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  1. Devlog 5/9/16

    The boulder doesn't blow up in the demo. These issues have all been taken into account. I won't be updating the demo any but they will all be fixed by the time the game hits Alpha. Thank you for playing and reporting!
  2. Devlog 5/9/16

    Hey-o, it's time for a demo! Click here to download. Controls: Move Link Left and Right - Arrow Keys or D-Pad Jump - Z or A button Attack/Select - X or X button Inventory/Open Doors - C or Y button Use Item - E or B button I can't possibly remember all of the changes I've made, but I will try: Added and synced intro cutscene Finished doors and spawns Finished main menu code Added key logic and game flags Added enemy spawning and logic Completed Game Over prompt and other game prompts Remastered mode is fully implemented Added more enemies There are many things not totally finished in this demo, not counting the main game. The game's font is having a very difficult time, especially the colors. It will be all good. So at this point in development, it's time for a break. As mentioned in the thread, this project has been quite the challenge, especially time-wise. Probably a 1-2 week break, as I have a vacation coming up anyway. I have basically completed most of the major issues and milestones of the project; now it's time to just, you know, build the game. Level by level. Enemy spawn by enemy spawn. It will happen. But for now, enjoy this very brief sneak peak. Hopefully I can keep the standard of quality this high throughout development - it's funny to say those kinds of things about The Faces of Evil, ha. Until next time...
  3. Devlog 5/5/16

    Hi everyone. A demo might be a bit more off than I initially realized; game making is hard shit, after all. Here is what I accomplished tonight: Added various cutscenes. These were very difficult because I had to manually, by hand, remove the background color. While GMS has an option to remove background color automatically, it is wildly inaccurate and results in the wrong colors being removed. Various code tweaks. Such as: cutscenes are now 100% synced to audio, worlds reset upon leaving them, the cursor and player spawns when you need it to, etc etc. MORSHU. I added him and his shop. This was a treat. Messed around with the main menu some more. This will be the real hang up before a demo, I think. It's going to be a challenge, but since I have most inventory code worked out I think I can suffer through it. The main hang up is a visual quirk that is very hard to replicate; I may have to forfeit it with a less realistic option. Finally fixed inventory code to be what I believe foolproof. It works exactly the way it should now. However, I have not exceeded inventory objects or anything like that so I don't know how it will work in the future, but it does for now, and that's comforting. Made animated backgrounds work with pausing and the inventory. I have quite a bit to do: the main enemy spawning code is worked out in my head but it will be extremely daunting and tedious to actually write. Saving and loading, the menu, etc. I will do my best to have this thing ready by Friday but if it's not, it's not. I want to impress everyone with a polished project. Until next time...
  4. Devlog 5/4/16

    One step closer to the demo! Today, I added the following: Fully functioning game over (though the stab animation and countdown aren't working yet, they will) Music plays correctly (it no longer fades nicely unfortunately, but it's not detrimental to the game) Goronu areas 1 & 2 are complete (MORSHU and the area where you can grind Dairas basically) MORSHU and his sprites and all of that are ready to go. He hasn't been programmed, but that's the next step. Made more spawns and wrapping for better spawns (where the player ends up). Added code wrapping for remastered mode, finally Cleaned up code and optimized here and there I'm so very close to this milestone, I'm very pleased. Not really any more details other than that, just plucking away at various things down the list - I must say this is much more fun than the other steps that have come before. Hope you guys are excited, because this is actually happening. Or maybe I'm just excited I pushed myself this far...well, you guys certainly helped. Thanks again. Until next time...
  5. Devlog 5/3/16

    Of course. It will be complete for those two levels. A sampling of the full game.
  6. Devlog 5/3/16

    I expect to have a short demo out by the end of the week, however the full game won't be finished for quite a while.
  7. Devlog 5/3/16

    Another amazing night. Had a lot of fun this time around. Tonight, I accomplished this: Modified full controller support. Analog stick support does not work quite yet, but everything else does marvelously. Fixed inventory. It now works 100% correctly. I am extremely proud of myself. Made the world map work. It now takes you to where you wish to go. Ropes were not working despite me making sure they did, so I fixed those and they are 100%. Added room and music transitions/fades/player spawns. Again, very proud of myself. Started game over screen (it's not done yet). Expect the final demo by the end of the week folks. You should be able to fully explore Nortinka and Goronu (up to the boulder; the important thing is that you see Morshu). After that, I will begin to build the game level by level and hopefully not run into too many quirks along the way. I have a few remaining things to go before the game is 'production ready': Implement the main menu. It's almost there, but it will be tricky. Work out a saving/loading system and also all of the event flags. I don't think the tutorial will be ready in time either, all in due time. I am very pleased with the results so far, you should be excited too! So many people are going to experience the wonders of Zelda CD-i for themselves later this year. Until next time...
  8. Devlog 5/1/16

    Needless to say, it's been quite the weekend. I've easily put 20+ hours into the project alone just these past few nights. I've been addicted, you see. So what has my hard work done? Well...let me see if I can recall it all... Refined flying enemies as much as they're going to get. I'm not going to spend much more time on them. They'll get the job done even if it's not 100% true to the original game. Added enemies that throw and walk. This was very simple. With this, all basic enemy AI types are completed and finalized. The hard part is officially over. Ropes now work 100%. This took forever, it was no simple task. Messed with ladders some more. Because there is no dedicated jump button in the original, I had some fun with the remaster: press jump to drop down a ladder. You can do this from the top too, saving a lot of time. Added the world map! It works perfectly, of course. Very simple. Added the main menu...sorta. I'm using old inventory code and while it looks okay, it's nowhere near finished. It shouldn't be too terrible. Just for fun, I added full controller support. It automatically detects it in-game and supports a myriad of controllers, including the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4 controllers. I do not think I will add customizable controls at this point...I had considered it, but it's almost far too much trouble. Perhaps in the future. The controller supports works magnificently and it's a treat to play your own game on one. Well sorta my own plays a hell of a lot better than the original, that's for sure. I'm getting there. I've knocked out almost all of the major hurdles in my way, I'm pretty proud of myself (the only other real one was enemy AI being more advanced, but I don't think I'll be pursuing that any longer). Link went from 60ish lines of code to almost 400, not counting the drawing sprites or anything. I was hoping to have a demo ready for you guys but I think I'll wait just a little longer - I want to knock your socks off (as much as I can for a shitty CD-i game, anyway). This is turning out to be exactly what I had hoped it would...for better or worse. I have a few remaining stumbling blocks...first of which is missing assets. I greatly need help in ripping these. The others, such as saving and loading, event flags and minor bugs, are nothing and are far back on the backburner. I'd say in a couple more weeks the game will be ready to enter full production mode, where I'm laying out and creating assets with all of the code I've made. Oh, and by the game, I mean Faces of Evil. I'm sure that was obvious by now, but deep in my mind I know I have to make another one of these. Since they're almost identical in nature and workings, transplanting one into the other won't be any significant task - but I do plan on doing both, and that will be time consuming. I don't anticipate Wand of Gamelon starting for a few months, at the least. In any case, I'm exhausted. I think I might have worn myself out. I'm going to take another break, I believe, but hopefully not for too long. I would leave you wish screenshots but you guys already know what the damn game looks like. I will be available to answer questions, I think I've made it up to that point at least. Until next time...
  9. Devlog 4/30/16

    Holy fuck what a night! I've stayed up a really long time, if you haven't noticed - the addiction, you see. Well, tonight was a determined yet difficult night. Last night, I proclaimed the ladders work differently. Well, um... Not anymore. The ladders work the way they do in the original. I couldn't really stand for it not to, so I worked extra hard and now they do! It's quite lovely. Ropes still don't work, but they will. Just a little more time, I reckon - this includes manual ropes you find in the game as well. I implemented flying enemies! Woohoo! I now have all non-boss AI programmed. Christ that was hard, but not as hard as everything overall - I'm sure I'll be tweaking all of them until release. However, the flying enemies WILL be different for technical and personal reasons. They have very basic AI where they fuck off after a while, depending on how you evade. The personal reasons...well, I fucking hate the flying enemies in the original, so any way to make it just a bit better I will. As it is now though, the behavior is very close and only a little different (what with fucking off depending on how you evade). I also worked on some more levels - it turns out this is both enjoyable and simple due to the hard work I put in previously - so I feel confident that the main game itself won't take long to lay out once I get the building blocks in place - assuming I ever get all the backgrounds. Now, I'm exhausted. I'm going to get some rest. I would like to promise the last playable demo soon but I have a couple more things to add before that can happen. Until next time...
  10. Devlog 4/29/16

    For the project, I need backgrounds for several areas - seemingly all of Crater Cove save for one - Spearfish Falls, etc. They're animated backgrounds which makes them more challenging to rip. I need them in their original quality and size. If you're willing to undergo this task, I will give you a list of levels to rip. I don't have a 100% save for an emulator yet so that might take some doing. For the eventual HD remastering, I need all assets redrawn. AGSMA was working on Link which I was a fan of. However, the above problem is far more pertinent at the moment. Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Devlog 4/29/16

    Not the most productive day! If you can't tell by my signature, I've been working on more areas than just Nortinka. Helps speeds up the monotony of it all, keep it fresh. What I've added tonight: Rope climbing and ladder code. Rope climbing is not finished, however the ladder code is. There is a caveat however, I'll explain that below. More areas and animated backgrounds. I didn't get a chance to work on flying enemies or the world map, those will come later. So yes, I mentioned that there was a caveat above; while ladder climbing is complete, it is not true to the game. I added a dynamic ladder, like in the Mario series, where you can move left or right and jump off at will; consequently, you can also catch on to the ladder in midair. Why did I choose this route, you may ask? Simple: Way easier to program Looks good Makes the game more enjoyable The climbing sections in the game are unforgiving. As the project morphs, it becomes more and more clear that this won't be a 100% faithful port, but rather an improved remaster that will give everyone a chance to experience the CD-i games in a way that the creators may have intended if they had better hardware and more development time. If you want me to be honest, having to play through and watch this game repeatedly has taken its mental toll on me. Purposefully creating shittiness after witnessing it for so many hours may actually be insane. On another note, I'm having a hard time finding the sprite artist responsible for most of the game's background rips. I'm going to need those very soon, so I must turn to the community; if you're up to the challenge of ripping some backgrounds, please let me know. The very last resort is myself taking a crack at it, but it may take several months just to complete one background - I am inexperienced and the backgrounds are very richly detailed. Again, if you'd like to participate in the HD remaster or have any more suggestions, now would be a good time to let me know. Until next time...
  12. Devlog 4/28/16

    Good evening everybody, another small update. Today, I added: More functioning inventory features - label text, items working when you select them, item selection itself and working inventory slots (this was a HUGE obstacle and I can't tell you how happy I am to implement this finally) Doors - Link can now travel room to room! Music starts and stops correctly. The only caveat is his spawn location - I'll work on that another time. NPCs with cutscenes system - works flawlessly, though it there is no 'load' - the cutscene loads automatically upon stabbing the NPC. I don't mind this, but some might like the 'wait' from the old games. Let me know what you think! Early enemy spawners - very simple logic here, but it proves the spawn system can work. Nortinka area 2 laid out - the one with the FROZEN FOUNTAIN lady. So again, not a lot, but the progress thus far has been insane. I never thought I'd have a fully functional inventory system - the only real thing left to do on that front is making your last selection stick and not displaying when you don't have any items. I have a couple bugs to squash (I need Link to stand up when the inventory is closed), but it's nothing big. Tomorrow (or, tonight rather) I want to work on the World Map and I guess get started on the last pieces of enemy AI and rope/climbing code. It's coming together, folks; the game is rapidly progressing in development, and I couldn't be more pleased. Laying out the levels is certainly time consuming and will take a long time, but I'm very pleased with the progress thus far. Until next time...
