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  1. Sources You're Actually Proud You Used

    I've always tried to use sources that aren't used all that much if at all, anything that's thought that wouldn't make an entertaining source I liked to use because it always made things fresher and people knew they could always expect something out of left field from me. Examples of that would be: 1.Old NES games-I was one of the first poopers who thought of actually using NES games as source material  2.Old art footage (Andy Warhol)-Who would want to use something so dull and old? I would  3.Eric Andre Show-That's a source I used when I made my comeback a few years ago. That show had just started and was just starting to gain it's fans so I wanted to beat people to the punch 
  2. What are you listening to?: Nummer Zwei

    Deeee-Lite-Good Beat 

  4. haha

    Your name rings a bell, welcome back 
  5. The 10 Seconds of Disney Collab (Completed)

    I'll join just need to get some proper video editing software first 
  6. What are you listening to?: Nummer Zwei

    Miley Cyrus Dead Petz album, a surprisingly well made experimental work from Miley Cyrus. Not really expecting this from someone the likes of her 
  7. Candy Thread.

    Regular hard sour sweet tarts, I'm not talking about that SweetTarts ropes or chewy shit. Get on that next level shit 
  8. Least favorite Internet memes

    That god-damn stupid picture of Michael Jackson eating popcorn seriously face book's comments section is filled with at-least one slow simple-minded asshole who didn't get the memo that shit has been funny since like 2009. If I see another picture of Michael Jackson eating popcorn I will scream bloody murder into my pillow 
  9. The Poop Tennis Café - Cyggie Giggles At a Hippopotamus

    Smoke that dank ass shit brah 
  10. [General Poop Discussion] Dude I Shit

    Hey guys, I'm back once again from a pretty long hiatus and want to get back into pooping now that I have a new computer and fancy software to go with it. If there's a tournament coming up in the foreseeable future I would be interested 

    1. Eth



  12. General Restaurants/Fast Food Discussion

    I'll only ever care to eat Chick Fil-A if I'm visiting my grandpa at the old folks home in South Carolina, it's literally the only place close by and my grandpa loves that shit. It's alright nothing I would ever want to eat more than three times a year    Now The Habit, a burger chain out in California is some seriously good stuff. I fuck with that 
  13. Post a band/artist that you recently discovered

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-nr1nNC3ds Young Australian artist, she reminds me quite a bit of old Alanis, Fiona and Exile-era Liz Phair 
  14. Your current top 10 favorite movies.

    Current Top Ten: 1.Inherent Vice 2.Guardians of the Galaxy  3.Rocky Horror Picture Show  4.The Shining  5.Disney's-Animated Alice In Wonderland  6.Pulp Fiction  7.A Hard Day's Night  8.Paddington  9.Cheech and Chong Up In smoke  10.Pink Flamingos 
  15. Historical YouTube Channels

    People like Smosh or the Finebros will be remembered for a pretty long time, Smosh has already been around for 10 or so years and Finebros are incredibly well known for their react series. Pewdiepie will be remembered for a long time especially as gaming channels are slowly starting to take over Youtube.    Youtube Poop will always be more of the fringe type of thing