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  2. >>>/lgbt/

    1. NoTAMATZ

      lettuce, guacamole, bacon, tomato

    2. SteelyGilgamesh

      Luigi grabs Bowser's Truck

  3. Michael Nutter

  4. Go shove your pens up your ass and snapchat that shit.

    1. TugCoat

      I hope "pens" isn't a typo

  5. i dare u to say a bad word

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    2. Crazy Luigi

      So that's the way it's going to be? ...Bitch!

    3. RandomEffectsYTP

      a bad word

    4. Tofucakecan

      Ted Cruz

  6. how many weebs

    1. thapoint09

      how many weeaboos must get dissed

  7. Anime General Discussion

    Voted in the ISML poll, though I don't really know what it is. The past few polls they've done I've just voted for whatever character I know better or who looks coolest. I am the problem with democracy.  
  8. hey Kid! im gona kick YOU'RE ASS!!!

    1. MarioMKII

      nothin personnel, kid...

  9. When will my Mobian measles get better?

    1. SteelyGilgamesh


  10. i need a new butt mine has a crack in it

    1. Erazor

      Does yours smell like shit? Mine does that sometimes.

    2. Moto200

      "hey eggman..."