  13. Devlog 4/26/16

    Hello everyone, after taking a short hiatus I'm back at it! Last Saturday I played The Faces of Evil in its entirety, streamed for all to enjoy. I recorded all of my footage and am currently rendering it so I can refer back to it as reference. The game itself is also available to me, of course, but I can't make saves whenever I would like as my CD-i's save battery is currently broken. All in due time. Here is tonight's progress report: Made crouch a toggle-able move. I had no idea that this was the way the game was, as I had played it in the shitty emulator previously, so I went ahead and implemented it. Fixed crouching mask. I was all about the Barty Crouch today. The mask was too high and I wanted you to be able to dodge projectiles like in the game, so there you have it. Fixed enemy masks. You should only be hit by enemies on your platforms now. I hope. Knockbacks are now perfect. This solution was very difficult to achieve but I did it. Fixed duckwalk speed. Many complained that the animation was too fast. No more! Link is also slowed down. The game doesn't do this exactly, but it's a change I want to keep in this version. It just feels better, trust me. Added more inventory logic. While there is only one inventory object at the moment (snowballs), you can indeed select it. It fills up as you collect them, runs out as you use them. This was a pretty big accomplishment by me, I feel pretty good, even if the code is a bit hacky. Can't be worse than the original game. Speaking of that, though... Added first item - the snowball. It arcs properly and you can only use it when you have the snowball selected in your inventory AND you have inventory. So, basically, as it should be. The inventory will be trivial now that I have it planned out properly, but it's going to take some time. Speaking of time... I believe I may have an end date in mind: October 10th. The 23d anniversary of the release of two landmark turds, the Zelda CD-i games. I feel like, at my current rate, this should be easy to accomplish. I could probably be wrong though, and that's just tentative - but I really, really, really want to make it happen. I have a few crucial things left at this point: Flying enemies. I have the other enemy AI types, this is the only basic one I need to make. I'm not looking forward to it because I fucking hate the flying enemies in the game. But what about boss AI, you may ask? That will have to be programmed individually and they all use the base of the normal enemies anyway. Advanced enemy AI - enemies need to face you when you get close to them, and also chase you on the same level. Ladders and ropes. I don't look forward to this. I opted not to use a state machine for development because the project isn't that advanced, but this would be a good use for it. Thankfully the climbing mechanics in the CD-i games aren't particularly impressive. Other, less important things: NPCs. Boss AI will be a combo of this and normal enemy base. They will be very easy to add, most don't even move. Cutscenes. It's so easy to do this that I hesitate to call it a challenge. Event flags. I'll go more into detail below, but basically, how the game progresses. World map. Should be easy, but I've been wrong before. Gamepad support and custom controls. This should be a piece of cake to add. Music and sound effect polishing. Some of the logic is finicky at the moment and I need to improve the looping. Main menu/saving and loading. This might be a bit trickier, but I don't plan on putting this in the game until much later anyway. A lot of things can be re-used once the main code is there. For instance, I didn't mention the shop because of how easy the code is to re-use from the inventory system. It won't take any effort. In the case of event flags, this is a non-programming hurdle I need to cross soon. As much as it pains me, I need to get my shit together and write up a flowchart design doc for The Faces of Evil. This includes what happens when the player has this, where they can go, etc etc. Thankfully, like all things in this game, event progression is simple, but I need to map it out regardless. The video I'm rendering will help with that immensely, as will having access to the game. Just need to fix that save battery so I can save at certain points. I must stress that this game will be better than the Faces of Evil. Playing through the game, I realized that...the game is bad. But it didn't have to be. Technical limitations were my number one issue, including the horrendous slowdown and shitty controls. The other issue was spawning. Enemies do not let up. Ever. I could feel the limit that SHOULD have been imposed but for some reasons the designers pushed on - it seemed to be a very cheap way of extending playtime through false difficulty. I refuse to let the enemies spawn this way. Truth be told, I want people to play these games for themselves but not suffer at the mercy of poor game design. I'm sure a few liberties taken with the spawning won't hurt anything. That said, I intend to keep everything else identical - and that includes the rubie and snowball farming. These are changes that would make the game a lot different, so those will be toggle-able in the optional 'remastered' mode. After playing through the game, I have a lock on remastered mode features. These include: Rubie color-correction to traditional Zelda series amounts. Pick up rubies by walking over them. Health pick ups. Elimination of enemes that can only be killed by one item. You can kill all enemies with a sword. To balance gameplay, you can destroy these enemies traditionally with the item or it will take more than one sword hit. Items in Morshu's shop will give you multiples to offset the cost and eliminate rubie farming. One bomb set will give you five bombs, for example. Less enemy spawns - so earlier I wanted to adjust the enemy spawns. I will, but it will still be a lot. This mode will reduce it further. This should also balance the amount of rubies in the game. Lamp oil will last significantly longer. If you run out of lamp oil in the dark and use the lamp, you will be transported outside of the room back to where you were. Add Triforce of Wisdom hint mode. Unlimited continues. General improvements, outside of remastered mode, will include the following: Constant 60 FPS and responsive controls. Speedier Link. To offset this, the crouch is slower. Reduced enemy spawn so that you won't exit your game in frustration. Still higher than remastered mode, however. Other planned features, if time permits: Unlockable bonus characters (King Harkinian with his Dinner Blaster). 'Hero' mode where enemies do double damage and you have less continues. Ship N' Sail - If you have a completed Wand of Gamelon save or vice versa, you unlock special things (goodness, I have a whole other game to do!). Thanks for reading everybody, until next time...
