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  1. Least favorite Internet memes

    There's also the ASMR NSFW Sans bullshit that happened on tumblr. It didn't last long though.
  2. Copyrights: Sources that are the most likely to get you BANNED?

    Wow, that's even more fucked up, because I used a Mama Luigi clip from my previous poop videos I did, Unless it was false flagged.
  3. Your least favorite YouTube channels

    Oh fuck, I've completely forgotten about Fred. I really can't stand his voice, not only that, but there's also Annoying Orange. How did these YouTube Channels got their own TV shows is beyond me.
  4. The Sonic Thread V2

    Reminds me of that Littlest Pet Shop Epiosde when Russel met a Groundhog and time resets every time he enters the shop. It's like Hedgehogs and Groundhogs are rivals.
  5. The Poop Tennis Café - Cyggie Giggles At a Hippopotamus

    Just found out about this. Now this makes me feel bad for myself for haven't talk to him on Skype. :c At least he still has an deviantART account.
  6. Copyrights: Sources that are the most likely to get you BANNED?

    Viacom and Fox for me, since I was banned from them after my old YouTube accounts got suspended. The recent one I had was a copyright strike, but it's already expired years ago. EDIT: Oh and forgot to mention that one of my censored Porn Collab entry video got false flagged by a troll, but that happened like 4 years ago.
  7. GoAnimate

    You cannot escape them. No matter you search and subscribe to a person, there is no escape.

    1. Crazy Luigi

      Crazy Luigi


  9. Undertale Image Spam

  10. General Cartoon Network/Adult Swim/Toonami Thread

    Hope it doesn't become Teen Titans Go version 2.0, Because that'll kill the spirit of the original show; like what they did to the original Teen Titans.
  11. Tumblr

    Oh nice. I might check it out. c:
  12. Shows that used to be good but were forced on beyond their prime

    SpongeBob, Fairly Odd Parents, and Family Guy were pretty much near the limit for me. I pretty much lost interest with the shows ever since I read/watched negative views of some episodes of said shows. I think Precure and Winx Club were getting the same treatment, but the companies weren't that forceful to the shows as much in my opinion. Precure has been pretty popular with younger girls in Japan (and worldwide), while Winx Club was getting a bit down hill in couple seasons; due to Nick fucking with the story script, which is led the show to have a bunch of plot holes, but was going back on track with Season 7; but it didn't get much classic feel (probably has to do with the new animation, but I'm not sure).
  13. GoAnimate

        They got UnderTale.
  14. [General Poop Discussion] Dude I Shit

    Admins who run YouTube are stupid. 'Nuff said.
  15. MLP FiM spam/discussion