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  6. Born of the Badger

  7. Its freaking awesome! Throw Giant Growth, Aspect of Hydra, every aura under the sun etc etc and it saves you having to bloodrush Ghor-clan rampager or similar for the trample. I played someone today with Hopeful Eidolons and having the lifelink there from the start before all the extra counters from Phalanx Leader and the like is really good. Then again I was playing terribad at the time and had no removal to pick it off before it was doing silly amounts of lifegain, but still...
  8. Butbutbut, its a badger! Marauding face-mauling honey badgers are now a thing in Magic! Got Goblin Gaveleer, that with Infiltration Lens. Mogg fanatic though it where its at!
  9. Full visual spoilers up for BotG - Best card in the set (hurr): Despite that, looks like white is THE colour of the set. Loads of nice one / two drops. Might have to try it out, alongside my Minotaur tribal Thinking of going to the Manchester Grand Prix in May, anyone been to one? Its Theros block constructed, so should narrow down the number of cards to watch out for considerably (especially if everyones blue devotion or something silly) EDIT: probably have to factor in Journey to Nyx by then, could be messy...!
  10. It's all about the metagame. If there are artifacts or enchantments that are problematic and to be expected, keep some removal on hand for them. Blind Obediance is the worst offender so far, keeping my creatures back a turn long enough for the opponent to deal with them. Should be ok though, it's only 1 dude in the group EDIT: here's what the gold tokens are for!