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  1. Bad/Weird/Cheesy/Forgettable/Worst Cartoons

    Adventures in Odyssey - Remembered watching this show at my Sunday School class years ago. What's even funnier is that there's one episode that has something to do with video games; and that's game addiction. Which is ironic because VeggieTales (the Christian animation) has like a few video games and not only that, that this show also has video games as well. I think the episode was called Escape from the Forbidden Matrix and I think I remembered seeing that one... and it kinda affect my life, but then I realized that video games don't waste my life since it's a stress relief, but I think it did have some good points for not wasting your time. Super Mario Bros Super Show - One of the best shows. Hands down. I know the animation is cheesy, but at least it's poopable like those live action segments with Captain Lou and Danny Wells meeting guest celebrities. Some cartoon episodes were pretty bad, some of them are alright, but the animation was fucking gold for a poop source.
  2. Okay guys, I'm back...

    Glad to see you better, dude. I knew that you'll come back, but don't let depression controlled you. You are welcome to take breaks from forums and come back later times. Looking forward to see your future videos.
  3. dew vs. Girla PurpleHeart vs. MrThissucks

    Eee thank you, dew! c:
  4. dew vs. Girla PurpleHeart vs. MrThissucks

    Here's round 2. c:
  5. The Poop Tennis Café - I'M NOT A CHICKEN, YOU'RE A TURKEY

  6. The Poop Tennis Café - I'M NOT A CHICKEN, YOU'RE A TURKEY

    I was gonna start a serve but I had other plans (and that anxiety appears). I might try to get the serve to be complete sometime later today. I think it'll be short, but not that long.
  7. MLP FiM spam/discussion

    Yeah, I figured it's postponed until the next Season, but I don't think it won't be long until Season 6 gets here, since Season 6 doesn't come until Summer maybe? Who knows? But it's a shame it's not gonna happened in this season, because we're getting more Character development with Fluttershy, thanks to that Halloween Episode, and I really want Fluttershy to have her background story like they did with Rarity with this season.
  8. MLP FiM spam/discussion

    The recent episode has to be one of the best episodes I ever seen, but they're not my favorite. At least it's a lot better than the couple previous episodes we had. Spoiler Also, what happened to the Fluttershy's Brother episode? I know they already planned it, but it looks like it's not gonna happened in this season.  
  9. Least favorite Internet memes

    You can blame Mariotehplumber for using the word hentai as an excuse, because hentai is an animated porn and not a phrase. "Notice me Senpai" doesn't bother me as much as "Kawaii", then again, I really wish western people respects Japanese and Asian people and their languages.
  10. Dragon's Lair: The Movie

    I think it's gonna be a while until the film is complete, since animation takes time and money. It'll be a shame that it'll fail because they have like 230K out of 500K to reach that goal, and I really don't want this project to fail and... not cancelled.
  11. The Poop Tennis Café - I'M NOT A CHICKEN, YOU'RE A TURKEY

    Goddammit, I really wish I wasn't lazy to make a serve. To FLV: I'm sorry for not making the serve, I'll try to start the tennis match sometime later tonight or tomorrow. It'll be quick, I swear.
  12. Vinesauce

  13. Undertale

    But... but it's cute. :c
  14. [General Poop Discussion] Generous Park Distraction

    My God, it's beautiful.
  15. PowerPuff Girls Episode when Bunny explodes, Terra turns into stone in Teen Titans, Yuki Yuna is a Hero when the yellow magical girl's sister lost her voice and misses her voice a lot, and near the end of the Madoka Magica Episode 13. I'm too lazy to add clips.