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  1. Studio Trigger Animator Takafumi Hori works on the upcoming episode Mindful Education which will premiered tonight, and it's the first time that Studio Trigger worked collaboration with Cartoon Network studios.
  2. What the fuck? That's just... wow. Like who the fuck came up with this idea of this commercial, and I thought creepy ass Drug PSA commercials is worse.
  3. Oh wow, what a story ride. I was wondering what happened to you, and sorry that your job didn't go so swell. Welcome back to the Chew, MAI BOI!
  4. Because people in Japan got sick of the same song over and over until Sailor Stars, which I don't mind. Then again, I do wish Crystal would have special episodes that were based on the classic's filler episodes after they finished with the Original Manga storyplot that is, then we get the Sailor Moon Glory that we known today. Because really, I like both versions.
  5. LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!! TO DEFEAT Lol just kidding, but in all seriousness, welcome to YouChew, MAI BOI!!
  6. Oh that's fine. I was wondering what happened, thanks though.
  7. So yeah, I know this is not related to the video game session, but people are actually pissed about the recent XYZ episode they showed earlier this week, and to be honest, I'm not really surprised since I haven't watch the Pokemon Anime in a long while. I didn't even realized that episode is that controversial, even though I heard Ash lost like 7 times in the past seasons. The next episode looks very dark and intense for an children's anime, but then again, I've seen dark themes in most cartoons.
  8. Did this site got 500'd on me? Because I'm pretty sure this server had some flaws.
  9. Love that Tommy Pickles drawing you did. Did you draw it? Oh and welcome to the Chew, MAI BOI!
  10. It doesn't help the fact that the theme song is worse, as it's in the same level as the Butt Ugly Martian's theme song. Who the fuck wrote those fucking theme songs?
  11. Wow, that was quick LOL But yeah, the server's a lot smoother now. Keep up with the good work.
  12. I kept hearing that it's fake, but some of the episode titles that I heard were true. Let's just hope one of the episodes are good.
  13. I didn't know Amazon have an cloud service. Let's just hope the server turns out successful since some services can be a pain in the ass to keep up with. I wish Dopply and Whelt luck for taking care of the forum's servers.
  14. I just finished the last 4 Season 3 episodes, and holy shit what a ride.
  15. Really can't believe Season 3 is almost over with, when Season 4 is airing later this week. It's like Cartoon Network wanted to show good shows again, like goddammit I WANNA HUG ALL OF THEM!! And speaking of Gems...