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  1. Artist's Lounge

  2. [General Poop Discussion] Dude I Shit

    I came up with this one day, then put together this within a couple of hours when I had nothing better to do.

  4. dew✿ vs. The Forbidden Dorkbag

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyeHPqUCCJw Round 6
  5. Truce Goose (Tennis)

  6. Treasure Planet Reboot

  7. dew✿ vs. The Forbidden Dorkbag

    Round 4...
  8. Artist's Lounge

  9. dew✿ vs. The Forbidden Dorkbag

    Not a problem, Dew. I have a feeling I'm going to take just as long getting the next match out. I've been focusing so much on art.
  10. dew✿ vs. The Forbidden Dorkbag

    Thanks, Dew. Just wanted to make sure you made progress on it.
  11. dew✿ vs. The Forbidden Dorkbag

    Just bumping for an update. How are things going with your end of the match, Dewmann?
  12. Post Possible Poop Titles

    Tom Arnold Pretends Canada is Seattle
  13. [General Poop Discussion] Dude I Shit

    Here's another for the Christmas fire, MAZZ0. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZRvglntLjY