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  2. The Cutoff Prevention Collab

    Yesh   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmBUQtexMQs
  3. Tabletop Games

    Its freaking awesome! Throw Giant Growth, Aspect of Hydra, every aura under the sun etc etc and it saves you having to bloodrush Ghor-clan rampager or similar for the trample. I played someone today with Hopeful Eidolons and having the lifelink there from the start before all the extra counters from Phalanx Leader and the like is really good. Then again I was playing terribad at the time and had no removal to pick it off before it was doing silly amounts of lifegain, but still...
  4. Tabletop Games

    Butbutbut, its a badger! Marauding face-mauling honey badgers are now a thing in Magic!   Got Goblin Gaveleer, that with Infiltration Lens. Mogg fanatic though it where its at!
  5. Tabletop Games

    Full visual spoilers up for BotG -  http://www.wizards.com/magic/tcg/article.aspx?x=mtg/tcg/bornofthegods/cig   Best card in the set (hurr):         Despite that, looks like white is THE colour of the set. Loads of nice one / two drops. Might have to try it out, alongside my Minotaur tribal   Thinking of going to the Manchester Grand Prix in May, anyone been to one? Its Theros block constructed, so should narrow down the number of cards to watch out for considerably (especially if everyones blue devotion or something silly)   EDIT: probably have to factor in Journey to Nyx by then, could be messy...!
  6. Tabletop Games

    Blind Obediance is the worst offender so far, keeping my creatures back a turn long enough for the opponent to deal with them. Should be ok though, it's only 1 dude in the group EDIT: here's what the gold tokens are for!
  7. Tabletop Games

    MTG Movie? Poop fodder?! Fantastic!   Glossing over moar MTG Previews... Ragemonger looks awesome! Free shocks plox, or turn 4 Mogis   Theres got to be some serious ramp for Green though, only 3 of the 9 cards so far are less than 3 mana!   Got an idea for Nessian Wilds Ravager though; Savage Summoning followed by Nessy in the opponents combat step; do you let it nuke two creatures as a 7/7 or block one creature at 13/13? Sure enough its 7 mana but still   Anyway, got a deck finished similar to this one, did pretty well last Friday at FNM (placed 8th of 17, 3 wins 2 losses) partnered with an equally aggressive R/G bloodrush/Bestow thingymajig. First Standard outing this weekend! Thoughts? Would like to include artifact / enchantment destruction but should be alright against most things   Anyone playing Modern? Seems to come up frequently here for FNM. Managed to get Gleeful Flames on order with a few extras to mod it; 4x Memnite, 4x Kuldotha Rebirth and an extra Hellrider, Faithless Looting and Infiltration lens to round it off. Quite pleased I managed to get them all for under £30! Will most likely get thrashed by all the £300+ masterpieces but its worth a try!
  8. Tabletop Games

    Can't wait to build a deck around this mechanic, yet I saw this which raises a few questions; Most likely people would not pay tribute on this, because surely the 'fight another target creature' bit would still try to resolve even if there's no creatures on the board for it to fight? Or would it be that if your opponent has no creatures to target they'd be forced to let you make it 12/12? EDIT: Pharagax Giant would be awesome in two-headed giant; either deal 10 damage or let a 5/5 run amok
  9. Tabletop Games

    Stupid M:tG deck inbound:   Lands - 23 1 Dimir Guildgate 12 Island 10 Swamp Creatures - 15 2 Archaeomancer 4 Doorkeeper 4 Drainpipe Rat 2 Returned Centaur 3 Returned Phalanx Other Spells - 22 1 Altar's Reap 4 Disperse 4 Divination 3 Duress 4 Mind Rot 2 Time Ebb 4 Tome Scour Theme: All commons, mostly sourced out of the Deckbuilder's Toolkit (or rather, three), next to zero damage output, lots of discarding / drawing / milling shenanigans.
  10. Tabletop Games

    I used to collect Pokemon before M:tG (felt like a graduation from one to the other so quit the former altogether! ) and steamrolled everyone (at least, anyone who could retain the rules and deck building, everyone at school was more into collecting 'shinies' than playing) with my mostly base set mono-psychic deck. Had there been any real organised tournaments at the time it would have been a rubbish deck but was a rubbish deck among awful decks.   Then rolled up the First Movie promos, and I'm such a bastard for getting the other kids to trade their Mewtwos away for duff rares... 
  11. Tabletop Games

    So I've started getting back into Magic: the Gathering this week. Used to play around 7th-8th edition and dropped out of it before the Onslaught cycle. The community here was more or less nonexistent for nearly a decade until the last few months someone opened a shop running events and Friday night magic. I did sell my collection previously but somehow I've managed to go from 0 to 600+ cards in the last week! I picked up two M2014 'Bestial Strength' intro packs and mashed a deck together with only a couple of cards added from the 4 boosters (think I've got some decent stuff to trade out of them though if need be!) in time for this weeks FNM. Placed 10th of 12 in the would-have-been-modern-but-everyone-ran-standard tournement, which was pretty awesome giving I've only had a couple of days to dig out that dormant corner of the brain hiding the mtg rules! Here's what I ran: I know for next time to run less land, and might even take the swamps and doom blades out for something else. Green/Red seems to be the way to go or could this survive mono-green? Ideas welcome, because then I made the mistake of getting two deck builders toolkits! I had one on order but it didn't turn up on time for the tourney, and at the tourney itself I ended up buying another one! Bloody ridiculous value for anyone starting (or restarting in my case): all the land I'll ever need - ever, loads of decent un/commons and 4 boosters to sweeten the deal for the price of about 5 or 6 boosters. Sure it means two less rares but it seems most of the most useful cards are un/common anyway to build around a few rares. That and I'd have hardly any land if I just went with boosters after the intro packs! I'm not looking to shell out £150-200+ to build an ultra-competitive deck or anything, but is there much value in getting a booster box of any given block? I'm sorted more or less for M2014 besides getting the odd booster now and again, but looking to get a box of Theros or whatever's coming up next year...
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      Your Prince Chowmein is back.

  13. Theres me thinking I've uploaded a vid every month this year only to realise I missed June :/

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    Punkin' fish and French fries
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