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  1. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic What scrubs your dinner   

    The way anything I eat or drink lately tastes like steel shavings. I don't even know how this weird issue came around, but it did and it's horrendous.
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  2. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic Post what's on your mind 2   

    What's with people trying to bring up traumatic events back into our conscious again, anyway? There's a reason why we keep it in a vault during childhood and let it fester way into our 20s.
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  3. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic What scrubs your dinner   

    Ordering something online and finding out you have lost interest in it the moment you open the package. I should slap myself.
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  4. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic Post your dreams   

    No idea why this dream even came up in my subconscious, but there was a naked angel in a tomb of raw flesh and their wings were in chains. The chain was descending from the ceiling, so the angel was just hanging by the wings. Since dreams are usually in first point-of-view for whatever reason, I can see that their eyes were milky white, as if blind, and fresh blood was running down from the shoulders and from between their legs.
    This other pale thing emerges from some infected crevice of the tomb, wearing nothing but a red silk cape and a huge grin full of sharp teeth on their face. The being also had milky eyes and they crept up to the hanging angel, proceeding to shove two of their long, clawed fingers right up between the angel's legs. This caused more blood to run down and made the angel struggle for a bit. I heard something come from the other being that they wanted to place vicious images inside the angel's head while continuing their molestation. I woke up then with the chills. It was hard to fall back to sleep after that shit.
    I remember this dream being so confusing that I had another dream with me being a child again and hanging out with my old elementary school friends. In this one we were watching TV and I began telling them about the strange angel dream that occurred the day before.
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  5. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic Post your dreams   

    I was hanging out at a boardwalk with my sisters, enjoying my time with them, and began noticing something weird with my left arm. Quills were starting to poke through the skin and they were covered in bits of blood and skin, like they were growing out at a rapid pace. I tried not to concern myself with this odd problem and continued to act normal. On occasion I would look at my arm and see more coming through and the earlier quills becoming longer. No else seemed to notice this but me because they would ask why the hell I kept eyeballing my arm.
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  6. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic Post your dreams   

    I was trying to ward off two lanky creatures with magic or some shit, but I wasn't doing so well because the more I threw them back from me, the closer they approached within moments. They were eerie looking in a way I can't describe and something that I tried avoid sharing eye contact with as much as possible.
    The dream then switched to me looking for a table at a usual spot in my subconscious. I got lost looking for anything relating to a table in this massive place and found myself in a hutch full of giant albino rabbits. At this point I got frustrated, snapping at anyone who so much as bumped into me again. While being a complete grouch, someone began chucking chocolate bars at me and that just made me even more pissed. I threw the chocolate back at them forcefully and left the area muttering to myself. I never did find any tables, but I got stuck in a section with shelves full of books.
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  7. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic General Collectible Figures Thread (models, Revoltech, Figma, Nendoroid, etc.)   

    I've started collecting kaiju toys. A small group so far, but it is pretty difficult to find these things at prices I can afford. I feel pretty lucky to actually have snatched a couple of these.

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  8. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic Post what's on your mind 2   

    I thought the point of having a filtered pitcher would be that it could make the funky taste of tap water completely disappear, not make it barely tolerable enough that I don't gag. I just want good tasting water and to save a buck from not purchasing so many plastic jugs and bottles.
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  9. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic Post what's on your mind 2   

    Well, to be honest, I can't be the only person in this whole building who has toyed with the idea of jumping in front of an oncoming train.
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  10. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic Post your dreams   

    I was wandering around some Disneyland-esque main street at night when a flock of people ran by screaming in terror from the direction I was heading. Of course, I walked right into what seemed like some kind of mayhem caused by a single penguin waddling back and forth on a high balcony while blasting circus music into the air. This little bird was creating panic when, at random times, it would toss candy into the air and some of it would stick on the people gawking up at the scene over their heads.

    This didn't seem too bad until the candy attached to people's clothes would then explode, along with the person covered in them. The unfortunate person would blow up in a mass of blood and flesh bits. I watched this happen to the others a few times from a "safe" distance until spotting a candy cane catching onto my sleeve. Instead of pulling it off I eyeballed the piece of candy until detonation.
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  11. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic Post your dreams   

    I was full of anger, as in when people and their weird shadow clones would say anything to me I would immediately grind out, "Shut the fuck up and get away from me. Now." If they didn't get away from me in time I would shove them away hard.
    This occurred in an endless parking lot and then I was inside a car, where I sat in the back with one of my sisters and a shadow was at the wheel with the flesh counterpart sitting in the passenger's side. Whoever those idiots were, that shadow thing couldn't drive for shit and this was proven when we wound up off the road and nearly driven into a forest several times. I voiced my anger when it happened a fourth time and yelled obscenities to the shadow, whose only response was slowly blinking empty blue eyes while the other two were busy giving it instructions on where to go. By the end of the dream, I was growling in frustration and pulling at my hair as the rambling and swerving hadn't ceased.
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  12. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic Post what's on your mind 2   

    God, where is this all coming from? I don't feel like I'm all here, like I'm staring at someone else in the mirror. Don't feel real.
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  13. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic What scrubs your dinner   

    Attempting to put up a shelf, failing to do so, and messing up the wall. I guess I'll have to cover up the holes with a poster.
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  14. TurkeyBeef added a post in a topic Things you want   

    A brain transplant, and maybe a new shelf so I can keep my old one as a trophy next to my plastic collectibles.
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