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  1. The E3 2016 Harkinian Palace Discussion

    E3 is having a side event open to the public. Anyone in the area going? Might be more ways to laugh. I don't think E3 is going to last much longer, honestly. Every company wants to do their own thing. With the age of the Internet, companies can announce whatever they want, whenever they want. I think it's a dying show I'll be sad to see go. I have a really good feeling it's going to be an extra large trainwreck this year. Fingers crossed.
  2. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    I could not stand Star Fox Zero for a myriad of reasons, but I really don't think Miyamoto had anything to do with it. Most people who reach for that are immature and don't have a proper grasp on game history anyway.
  3. Nintendo NX Thread

    Yeah, and it was your decision. The company doesn't owe you shit. They're not shitting on you. You got to play Splatoon, congrats. Why would you be upset that more people got to play it? Seems a tad selfish. Listen, I know you're young and you probably had to make a console choice, since at the moment you don't have the luxury of owning everything you want, and you feel burned by that choice. That's normal, it happens, but at the end of the day, it's just video games; we move on, you'll get something better eventually. You really need to stop with this Nintendo crusade you bring from thread-to-thread, it's starting to become a problem; you seem obsessed. Why? You got to play Splatoon up to now. Again, you aren't owed anything. You've had the game up to now; by the time the NX is supposed to come out, you'll have played the game for almost 2 years longer than anyone who gets the (supposed) enhanced port. I can't understand this mentality.
  4. The E3 2016 Harkinian Palace Discussion

    There are more dedicated stream events than ever before. I'm pretty excited to watch them with you guys.
  5. YouChew proudly presents... It's almost time for YouChew's favorite non-holiday for gaming! Brace yourselves as fewer companies attend the event than ever before! =SCHEDULE= Nifty little schedule here: Stream banners are courtesy of dex3108 of Neogaf: In case you're blocking images today: EA: June 12, 1PM PST / 4PM EST / 9PM BST (In which we watch them shill more Star Wars and sports) Bethesda: June 12, 7PM PST / 10PM EST / June 13, 3AM BST (In which we watch more Fallout DLC) Microsoft: June 13, 9:30AM PST / 12:30PM EST / 5:30PM BST (In which we watch a company attempt to free themselves from a massive hole) PC Gaming Show: June 13, 12PM PST / 3PM EST / 8PM BST (In which we fall asleep) Ubisoft: June 13, 1PM PST / 4PM EST / 9PM BST (In which we hopefully see Mr. Caffeine return) Sony: June 13, 6PM PST / 9PM EST / June 14, 2AM BST (In which we watch more games get announced that won't come out for a decade) Oh, and we also have Nintendo, who isn't really having a press conference or basically attending E3 at all...regardless: Nintendo: June 14, 9AM PST / 12PM EST / 5PM BST (In which we watch Bill Trinen and friends play Zelda for six hours) =WHERE TO WATCH= Twitch is the best place to watch E3, since they're an official streaming partner. Follow the banner guide above and go to the appropriate website for alternate solutions. =WHERE TO CHAT= We will be officially gathering in the Site Chat. Posting in this thread is always an option, however. *** What do you think is going to happen this year? Will we fall asleep? Is this the end of E3? Discuss anything and everything E3 here. The poll will be updated in time to include the classic E3 thread poll options. =PAST E3 THREADS= If you're having a hard time waiting or coming up with conversation, check out YouChew's disappointment over the past 8 years:
  6. Splatoon Thread

    Eh I'm pretty tired so I'll have to give it a raincheck. Until next time~
  7. Splatoon Thread

    Are you guys still playing? Shit I fucking forgot lmao
  8. Splatoon Thread

    I haven't played in 6 months but is it too late for me Is there a Skype call
  9. Anime General Discussion

    I might actually rip out my fucking pubes if this ever happened.
  10. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    There will be one, I'm sure. I won't be the one to organize it because of time issues, but when someone is ready, I am. Also: it's weird to announce a thread, but I plan on making our annual E3 thread tonight. Just before anyone else decides to jump the gun, since it's getting close to time. Yes Pope, you can have your polls, and I will work with you.
  11. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    The bananas are all ready to be shipped...unfortunately that's the only prize I think that I can do. I just need to round up the addresses.
  12. Steam Sales/Specials and Discussion

    I assume that's a June? Oh boy. Better start hoarding some Steam wallet cards now so I can buy all of the games that I definitely don't need.
  13. Super Smash Bros

    Enough people where I don't feel like discussing the game on the internet, for starters. I think people are allowed to like it casually. I don't think it should be 'this is your life or bust' but most video game communities are dumb like that so who cares.
  14. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    I got one for Christmas. It's technically as accurate as a mouse, but controlling it is not the same so unless you play shooters with it a lot, you're just going to want to use a KB+M. I still really like it though. It has motion control, so you can make a lot of games control like Splatoon. It's extremely customizable, which is always nice. I prefer to play my games on my big TV and couch, so it's a pleasure to play games like Deus Ex and Steins;Gate on that setup finally. Still, for platformers and action games, I prefer using my Xbone controller.
  15. General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance

    Hold on, try putting a 'Sonic' in front of it, I think you might see more results that way.