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  1. Tegra supports OpenGL and DirectX or anything else closer to the metal so...who did you hear this from? Regardless, it's all speculation. Nintendo could be putting a Titan X in their console for all we know.
  2. Shields with a Tegra X1 cost around $200 (you have to consider that NVidia overprices their hardware, too). I anticipate with a screen, battey and X2, it will hit $300 easily. Nintendo could pull out a miracle and make it $250, but I don't see it as any lower than that. Of course this is all just guesstimating, I could be wrong, but still. I would pay $300 for a console like that in a heartbeat.
  3. This might actually be huge though. Nintendo might be the first company to push high end games on mobile architecture. This would literally mean the end of consoles as we know them (PC-lites) and transition to phones and other common devices that use such architecture, without sacrificing any of the quality we think of when we imagine a 'console' game. Instead, the term mobile game would disappear because all games would be mobile. Casual would be the description of the current 'class' of games on phones and 'hardcore' could describe the games we think of today. The games that need to push hardware and all that could stay where they need to: the PC. So maybe the game console as we know it isn't leaving, but rather evolving into something else entirely. Assuming this is all true, of course. If so, Nintendo will revolutionize games yet again. I'm pretty excited for the reveal now.
  4. If it's using a Tegra X2, which is expected to use the new Pascal architecture, then it will theoretically be on the level of the PS4. Which is extremely cool and exciting.
  5. Can't someone call services on him? Also how has nobody called anyone in to psych profile him yet? By all accounts he should have received help a long time ago. Dying from your taint. Goddamn.
  6. It wasn't that great, really. The game itself wasn't bad, per se...just plainly mediocre. I think the real kick in the quills was the horrible difficulty that creeps in about the midway point; the later levels are pretty bad. Sonic Unleashed was overall harder though, Eggmanland was a fucking nightmare. I think Sonic Team realized the ideal gameplay style for Sonic in 3D is Generations. They could literally make those types of games forever and I'd be satisfied. Generations was really good. I appreciate them trying something new for Lost World at least, but I think the Generations style needs to be the one to stick to. Of course we only saw a CG trailer. It could be a Lost World type game, who knows. Even if that game sucks, I know Sonic Mania will at least be fucking rad as hell. We're pretty much getting an official Sonic Megamix in HD, and that's all I could ask for in my Sonic.
  7. I watched the entire stream and was in tears almost the entire time. I had to drink midway through Crush 40 (at least Jun is still incredible on the guitar). It was like witnessing Konami E3 2010 all over again. I thought I was going to fall out of my seat at the Totinos segment. Just amazing.
  8. How are they with copyright? It doesn't seem like Livestream gives a single fuck, so it has that at least.
  9. Goodness, that's a little old. Still a great deal for the money, however. I'm going to assume that the quad core is definitely not in the i-series so really, anything you put in there is going to be bottlenecked by that. Most games, in fact, will be bottlenecked by that processor; just a fair warning. To answer your question, anything in the GTX -50 or-60 series will pair fine with that card, but I wouldn't get anything newer than 2013 because you're already severely bottlenecked by the rest of the system and it would be a waste of money. Perhaps the GTX 750 Ti? Something along those lines. No matter what you get, you aren't going to get great performance out of that machine for Overwatch unless everything is on low and you're gaming at 720p or below. Not trying to be negative, just truthful.
  10. You (well, everyone) should seriously try the 60fps Action Replay code. No hacks anymore, it straight up changes the framelimiter in the game so it's the game itself. You can play it in Dolphin like that or on real hardware. If you use real hardware, you will get a shitton of screen tearing because even though I keep saying 60fps it's actually unlocked. If you use Dolphin you can get it V-synced. The only real oddities are the quick screen transitions (like episode selects, intro M painting, etc) that get cut off and the painting world transitions (Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor, Gelato Beach, etc) are much slower than the 30fps game because the code has to slow it down otherwise it'll crash. It feels like how it's supposed to be played (Sunshine was a 60fps game in each public display; E3, etc until weeks before launch where they were showing it capped to 30. So yeah, more credence to the rushed as hell theory). The fluidity helps a whole lot, especially in secret levels where sometimes I think I'm playing a Galaxy game. Oh and the widescreen Action Replay code is also amazing and works great. Here it is on real hardware (how I'm playing):
  11. I'm sure homebrewers will figure something out. I am curious as to what kind of hardware it contains - my first thought was excess Wii hardware, but this thing is HD, so that's not it. I wonder what though. If it was ARM-based (and perhaps a variant of Android), I wouldn't be totally surprised, given that Nintendo has worked with ARM processors in the past. On a side note - I cannot get over how much I'm enjoying myself with Sunshine at 60fps. I don't think I could ever go back, glitches and all. Speaking of glitches, god DAMN Sunshine is full of them. I love this game and it's laying the nostalgia on me, but Christ, this game was a little rushed, don't you think? It's so difficult too. It's just like I how I remember.
  12. The NES Mini looks very nice, like Jazz said. The packaging is what is really tempting me. That is some classy shit. Unfortunately, it would be literally useless to me, seeing as how I have a real NES, a lot of excellent games, and multiple devices to play NES games on, including on my big screen. With all of that said...yeah, I might still get it. God dammit. Or at least ask for it as a holiday gift. Speaking of big screen emulation, I highly, highly recommend RetroArch. It takes some doing...seriously, it does, it takes a while to get everything going...but once you do, it's fan-fucking-tastic. It single handedly convinced me to get rid of my excess games. Nothing beats having a playlist of your favorite games, emulated flawlessly with CRT shaders and extremely low input lag, with your favorite controllers, on your giant television. It kicks ass.
  13. Alright, I'm planning my new build (I won't be able to buy it for quite some time, but here it is nonetheless). My goals for this build were simple: 1.) Be fast as fuck 2.) Be mouse fart fucking quiet And that was about it. I want to emulate Dolphin and other programs the best I can, max out all games at 1080p (and 1440p once I get one of those monitors) and boot into Windows in 5 fucking seconds. All while being simple, very black (all black builds are very handsome) and quiet. I know I can't futureproof anything but most of my parts should be on the cutting edge and have plenty of leg room. My old build is 5 years old now and will last another 5 with a new video card. I plan for this one to last at least 7, if not 8 years. I'm pretty stoked.
  14. I do feel like some people are disguising their secret sexism as an excuse to shit on the movie. Like, I want it to be good. Ghostbusters is awesome. That would be a good thing. With that said, if I were to judge the movie by its trailers, I would say it looks pretty shitty. Then again, a lot of great movies have shitty trailers. I probably won't see it in theaters, but I will watch it eventually. You can't shit on something/have an opinion about it if you haven't seen/played/read/listened to/done the thing in question.