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  1. What are you listening to?

    Catatonic - Slayer
  2. The Musician's Lounge

    I'm a student guitarist thinking of picking up the bass, what would you recommend? I'm into metal, hard rock, prog rock
  3. Music that makes you rage?

    Slipknot Linkin Park Nickelback Bullet for my Valentine Trivium Avenged Sevenfold Jonas Brothers Dragonforce Attack Attack! (rage, with laughter) Green Day
  4. Metal Thread: The most KVLT thread ever

    Cradle of Filth's singer sounds like Brian Johnson if he sung black metal.
  5. Bands You Like That Everybody Hates

    Steve Vai... Now if this was called "Bands You Hate That Everybody Likes" I'd have more to post.
  6. Metal Thread: The most KVLT thread ever

    Maybe because it's not a metal band Yeah you're right actually.
  7. Metal Thread: The most KVLT thread ever

    .............. I'm not gonna argue anymore I'm pretty much saying I hate Metalcore with a passion.
  8. What was the last CD that you got.

    Last album I bought was this
  9. Metal Thread: The most KVLT thread ever

    I've listened to them and I've listened some emo before and they sound kinda close. Look at this guy. Does he look like plays/should play metal? Or what about those Underoath guys, they don't even look like a metalband!
  10. Metal Thread: The most KVLT thread ever

    melodic metalcore, it sucks, it sounds like emo in a way, and it's popular.
  11. Metal Thread: The most KVLT thread ever

    Eh I only listen to older metal before emos ruined the metal scene.
  12. The Youtube Poop Census!

    Madpilotizmad: November 2007 *real youtube username is Madpilot86*
  13. Hi.

    Dat's one freaky rabit.
  14. Hi.

    Thanks dude, I need to do another one, I've got some ideas but I'm just lazy and I'm stuck on this computer that doesn't let me do anything.
  15. Hi.

    Why not?