  14. Hello everyone, and welcome to YouChew's The Best of the Year! Yet again it's your host Doply, and we'll be taking a look at this year's winners. Months prior, you came together to nominate and vote for what YOU considered to be the Best of the Year...well, let's see what what you thought! Each category will have a winner and a runner-up, except for the 'Worst' categories or categories with only two nominees. Full rankings will be disclosed at a later date. Without further ado, let's get started! =THE WORLD IN BRIEF= How was the world doing when we were Chewposting? ~BEST MOVIE~ Aaaand the nominees are: Inglourious Basterds Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Up Fantastic Mr. Fox Avatar Our winner is... Up This poster would have you assume it should have been called 'Down'. Notable for being able to make audiences bawl their eyes out within a five minute running time, Up is a touching and beautiful film that ranks with Pixar's best. Seriously though, when I watched this movie in 3D, those 3D glasses needed to be wiped off. Thankfully, in 2D, only my glasses needed to be cleaned. Runner Up: Fantastic Mr. Fox ~WORST MOVIE~ Let's take a look at the shitlist: 2012 Dragonball Evolution Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen What else could it be other than... Dragonball Evolution Is the ball burning his hand? Why is he screaming? Who would consider that hair appropriate in any situation? I saw this film in theaters. It was empty, save for my friends and a few other people who knew how bad it would be. I'm not sure who the film was supposed to appeal to, but it seems like...nobody? The disaster at the box office was enough to stop any future plans (and yes, there was a cliffhanger for a sequel). I remember almost nothing about this film, so it's probably right for the riffing right about now. ~BEST TV SERIES~ Who's in the running? Archer The Chase Parks and Recreation Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Our winner? Parks and Recreation This picture becomes more disjointed the longer you stare. A show that put launched many of its stars into further roles and stardom (lead Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, and Nick Offerman), Parks & Rec is a hilarious spiritual successor to The (American) Office. A rocky start, to be sure, but it ratchets up as it goes. Runner Up: Archer ~WORST TV SERIES~ On the flip side... Jersey Shore Toddlers and Tiaras The worst? You picked... Toddlers and Tiaras The safest image I could use, where the child is dressed somewhat appropriately. The true beginning to TLC's (the channel, not the R&B group) decline into decidedly non-learning territory, this shitfest of 'reality' TV gave us all the entertainment a person could want: spoiled little shits acting awful and their terrible parents. It's almost like pouring bleach in your eye, except with more screaming from the other party (not yourself). Putting aside the ridiculous outfits and all that, the greatest sin of this show is giving us Honey Boo Boo down the line, which is arguably in the running for the worst thing you could spend trying to watch as leisure television. ~BEST ALBUM~ Let's see what's up to bat... Black Clouds & Silver Linings - Dream Theater Addicted - Devin Townsend Project The Fame - Lady Gaga The Dethalbum II - Dethklok Crack the Skye - Mastodon You picked... The Dethalbum II - Dethklok This art is 2good. As foreshadowed before, you guys really really like Dethklok - deservedly so, it is quality (and hilarious) music. Well done, Mr. Small, well done. I'm sure this won't be the last time I'm seeing your music... Runner Up: The Fame - Lady Gaga ~WORST ALBUM~ Oh goodness, what do we have? Party Rock - LMFAO I Dreamed a Dream - Susan Boyle I'm Not A Fan But The Kids Like It - Brokencyde Gotta be... Party Rock - LMFAO Ah, nothing exudes more class than this album art. It's a little embarrassing to sing so much about partying when you are a 40 year old man rapping/singing with your younger nephew. But what do I know? This album and its songs were smash hits, being heard, well, everywhere. Party Rock is the most egregious, where it's hard not to hear about shuffling or some shit. Oh yeah, and something about shots. I suppose if you're listening to a group called 'LMFAO', you already know what you're in for. ~BEST GAME~ Let's see our nominees: Batman: Arkham Asylum Punch-Out!! Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Left 4 Dead 2 Borderlands The winner is... Punch-Out!! I truly love it when box art/game art matches the actual game. Punch-Out!! was the next hit from Next Level Games, hot off of the excellent Mario Strikers Charged. A pseudo-sequel/reboot/remake/all around great package, this game sported amazing graphics and animation for the system, addictive gameplay that was true to the originals and loads and loads of charm. While not a 'long' game, it doesn't have to be - a super polished and tight loop of excellent gameplay. Talk about a franchise resurrection! No wonder Little Mac appeared in Smash Bros. Runner Up: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story ~WORST GAME~ The opposite... Tony Hawk RIDE Sonic and the Black Knight The worst? Tony