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  1. I'll get around to posting my favorite albums soon
  2. I usually play more depressing music in the winter-time as I seem to generally feel more down during those months. So anything from Morrissey to In The Wee Small Hours era Sinatra. I don't know what I gravitate more towards in the spring but in summer I'm usually listening to pop/top 40's stuff.
  3. Oh god that dvd cover almost made me gag.
  4. I really enjoyed The Hateful Eight since I like films that take place in one setting, almost like a stage play. Good and interesting characters too and the dialog was pretty rich The Only complaints I have is that he uses the N word way too frequently, I know he's trying to make a point but racism can be conveyed without relaying on that word. The other being that is films are almost starting to feel too formulaic however Hateful Eight was a good start away from that
  5. I've always tried to use sources that aren't used all that much if at all, anything that's thought that wouldn't make an entertaining source I liked to use because it always made things fresher and people knew they could always expect something out of left field from me. Examples of that would be: 1.Old NES games-I was one of the first poopers who thought of actually using NES games as source material 2.Old art footage (Andy Warhol)-Who would want to use something so dull and old? I would 3.Eric Andre Show-That's a source I used when I made my comeback a few years ago. That show had just started and was just starting to gain it's fans so I wanted to beat people to the punch
  6. Deeee-Lite-Good Beat

  8. Your name rings a bell, welcome back
  9. I'll join just need to get some proper video editing software first
  10. Miley Cyrus Dead Petz album, a surprisingly well made experimental work from Miley Cyrus. Not really expecting this from someone the likes of her
  11. Regular hard sour sweet tarts, I'm not talking about that SweetTarts ropes or chewy shit. Get on that next level shit
  12. That god-damn stupid picture of Michael Jackson eating popcorn seriously face book's comments section is filled with at-least one slow simple-minded asshole who didn't get the memo that shit has been funny since like 2009. If I see another picture of Michael Jackson eating popcorn I will scream bloody murder into my pillow
  13. Smoke that dank ass shit brah
  14. Hey guys, I'm back once again from a pretty long hiatus and want to get back into pooping now that I have a new computer and fancy software to go with it. If there's a tournament coming up in the foreseeable future I would be interested

    1. Eth