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  1. Request poops that you can't find

    Unfortunately, that video has been missing for years! It was taken down by a record company, I forget which one. It's a shame, because a lot of people loved that match and I hated having to leave it incomplete. I can PM you a copy of the round if you want it!
  2. Thank you

    Getting to know you while we were on the staff was a pleasure. You have great judgment and excellent taste, and I'm positive you're going to do swell things! Cheers!
  3. Songs you're embarrassed to like

    Guilty pleasure or not, I genuinely enjoy this one. It's a doo-wop song from the future.
  4. Awe-inspiring animation.
  5. Tumblr

    For the purpose of exhibiting my art, I started one too, and it can be found here: evanglish.tumblr.com
  6. Good movies you've seen recently

    UgetsuandSansho the Bailiff. Two incredibly poignant pieces of period drama by Kenji Mizoguchi, a cinematic powerhouse. I'd recommend both to people who like their movies black and white and Nipponese.
  7. Artist's Lounge

  8. Favorite Album Covers

  9. Artist's Lounge

    Some recent selections:
  10. Thanks for this article! I think it captures what's special about YTP. To Matt and the many others I've known here, you still have my thanks. These videos are silly, fun, and legitimately innovative. They've brought me a lot of joy!
  11. The Legend of Korra

    I liked the end. It was sweet.
  12. Anime General Discussion

    GAINAX doesn't make their shows for everybody, that's for sure.
  13. The Legend of Korra

    I'm looking forward to seeing how they animated the last episode. The finale of Book 3 was absolutely beautiful, with so many complex shots, and it would be amazing if they topped it.
  14. The Legend of Korra

    Y'know, the tension is high, character development for the protagonists is at its creative zenith, and the drama is solid, but now that this season is at its end, I can't help but notice that the central conflict is lacking. It simply hasn't built a case for Kuvira. There's no way to buy into this battle, because the character has no ideology, no rationale behind her tyranny. It's downright strange seeing Korra, a character that has a rich history and has become increasingly complex and powerful, struggling against a blank slate with little more than a beauty mark, a monotone, and an army of drones to her name. I find it difficult to believe in.
  15. Tumblr

    Also, your psychologist should not be disclosing information about other patients like that.