Hawk Ride Not the actual boxart, because the actual boxart is just the game's title burned into fucking wood. Tony Hawk hasn't been able to climb back on the proverbial skateboard since the last Pro Skater (the last real one, not...well, we'll talk about that later), even if you want to count 'THUG' and its sequel as good games (I'm not 14 anymore, so I cannot). How could Activision fix this? Oh, right, bring on a terrible developer, Robomodo (guess what games they'd develop in the future - you already know) and give it a peripheral that doesn't fucking work. Even if the game was good, which it isn't, you can't control it anyway. The true beginning of the end for the Tony Hawk series, where the games leaped right into bargain bin levels of quality. ~BEST EVENT~ Let's see, what happened this year? Water found on the moon Bill Clinton's Visit to North Korea You chose... Water found on the moon Forecast: THAT'S NO MOON, IT'S A WATER MOON What could this mean? We still don't know. This revolutionary discovery paved the way for many more on other planets. I suppose some theory-shattering evidence is better than ole Willy visiting Kim Jong and pals. ~WORST EVENT~ On the other hand... Death of Michael Jakson Swine Flu Outbreak Death of Billy Mays The worst thing, according to you, was... Death of Billy Mays I had to make absolute sure that this image was real before posting it (It is). Okay, not really, we're not saying that Billy Mays dying was worse than people suffering from the Swine Flu, but in the case of what affected YouChew the most, it was definitely this. Billy was a YTP icon and general hilarity maker in general. He brings me great memories of early YouTube and this community, and losing him was pretty devastating. Yes, he may have been a jerk asshole in real life, but we can all choose to remember him as the guy who would not stop yelling about his products wearing just about the whitest outfit a white white collar man could wear. =YOUCHEW'S FINEST= The best going-ons in the Chewmmunity at the time... ~BEST POOP~ Here are the nominees: Freddy Ruins Sam's Life - KroboProductions Super Duper Super Men - Imaperson Gaymon - Captpan6 One More Final: I Need You(tube Poop) - WalrusGuy Harrison Ford: Mama Luigi's Bagel Gets AIDS and Jumps Backwards Off a Canoe - SeductiveBaz This year's winner? None other than... One More Final: I Need You(tube Poop) - WalrusGuy Out of all of the thumbnails... NAveryW created this masterwork and many have felt it hasn't been matched in style. Unlike a lot of videos similar to this one, it holds up well - give it a watch, if it's been a while. Runner Up: Freddy Ruins Sam's Life - KroboProductions ~BEST TENNIS MATCH~ Let's see the nominees: electricthecheese vs McMANGOS TheChutley+trepmaws vs Gamebop+MycroProcessor rakninja vs NS2 JazzDanceforChildren+TangerineImpz vs rakninja+Crash2991 Emperor Ing vs Moogle The winner match? It was... electricthecheese vs McMANGOS In retrospect, it's obvious to see Jim Carrey succeed so much as a poop source. A wonderful match that's age restricted yet preserved, you felt it was best among the list. I'm glad it's still here. Runner Up: TheChutley+trepmaws vs Gamebop+MycroProcessor ~BEST COLLAB~ Let's look at our nominees for this year: The Lou Albano Collab CD-i Voice Over Collab - TheChutley The winner? The Lou Albano Memorial Collab This is AjaxCubed's entry. Mario burns to death as he mistakenly touches a nuclear star. In a year of truly horrible celebrity deaths that looks to be matched only by this year's, we lost Captain Lou Albano which triggered an outpouring of grief from the community. We celebrated his legacy the only way we knew - by remixing the shit out of his live action role of Mario. RIP Lou. We're sure you're still doing the Mario wherever you is everyone else on the planet that is currently not sitting down. ~BEST TREND~ Our nominees are: U.N. Owen Was Her? JOHN MADDEN The winner was JOHN MADDEN It's me, John Madden. Haha! Ah yes, JOHN MADDEN JOHN MADDEN JOHN MADDEN JOHN MADDEN JOHN MADDEN BIG TIME FOOTBALL ~BEST SITE MOMENT~ The nominees: Harrison Ford iScribble Our winner this year? Harrison Ford A collection of images from the first annual Harrison Ford day, which occurs yearly on September 20th. (Courtesy of Yamino) Esteemed YouChew resident and shitster-savvy user SeductiveBaz one day decided to revolt against the, quite frankly, DISGUSTING YouTube Poop name and instead name them what they should have been rightfully referred to in the first place - Harrison Fords. Following in his footsteps, the forum staff decided that the entire site needed to pay tribute to the man, the myth, the format - his counterpart was, of course, Morgan Freemans instead of YTPMVs. Everybody's avatar was changed, the section icons, names...we became the Ford. We still do! As mentioned, every September 20th...why that date? It's certainly not Harrison Ford's birthday or anything special like that. Nope. It's just our date. I hope you look forward to the next one! * * * ...and that's it for this year! Did your personal favorites get picked? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and be sure to tune in next week as we look at the year 2010. See ya!
  15. Hey everybody, and welcome back to YouChew's The Best of Year! Returning again is your lovely host Dopply. Apologies for being late; these are supposed to run every Saturday until we reach 2015, but real life unfortunately stepped in the way. Let's go ahead and see what the community picked for the best of 2008! As before, each category will have a winner and a runner up, except for the 'Worst' categories and categories that have only two nominees. Full rankings will be disclosed later. With that out of the way, let's begin. = THE WORLD IN BRIEF = What was happening in the real world amidst all of the poop chewing? ~ BEST MOVIE ~ Let's take a look at our nominees: Wall-E Iron Man Kung Fu Panda The Dark Knight Slumdog Millionaire What did YouChew's choose? It was... The Dark Knight An iconic boxart for an iconic film (though without context, it seems strange that Batman would endorse a building that was blown up with his logo present). The Dark Knight seemed like almost too much of an obvious winner. A box office smash hit that is endlessly quotable and full of moments everyone references to this day, it is said that the driving force behind its success was Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker and his death prior to the film's release. Whether that is truly the case is up for debate, but overall it's considered by most the definitive Batman film. Runner-Up: Wall-E ~WORST MOVIE~ On the flip side, we have this list of stinkers: Disaster Movie Twilight Meet the Spartans What did you choose as the worst in the lot? It was... Twilight These two look superimposed upon each other, don't you think? A movie the Chew has always loved to hate, buzz for this movie started quite a bit prior to its release; well, hatred, anyway. The beginning of a shit-tier powerhouse of a franchise, see the bastardization of vampires the best way: through poor screenwriting and characters and more dull than the film's setting. YOU BROUGHT A SNACK? ~BEST TV SERIES~ Very lively list this year (not really): Breaking Bad (Season 1) Batman: The Brave and the Bold The winner is... Breaking Bad (Season 1) Striking to see how Mr. White looked in the beginning. The start to one of the very best television series ever put to film, season 1 isn't as striking as its later seasons but very crucial: without the establishment of our main characters the way they were, we wouldn't be able to truly understand Walter's fall. A brilliant milestone in television. ~WORST TV SERIES~ Here we are: Knight Rider Cory in the House The winner? Cory in the House I can almost believe he's in the North Lawn. Almost. I don't think I have to say anything here, right? Really though, all jokes aside, this show was garbage. ~BEST ALBUM~ Let's look at the nominees: Viva la Vida - Coldplay 808's & A HeartBreak - Kanye West From the Coop - Buckethead Drammatica: The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura Death Magnetic - Metallica What did the community choose? It was: Drammatica: The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura That is a very clean album art, to be sure. Yoko Shimomura was a composer for Squaresoft for a number of years before breaking off as a freelance artist. She still has close ties to the company and her work and influence can be felt everywhere, especially in Japanese role-playing games. This album collects her best work for Square, each song beautifully orchestrated. Haunting and atmospheric melodies at their finest. Runner-Up: Viva la Vida by Coldplay ~WORST ALBUM~ I love it when it's a list of just, absolute crap: iSouljaBoyTellem - Soulja Boy The Unspoken King - Cryptopsy Chinese Democracy - Guns 'n' Roses Well, let's see: iSouljaBoyTellem - Soulja Boy I wonder if this could possibly be any more generic. Maybe if there was a lady shaking her bare ass in the reflection of his glasses. Maybe. Surprising absolutely nobody, Soldier Young Man returns less than year later with another round of horrid rap tunes. It's a good thing he made his fortune off his one and only one hit wonder, because nobody gave a damn about this one. ~BEST GAME~ What games did you guys think were the best? Grand Theft Auto IV Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Super Smash Bros. Brawl Left 4 Dead Mirror's Edge And, the winner is... Super Smash Bros. Brawl I like to imagine everyone is actually sneaking up on Link. The hype. The threads. Brawl, Brawl, Brawl.... Japan time. This game captured everybody in the months leading to and after its release. Smash 4 didn't even come close to the hype. Sonic's reveal, the SSE cutscenes...this is the first game I can remember having more fun with anticipating it than actually playing it. While fans still can't decide if they love or hate this installment, no one can deny the intense fervor this game stirred. It's something that probably won't ever happen again. Runner-Up: Grand Theft Auto IV ~WORST GAME~ On the flip side... Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Worms: A Space Oddity Action Girlz Racing The loser? Action Girlz Racing Looking at the boxart is giving me some pretty bad memories. Thank goodness it's so small. Literally uncontrollable and a quintessential piece of Wii port-from-PS2 garbageware, Action Girlz Racing is ugly, unfun, and insulting to a fault. Any child who received this as a gift, you have my sympathies. ~BEST EVENT~ Let's see... Barack Obama elected President New bacteria created Really? It's... Barack Obama elected President My goodness, he looks so young here. These 8 years of presidency have aged this poor man at least 30 years. The first black president to take office. A landmark decision in the United States, Obama would win his 2nd-term re-election as well. BARACK OBA-bzzt-BARACK OBA-bzzt-BARACK OBA ~WORST EVENT~ I don't like this... The Great Recession Sarah Palin The 'winner' is... The Great Recession I'd like to pretend it's an actual street now. Gee, I guess the only thing worse than Sarah Palin is damn-near economical collapse, eh? Everyone lost their jobs as the mortgage crisis from yesteryear took its toll. The fat times had caught up and the US was paying the piper. The effects of this event are still being felt, but recovery continues...for instance, it's not, say, totally impossible to get a job anymore. Good job USA. =YOUCHEW'S FINEST= So we saw the world, what was going on in the world of Chew in the year 2008? ~BEST POOP~ Another wonderful year of Poop. Let's look at the nominees: Poople - Gallers Mario has no dime to step on - UncleChuckTH Porky Goes Bottomless - PowerWalrus Luigi refuses to do the Mario - BMATF A mentally defective moose sings the blues - FearlessSwan Our winner this year... Luigi refuses to do the Mario - BMATF The live action segment should have been the whole show. FUCK OFF LUIGI! Another classic poop by a master, BMATF. That damn Bat. Runner-Up: A mentally defective moose sings the blues - FearlessSwan ~BEST TENNIS MATCH~ Tennis was coming into its own at this point. Let's check it out: MycroProcessor vs Gamebop DaftPunkYoshi vs Temeku Guysafari vs. Insineratehymn MTB710 vs GreatBritishTurd ophios vs rakninja The winner is: MycroProcessor vs Gamebop What a trip. Congrats to these two. The entire match is in a playlist on YouTube if you choose to watch the entire series. Runner-Up: DaftPunkYoshi vs Temeku ~BEST COLLAB~ Here are the nominees: I STILL LOVE YOUCHEW Poopovision The winner is... I STILL LOVE YOUCHEW The classic, this would be the first in a line of 'revival' collabs that would spring up here and there. Unfortunately, this classic has disappeared from the face of the internet forever, it seems; perhaps sleuths better than others could unearth this classic. ~BEST TREND~ Here are the nominees: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS BARACK OBA-bzzt-BARACK OBA-bzzt-BARACK OBA The winner is... THIS VIDEO CONTAINS A classic thumbnail, to be sure. One of the biggest fads of the time, McMaNGOS uploaded the original which quickly spiraled out of control. It was hard to find people who hadn't contributed to this widespread fad. ~BEST SITE MOMENT~ And for our final set of nominees: Big Switch- Conrad hands over the site False nostalgia begins with THE CLASSIC YOUCHEW NOSTALGIABOMB THREAD that still survives Our winner? It's... Big Switch- Conrad hands over the site Seth there, that's me. I'll always remember the night I switched YouChew from its old forum to the new. For one, I was woefully inexperienced and completely fucked it up; we had to switch to phpBB3 because of it. It's also the night I asked my current-wife out for the first time, but that's niether here nor there. The community changed, but the people did not. This switch marked the end of the 'classic' era of YouChew and propelled it forward into a state very familiar today. And yes, I do still have all of my chats from 2008-onward. * * * ...and that's it for this year! Did your picks get voted in? What did you think about this year? Let us know in the comments. Tune in next week (hopefully a little earlier) to see what you guys chose for 2009. Thanks for reading!