nintendo would get with the fucking program and behave like every other company. Give us info and stop being a goddamn mystery house. Just make games. Sorry, but your fucking games aren't that good enough anymore to justify being so weird and elusive.
  11. CD-i Game Ports

    I don't know which one would be better, white or yellow, so I'll let you guys decide. =) I've hit my first real wall in the project: missing backgrounds. Lovely sprite ripper SuperArthurBros has ripped almost all of the backgrounds in the game... keyword being almost. Many areas are missing. I tried my hand at it but it's just not going to happen. I contacted him personally yesterday, so hopefully I get a response and he can further assist. I need almost all of Crater Cove, Spearfish Falls, and few other areas filled in like Goronu, Ganon's Lair and more. If I don't receive a response, I'd need pointers on who to contact that is good at this sort of thing.
  12. Devlog 4/26/16

    Hello everyone, after taking a short hiatus I'm back at it! Last Saturday I played The Faces of Evil in its entirety, streamed for all to enjoy. I recorded all of my footage and am currently rendering it so I can refer back to it as reference. The game itself is also available to me, of course, but I can't make saves whenever I would like as my CD-i's save battery is currently broken. All in due time. Here is tonight's progress report: Made crouch a toggle-able move. I had no idea that this was the way the game was, as I had played it in the shitty emulator previously, so I went ahead and implemented it. Fixed crouching mask. I was all about the Barty Crouch today. The mask was too high and I wanted you to be able to dodge projectiles like in the game, so there you have it. Fixed enemy masks. You should only be hit by enemies on your platforms now. I hope. Knockbacks are now perfect. This solution was very difficult to achieve but I did it. Fixed duckwalk speed. Many complained that the animation was too fast. No more! Link is also slowed down. The game doesn't do this exactly, but it's a change I want to keep in this version. It just feels better, trust me. Added more inventory logic. While there is only one inventory object at the moment (snowballs), you can indeed select it. It fills up as you collect them, runs out as you use them. This was a pretty big accomplishment by me, I feel pretty good, even if the code is a bit hacky. Can't be worse than the original game. Speaking of that, though... Added first item - the snowball. It arcs properly and you can only use it when you have the snowball selected in your inventory AND you have inventory. So, basically, as it should be. The inventory will be trivial now that I have it planned out properly, but it's going to take some time. Speaking of time... I believe I may have an end date in mind: October 10th. The 23d anniversary of the release of two landmark turds, the Zelda CD-i games. I feel like, at my current rate, this should be easy to accomplish. I could probably be wrong though, and that's just tentative - but I really, really, really want to make it happen. I have a few crucial things left at this point: Flying enemies. I have the other enemy AI types, this is the only basic one I need to make. I'm not looking forward to it because I fucking hate the flying enemies in the game. But what about boss AI, you may ask? That will have to be programmed individually and they all use the base of the normal enemies anyway. Advanced enemy AI - enemies need to face you when you get close to them, and also chase you on the same level. Ladders and ropes. I don't look forward to this. I opted not to use a state machine for development because the project isn't that advanced, but this would be a good use for it. Thankfully the climbing mechanics in the CD-i games aren't particularly impressive. Other, less important things: NPCs. Boss AI will be a combo of this and normal enemy base. They will be very easy to add, most don't even move. Cutscenes. It's so easy to do this that I hesitate to call it a challenge. Event flags. I'll go more into detail below, but basically, how the game progresses. World map. Should be easy, but I've been wrong before. Gamepad support and custom controls. This should be a piece of cake to add. Music and sound effect polishing. Some of the logic is finicky at the moment and I need to improve the looping. Main menu/saving and loading. This might be a bit trickier, but I don't plan on putting this in the game until much later anyway. A lot of things can be re-used once the main code is there. For instance, I didn't mention the shop because of how easy the code is to re-use from the inventory system. It won't take any effort. In the case of event flags, this is a non-programming hurdle I need to cross soon. As much as it pains me, I need to get my shit together and write up a flowchart design doc for The Faces of Evil. This includes what happens when the player has this, where they can go, etc etc. Thankfully, like all things in this game, event progression is simple, but I need to map it out regardless. The video I'm rendering will help with that immensely, as will having access to the game. Just need to fix that save battery so I can save at certain points. I must stress that this game will be better than the Faces of Evil. Playing through the game, I realized that...the game is bad. But it didn't have to be. Technical limitations were my number one issue, including the horrendous slowdown and shitty controls. The other issue was spawning. Enemies do not let up. Ever. I could feel the limit that SHOULD have been imposed but for some reasons the designers pushed on - it seemed to be a very cheap way of extending playtime through false difficulty. I refuse to let the enemies spawn this way. Truth be told, I want people to play these games for themselves but not suffer at the mercy of poor game design. I'm sure a few liberties taken with the spawning won't hurt anything. That said, I intend to keep everything else identical - and that includes the rubie and snowball farming. These are changes that would make the game a lot different, so those will be toggle-able in the optional 'remastered' mode. After playing through the game, I have a lock on remastered mode features. These include: Rubie color-correction to traditional Zelda series amounts. Pick up rubies by walking over them. Health pick ups. Elimination of enemes that can only be killed by one item. You can kill all enemies with a sword. To balance gameplay, you can destroy these enemies traditionally with the item or it will take more than one sword hit. Items in Morshu's shop will give you multiples to offset the cost and eliminate rubie farming. One bomb set will give you five bombs, for example. Less enemy spawns - so earlier I wanted to adjust the enemy spawns. I will, but it will still be a lot. This mode will reduce it further. This should also balance the amount of rubies in the game. Lamp oil will last significantly longer. If you run out of lamp oil in the dark and use the lamp, you will be transported outside of the room back to where you were. Add Triforce of Wisdom hint mode. Unlimited continues. General improvements, outside of remastered mode, will include the following: Constant 60 FPS and responsive controls. Speedier Link. To offset this, the crouch is slower. Reduced enemy spawn so that you won't exit your game in frustration. Still higher than remastered mode, however. Other planned features, if time permits: Unlockable bonus characters (King Harkinian with his Dinner Blaster). 'Hero' mode where enemies do double damage and you have less continues. Ship N' Sail - If you have a completed Wand of Gamelon save or vice versa, you unlock special things (goodness, I have a whole other game to do!). Thanks for reading everybody, until next time...
  13. Star Fox General (Pepper) Discussion

    I know I should beat the game, I'm close, but it's just such a chore. The missions are either boring or frustrating with only a handful of really good ones... I'd say my opinion is that of Whelt's (as usual). The on rails stages are easiest to control with the control scheme... all range mode, which is most of the game, is a fucking nightmare with them.
  14. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    About to beat Ganon in Faces of Evil (yes, the stream is still going!) if anybody cares to watch. Thanks guys. EDIT: It's over! Thanks for tuning in, that was fucking miserable. I got what I needed though. I'll stream more CD-i at a later time.
  15. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Sounds good to me. I'll probably start around 1PM CST (stepping out for Taco Bell). Look forward to it! Aaaand it's time to stream! You can tune in shortly here. There will be short breaks every now and again, mostly for food. If you've never seen the game before then, well...you're certainly in for something.