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  1. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    I was planning on getting Destiny for the Xbone but a local game store fucked up and had a copy of The Taken King for PS4 for $20, priced the same as the other Destiny copies. Yes, the download code worked and everything, lol. I don't have PS Plus tho. Guess I'll have to get in on that sometime.
  2. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Looks like literal garbage. Gag me.
  3. Super Smash Bros

    I was hoping they'd announce some kind of 'complete' editon with all of the DLC on the disc, but that might still happen next month so idk. The roster really is insane, it's pretty much the ultimate crossover competitive game..well, Project X Zone is pretty impressive, but still.
  4. Wii U Thread

    I'm definitely watching it but I don't know about the site chat. I really enjoy Minecraft and if it had good use of the GamePad (I don't see why not) I would definitely get it. The other console versions of Minecraft are very good (I have the Bone one as well, got it for cheap because I had owned the 360 one for a time) so I'd say a Wii U one would be pretty awesome.
  5. Wii U Thread

    Twilight Princess HD will be revealed and it will cost $49.99. I fucking guarantee it.
  6. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    I'm glad Xbone Backwards Compatibility is being updated as often as it will be (at least every month apparently) because I would really enjoy being able to play Tales of Vesperia again.
  7. Undertale

    Except they totally would because people are fucking batshit crazy about this game? For good reason perhaps, but still, you have to admit, you'd buy a fucking Undertale remastered with more consistent visuals and other goodies. I know I would, anyway.
  8. Undertale

    You are partially correct. By default, Game Maker's 'rooms' (levels) are all set at '30' for 'speed'. This is in reality the framerate. You have the option to set the speed to 60, to get that smooth 60fps gameplay (even if it would be hard locked to that) but a lot of Game Maker's internal effects (like scaling and other graphical goodies that Undertale makes maximum use of) are dependent upon that 30fps calculation; IE, the game probably would have broken if Toby tried to get all of the rooms to 60. It's possible, but coming from experience, it's a shitload of work and you'd be better off with your own engine/a superior one (Unity comes to mind) at that point. Same reason why there isn't any resolution scaling. It's possible but a whole fuckton of effort. Keybinding in Game Maker is actually rather trivial, but judging from the other aspects (locked resolution, aspect ratio, keys, framerate), I'd say Toby wanted the game to be done the best way it could be done with as little programming effort possible, to stick to a designer's particular vision. Nothing wrong with that of course. I would like to see a port team take a crack at making a 'remastered' version similar to the Binding of Isaac situation (and so it could get some well-deserved console ports).
  9. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    I just traded mine in lol, Graces, Xillia and Xillia 2. It's true, there hasn't been a good Tales game since Vesperia.
  10. YouChew Livestream

    You guys ought to get in this thing, it's a Spooky Shittacular.
  11. YouChew Livestream

    So is it tonight or is going to be Halloween night? Halloween night sounds better because of the time and because I'll just be sitting at home waiting for Trick'r'Treaters anyway.
  12. YouChew Livestream

    Sounds awesome. Could really go for a spookathon. It would be pretty fun for a Skype call or something along those lines.
  13. My favorite song on Disclosure's new album.
  14. YouChew Livestream

    So we're having a boner-fied Spook Fest Stream right? We better be.
  15. The Sonic Thread V2

    They would be regarded on the same level, gameplay-wise, as a licensed mascot platformer such as Care Bears Cock Parade, if not for the Sonic license. They are poorly made video games we enjoyed as children. I just don't understand why. We played Mario and shit, we should have had standards...but I guess the Hedgehog was just too cool for school.