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  1. Dopply added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros   

    It's okay, we'll play together sometime Whelt and you'll see there's nothing to beat yourself up about. Some people are just garbage ass shit at competitive video games, like me.
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  2. Dopply added a post in a topic Good movies you've seen recently   

    The Martian was so fucking good. There's a lot to talk about but it was just awesome. I've been having a pretty good time at the movies lately, it's nice to have films to look forward to.
    On that note, I'm pretty excited for Spectre.
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  3. Dopply added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    It's apples and oranges. It really depends on what you want to play. There are more 'exclusives' on the Xbox One, the multi-plats are better on PS4. If you have some weird thing for Japanese games, JRPGs or whatever, the PS4 has you there. The online deal is about the same. There are more PS4 players so you'll find more people there I guess. It really is personal preference. I chose an Xbox One first because it had more exclusives that appealed to me early on, but since I am a true gaming piece of shit I want to be able to play everything so I'll definitely get a PS4 when I can.
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  4. Dopply added a post in a topic Playstation Thread   

    I hope Santa Spouse brings me an Uncharted PS4 bundle for Christmas...
    I won't be getting PS Plus though, I don't think. I don't want to have to pay for both Live AND PS+ every year. The only game I'd want to play online is Destiny anyhow...I guess if I really wanted to play online on either system, I could just purchase a month card or however long I'd be playing.
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  5. Dopply added a post in a topic Undertale   

    Ah yes, the fanbase has yet to ruin this game for me but I know it's only a matter of time. Earthbound was ruined far before I ever came to it and still managed to enjoy it, but I must never discuss it with anyone ever lest I face
    An Annoying as Shit Person Who Can't Just Enjoy Media Normally
    I'm sure it won't be long before Undertale becomes this way, so I shall enjoy it while it lasts. Also yes Papyrus is the best character in the game, maybe it's because I see myself in him too much.
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  6. Dopply added a post in a topic Undertale   

    More like fucking best character, I laughed my fucking ass off. Jesus Christ the 'Talk' option lmao
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  7. Dopply added a post in a topic Undertale   

    Just beat it with the pacifist ending (probably not 100%, but that's fine)! I'll post full impressions some other time, but wow! Certainly the best indie game I've played (being very familiar with Game Maker, I was continually impressed with what was pulled off). Probably the game of the year, yes. A little overrated? Maybe, but I can see why. It's a really good fucking video game with heart. I probably won't get all the endings, at least not for a long time, so I must say I'm very satisfied. Thanks again JazzDance, I loved it.
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  8. Dopply added a post in a topic Undertale   

    Well after a few events I must say this is the game of the year. Maybe not the best of all time, but then again I haven't beat it yet!
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  9. Dopply added a post in a topic Undertale   

    I like to play on a couch on my TV, otherwise I would (also so my wife can watch, this game is literally her sense of humor). I need a wireless keyboard that can reach...I have to hold it behind my head to catch it with the one I have now. 
    I'll definitely need to spend more time with it, but it's a fun little game.
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  10. Dopply added a post in a topic Undertale   

    With courtesies to Mr. JazzDance, I was able to start playing today. I'll have to play more to give a more solid opinion, but I really like it. Especially for a Game Maker game! Speaking of that, are you guys using controllers to play? My 360 pad keeps wanting to send my character up, on both the dpad and analog stick, and I need to fix this because it makes dialogue choice and puzzles much harder to manage.
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  11. Dopply added a post in a topic Super Smash Bros   

    So how much is it for the character DLC? I keep giving the $40 amount, but that's for the Mii costumes included in there.
    I've gotta get around to buying it sometime.
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  12. Dopply added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    It's open. I've been playing some too, it's pretty fun. I had the same driver issues as Robotic except for AMD; the solution was to run it borderless fullscreen. I can't run it worth a dick anyway (only on low do I get 60fps) so it's probably high time I get a 970. I ran it on Ultra just to see and goddamn what a gorgeous game. The authentic movie feel is pretty baller too, effects and all that, and the shooting feels pretty good. Not something I'll drop $60 on launch on, but a fun game nonetheless.
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  13. Dopply added a post in a topic Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Thread   

    Full body cyborg Big Boss would have been kickass as a twist boss fight at the end of Phantom Pain.
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  14. Dopply added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    So I've been able to nail down my S-Video quality problem: my switchboxes. I have a Dynex AV/Switch from Best Buy that has S-Video and Composite and I have a Radioshack 4 way S-Video/Composite switch box, and when both are used, produce a noticeable checkerboard/interference signal when recording. So I probably didn't even have to buy those expensive-ass S-Video cables. Oh well.
    Does anybody have any experience with this? As in good quality, signal-isolated, interference-free S-Video switchboxes? I'm having a hard time.
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  15. Dopply added a post in a topic General Video Game Chat Rising: Revengeance   

    I have all my Steam games there because of scripts, I've yet to add my physical games. I just finished adding all of my Steam games (sans a few not in the database) by hand to RF Generation to further my shame. I have everything except my digital PSN/XBLA/NN collections on there now.
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